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@jonny_anonymous: Oh yeah, in that case no one or NATO forces.

Why would the North Atlantic Trade Organization do anything to an Asian State that only touches the Mediterranean Ocean?

Because it's not cool to watch over a thousand pepole choke to death on tv while sitting around eating dinner?

They have the Arab League. NATO has nothing to do with the Arab world. It should not have anything to do with them.

that really doesn't make it right

oops NATO is Treaty not Trade. That makes more sense...

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@citizenbane: @durakken: The only thing that matters is that the girl is raped and dead. Even if she did anything shaddy or bad, no one deserves that. Also it doesn't matter if he was teenager, he was 17 when that happened he wasn't a baby for Odin's sake.

Not true. It matters, because it creates a false impression of what happened which means people can't defend themselves properly.

I also have to point out that it does matter that he was 17, because we shouldn't just change the laws for specific incidents when there is nothing special about the crime that makes them more or less culpable than for any other crime. It's distasteful, but regardless it is how justice should work. If you lower it then you should recognize that it should be lowered universally and likewise you should lower statutory rape laws as you are now saying that these people are responsible to make this decision. It has a lot of implications and problems associated with it when you look at it fairly.

Also, there are things like peer pressure that can cause people to do heinous things that they'd never do in any other circumstance, which we must look at to decide fairly what to do while not wasting resources. I'm not saying it is the case or that it makes it better, but it is possible that he thought they were just going out to have fun and thought that they were just going to scare the couple and then someone went too far and then pressure or threat of force and mob mentality drove the actions forward. I certainly would be afraid if I didn't participate that I might end up as victims in this whole mess and self preservation kicks in.

Again, it doesn't make it right, BUT you have to take it into consideration.

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@citizenbane: The article says they were tricked onto a bus. It does not state how they were tricked or anything like that. In your account, they weren't "tricked onto" the bus. They were "tricked that the bus was on duty". That makes a world of difference as to how it comes across. The "onto" makes it sounds like 6 guys came up to them and were like "hey come over here" rather than "yeah that bus goes that way"

Your right... I got mistaken because they kept saying 16, 17, and 18. I re-read and no mention of their ages in the article other than the 1.

I did use those words, however it was making a point that you're still using the meaning and the word isn't the problem. It's the meaning. Again I also did swear in that post, appropriately to emphasize the point.

I didn't make generalizations about women. I pointed out the facts of the matter and the conclusions that I have come to, where feminism lies, and how I came to those conclusions. That is not generalizing and if I did I make it clear that I am generalizing several times and or have a "if this then that" which means I'm not generalizing but speaking specifically that if you are doing x then you are y. If it just so happens that a majority of a group do that and find that being y is horrible then they shouldn't do x. Notice the assumption of "doing x" is that you have a choice and agency and so whatever it is you do is on you, ie choice = responsibility.

Actually lax enforcement of the rules point to the fact that the rule isn't a rule. It's a suggestion. And it shows a favoritism to a degree when it's not enforced. Saying that sometimes it's allowed and sometimes it's not confuses the issue and leaves it open to abuse, like right now. The reason you bring it up is as a threat, not to correct it. It's kinda like the whole Al Capone thing where they couldn't get him on anything real so they did their job, but only to put him in prison. It's completely over looked that the IRS wasn't doing their job in the first place.

We can look at the rules...

Be careful what you might consider an insult as well, the Vine is made up of a vast number of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. What you might think is an acceptable word to call someone might not be according to them. An example of this is the word "liar" which is often used in debates

ie. It does matter what I consider a slur. Also I should point out this is a rule that covers abuse, and I very much consider people flagging things I say and calling it misogynistic abuse. Especially since I don't know who these people are and they have presented no counter argument. That is what people who are abusing a system to silence people do, not honest people who actually care do. As shown above, where you have pointed out where I am wrong I have admitted so or explained what my thinking is. This is what reasonable, honest people do. Abusing the system like you are describing is what dishonest people do.




n. 1) an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.

I don't know anyone that doesn't consider being called a misogynist as not insulting and it certain is damaging to someone's reputation. Gee. It looks like reality agrees with me.

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@jonny_anonymous: Oh yeah, in that case no one or NATO forces.

Why would the North Atlantic Trade Organization do anything to an Asian State that only touches the Mediterranean Ocean?

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If the U.S. government is telling the truth about the Syrian government gassing their own citizens, then we probably should.

The fact is we might not have the capability to do so effectively due to the massive over-stretching of our military in one unnecessary war (Iraq) and another simultaneous war that has been run in a half-assed manner (Afganistan). The cost of engaging Syria might be more than can be mustered or paid by the U.S. military, people and economy. This is the price of folly.

As Howard Bloom points out... the gas attack did happen. However, we don't know who is responsible for the attack and the US has not shown who has done it, but has declared that the Syrian government did it.

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First off, I took all my information from that article. It's idiotic that this is international news in the first place and so I don't really care about looking up every article to correct poor news outlets' bad reporting. And not to mention this took place several months ago now. Something happening to some person in another country that doesn't or shouldn't effect the world is not something I care about to investigate and look into, but if I were, it still wouldn't be a blip on my radar because I would still care about EVERYONE that is a victim of violent crimes and rape is like 1%, if that of a ll violent crimes in the world, so again, it's not important on any level any of us should care about. From what was reported IN the article they come off irresponsible. If you think I'm reprehensible for taking my information from THEM, then you should be on my side for pointing out that THEY are reprehensible for misreporting and misemphasizing things that are important, such as, maybe you need to be careful of getting on buses now because people doing this... Just like here in Detroit it's a red flag to not trust police any more since there have been cops robbing people, not people dressed as cops, but cops themselves.

2ndly. EIGHTEEN is a TEENAGER. An 18 year old maybe an adult, but they are still a teenager.

3rdly. I've been warned, I think, twice for swearing...I accept that, but that also happened several months ago for 1 and the other I believe years ago. The last warning which you might be counting, I didn't swear, or at least nothing I would consider swearing and nothing most people I know would consider swearing... I also don't know if that person that said "please don't swear" was a moderator or not. If you know where that (or those) post(s) is(are) I'll be more than happy to go back check and fix it. Further, it's pretty clear from rules and enforcement that swearing from time to time is ok so not really a problem, especially if you just use ***. For you to come down on me for this you'd have to come down on other people who are far worse than me about this... and it is completely unrelated to anything here and I'll get back on that in a second... in combination of the 4th point

4th, I'm not a misogynist. In fact I have been clear I'm for the rights of all and in opposition to feminism which is oppressive and point out where how they are which requires point where men and women are being oppressed and oppressive, for example in this article, little care is being taken for the justice received by the murdered convict or the male victim which we have no clue his state. I bring up male issues inordinately because the topics that are brought up already present the Female rights side of the issue. There is no point to reiterate it, but there is a point in destroying the false claims made by feminists which are damaging to everyone, but again whether I am or not has no baring on this conversation, nor is it against "the rules" to be so. And likewise in society and what social justice means in this situation is since i have an unpopular view, just like atheism is an unpopular view, you get to ostracize me, but you do not get to inflict legal, or in this case "rule based" punishment...

The ONLY reason you have of bringing this up in fact is as a THREAT. That's what you are doing "shut up or I'll silence you!" and that is you breaking 3 rules (6, 7, and 8). AS I pointed out. Rules are there for everyone to follow. Oh and also the word misgonyst is actually quite a bigoted word the way feminists and people tend to use it today just like mansplaining, and "privilege" is, as I've pointed out in one thread they are used to silence opposition and say your opinions are not valid, regardless of what they are, because you are x. That is precisely what slur is. The fact you brought it up is you calling me pointing out how terrible the reporting is which, yes has to do with gender, but I'd say it if it was the opposite too, is you saying that. Which makes it a slur. That means you've broke 4 rules, and that last one is an auto-ban.

So, I've pointed out what is wrong with the article, why your perception of what I said as me being disgusting shouldn't be that for me, but rather towards the article writer, and why your second post is rude, disrespectful, wrong, and against the rules on 4 (2 of which are pretty much auto-bans) separate points. And unfortunately, more than half of this shouldn't have even needed to be written and I'll gladly erase it if you erase your threat, but hey, I have no power here and for all I know it could be like so may other site where the mods get to break the rules and all of us little peons have to deal with it. I don't know, it certainly doesn't sound that way in the rules.

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The tutorial island I think if you were to rush through it could be done in 20 mins, and if you know what you're doing maybe an hour.

I figured out where it is on the map...I think it takes about 10 minutes to cross. The entire width of Tamriel is 40 times it's width. If we say that the jog they do is about 10 mph... that's about 66 miles wide... however based on how the system is divided by factions I doubt you'll be able to cross between factions so you likely can't go to that entire area with one character, but I dunno.

Crafting is "ok" not the best I've seen but basically

3 sections you have is "create, deconstruct, or refine"

Refine let's you take things you may have harvested or gotten from deconstruct and turn them into things usable for crafting

deconstruct...deconstructs and gives you some items from the process

create gives you a menu of the type of crafting there is, and then subtypes. Selecting it will bring up a race select menu which you can only create your race's stuff at first. Hovering over the race will tell you 2 raw material types you need to for the objects, it's different for each race apparently, and then you are given 5 boxes to to place items into... the first two are labeled primary and secondary and they pretty much are for the 2 materials they told you. Obviously only the first box matters and it should autofill the second but doesn't... you have to use 2 mats of equal quality to construct whatever you're going to construct so once you select the first item the 2nd is mandatory. The remaining 3 boxes are for "additives" which basically changes quality and has the ability to add properties. The more of any given type of item that you have the better the quality apparently... I didn't check how this works out, but yeah not really necessary...

This is the same for 4 out of the 5 crafting arts, "Weaponsmith, armorsmith, enchanter, and alchemist," and provisioner I haven't found yet.

- Leveling up -

As you level up you get equal number of pts to HP, Magic, and Stamina. You then also get 1 attribute point to distribute per level that you can add to change that balance. At level 2 you have 120 in all area at lvl 4 you have 160 at base.

You also get 1 skill pt per level and you gain 1 skill pt per 3 sky shards you find...so far.

Skills sets are divided up int types, then subtypes. The types are "Class, Weapon, Armor, World, Guild, Racial" so far that I have found.

There are 4 classes that you can select during char creation, Dragon Knight, Night Blade, Sorcerer, Light Bringer? I forget the last one...

Night Blade's Class subtypes are "Assassination, Shadow, Siphoning"

Weapon Class subtypes are "Two-handed, One hand and shield, Dual Wield, Bow, Destruction Staff, Restoration Staff"

Armor Class subtypes are "Light, Medium, Heavy"

Armor Class subtypes are "Soul Magic"

Armor Class subtypes are "Fighter's Guild" and probably a Magic guild...I see the building but have not found a person by which to join

Armor Class subtypes are "Nord Skills" I assume this changes based on character creation choice lol

Each subtype is also divided into Active and Passive. The subtypes themselves level up as you use them as does each skill.

All skills aren't immediately available. They are gated behind character level AND subtype skill level

You have to spend a point to get a skill and start leveling it up.

Each skill apparently has a "morph" that once it reaches a certain level (it's max) you can spend another point to morph it into a modified version of the skill in one of 2 ways (It's possible some skills have more ways, but i've only seen 2)

- Other miscelaneous -

There are 296 books to collect apparently that tell the lore of tamriel. I have the entire list, but I don't feel like typing all that out or cropping the pictures >.>

There are currently 7490 achievement points to attain. I have no idea what they do. From a brief glance achievements usually give multiple points per completed thing... It looks like 5 and 10 pointers are fairly common.

Is there housing? Apparently not yet...

Can you interact with everything...not really. There is plenty you can interact with, but it is far beneath what Elder Scrolls generally allows you to do.

Basically all the parts that make me dislike ES as a series regularly have been removed, bad GUI, poor syncing, first person view, 1 animation for attack rather than cycled through in a combo... but equally the things that I most wanted to play an ES game for, the item interaction and the housing has also been removed.

If I had to describe it through other games I'd say it's a lot like Guild Wars 2 and DCUO mixed together, but with plenty of things that make those things stand out removed. It's superior, in terms of overall gameplay than both of them, but overall the experience feels hollow with no chances taken to explore what can be done. It's best aspect is definitely it's combat system which is cool and adds a layer of depth once you figure out all the rules to it, but once you do it pretty standard attack attack attack, wait for enemy to pull a heavy hit, take the action indicated by the FX to stun them, hit them with one of your big hits. The only real difficulty that you get from it is if you mess up and miss the block on some of the enemies that hit harder or have more hp. The other danger is that you'll find yourself often in conflicts with 2 enemies and if you are not careful you'll end up in fights with more.

I don't think that a strong core gameplay is good enough when everything else bland and nothing stands out.

- A problem with the writing -

I'm gonna try not to "spoil" anything. Yesterday I came across this quest, it's part of the main questline, where I think it matters what you choose and doing one thing or the other alters something in your game world. I'm sure though. The choice is enemies are attacking the city. You need to pick who you help. The person you get the quest from gives you her emotional connection to which one you choose, but more importantly you also have an emotional connection to the choice because it is the people you just got done saving and working with. The problem is the choice is this...

Help defend a fortress filled with trained soldiers behind fortress walls who you have no connection to.


Help defend the docks willed with untrained refugees that you just spent several hours working with and there are no defenses for the docks besides them.

This to me is one of the stupidest choices I've come across. On every level there is no reason for you to go and help defend the fortress from a story perspective that I can think of save for one... the character that you are playing is a chicken. From a gameplay perspective the only reason I can see for you to take the choice to defend the fortress is to see what happens if you take that route. I don't think anyone would ever really take that option...

IF this is the type of writing for quests overall in the game... it seems to me that this might be a problem. Can any of you come up with a reasonable explanation as to why you would choose to defend the fortress in this situation?

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It depends on the goals of the US. In pure moralistic sense I say let them kill each other, but the events that are happening may have much more broad implications to them and if what the videos I'm posting are true, then I certainly think that the US should act as a failure to act could set off a chain of events that would lead to the biggest economic depression the US and perhaps the world has ever seen OR a Nuclear 3rd World War...This being the case. The moral thing might be to attack and interfere... and to some degree, more right thing to do in the eyes of many of us should be to attack.

The first is someone that is fairly eccentric so I don't completely trust his opinion, but it does seem to be supported by other videos I've seen. The second is Howard Bloom who is eccentric, but has a good view on things usually.

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There is so much wrong with this reporting and situation...

1) Murder is the worse crime and it should murder that these articles talk about, not rape

2) The report all but completely leaves out that she was not the only victim... The other victim being male.

3) "He wasn't a juvenile" such a dumb accusation v.v

4) They pretty much gloss over the fact that, no matter what he's got the death sentence since criminals kill rapists in jail, like they did that other convicted felon which ISN'T justice, and yet this article paints that as something to gloss over with "found dead" what is should say is "He was likely brutally raped and tortured to death by fellow inmates" and it should be pointed out that this is what the prosecutors want.

5) They are promoting that it's a good thing that the other 4 defendants have been "fast tracked" which should actually say, "they are being stripped of their rights of a FAIR trial and have DUE PROCESS"

6) They are hoping to subvert the law by reducing the age from 18 to 16 when in no other circumstance would that even be a question that that should be done. Sexual assault is not special and does not warrant a reduction in the age to try as an adult. The whole point point of those age of majority laws is pretty much to account for hormonal imbalances and to have a clear delineation between "responsible" and "not responsible" so as to not waste the courts time trying to establish how informed a person is

7) They completely ignore the facts of what they are saying. Granted rape and murder is wrong, but this was a 23 yr old woman supposedly with a 23-25 yr old man who were "tricked" into following 6 teenagers into a an isolated place. Why would you ever put yourself in that situation? There is nothing that you could say to me if I were with a friend and were approached by 6 teenagers to follow them to make me actually follow them. I don't recall a time in life when this wouldn't be true for me...so it really makes me question why the victims themselves aren't being questioned in terms of what they thought they were doing. You don't go someplace shady less you plan to do something shady generally. Again that doesn't say that the murder, assault, and rape of people are permissable or the victims fault but it does make me question why they were irresponsible about their own safety.

The point I'm making is not that these criminals aren't deserving of prison time and all that, but rather to point out that poor reporting and the blatant lack of care for ACTUAL JUSTICE. You can not revoke people's rights and report this badly and call it justice. You must be fair and truthful or you are only setting up people for these types of crimes to happen to begin with. Justice is only justice when it applies to everyone equally and you shouldn't be able to modify laws on the fly to serve your purposes as they want to do. When you allow that you don't have a Law or a Legal system. You have barbarity and injustice.

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@willpayton said:

@durakken said:

I'm saying there is "something" off... not so much that it is the block of wood.

It's just a block of wood shot with a normal bullet. Nothing more.

@durakken said:

The spin explains why it went straight up, but I don't see how they got a block of wood to spin like that... It has to go fast enough to continue the spin but not enough to keep over coming gravity. And I'd think with that speed is too low to launch the block as high as it went. I'd say 2 to 3 times greater than what i'd think. But I dunno. Maybe it's the combination of several elements together that gives an unexpected results.

I dont understand what any of this means. I dont see anything unusual about the way the block is spinning. It gets hit to the right off-center, and so it ends up spinning counter-clockwise. That's exactly as one would expect.

It is if the bullet goes through the block. It isn't if it get lodged in the block.

If it goes through the block you expect the block to spin off to the left because there is energy transference to the block unevenly with no more upward momentum being applied... It actually my not even spin that much really because there is an exit hole blow back thing that might stop it.

If the bullet stays in the block the rotation comes from being weighted on one corner and the uneven application of force. You'd expect it to go up and to the left because the bullet upward force should be overcoming gravity, but the bullet being in the block means that the bullet is literally being going in a circle which means that the bullet is losing to gravity and then and yet is still moving fast enough on that downward slope to still somehow gain enough energy to go up on that circle again

Think of it like this... If you have some thing around that you can hit into the air... If you just apply the force by hitting it unevenly, if you hit it right it will spin straight up. That replicates what would happen in you have a gun and shoot the block where you have something that only lets the force impact the block to launch it. But then if you hit the thing and then keep your hand going up it's a completely different result. The object may rotate a little but nothing like what we're seeing with the block. And again if you do it to replicate the bullet going right through by hitting and continuing without trying to keep your hand on it you may bet more spin but you don't get the height.

Assumedly they either rigged it produce situation 1, or I'm wrong and the bullet getting lodged produces the result of situation 1 too, or there is some sweet spot where you place the round a certain spot at certain speed in a certain material that produces a spin of situation 3 and height of situation 1 while doing situation 2.

I'm pretty sure it's not the first. I wouldn't doubt it's situation 2, but given that I know that a normal bullet at that distance SHOULD completely destroy a block of wood I'd have have to guess 3, which makes it a bit unfair.