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  • Name: Nathan Moore.
  • Code Name: Dupe.
  • Aliases: Nate, Copy guy.
  • Age: 25 yrs.
  • Date of Birth: May 14, 1985.
  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Athletic


Nate is a very laid back kind of guy. He cracks a lot of jokes but knows when to be serious. He's protective of his friends and family and will give his life for them without a second thought (it's not a bad thing he can send a dupe to do that either!). Further more he's very curious about life and all its experiences, for this reason he has send his duplicates into the world.

 And a tad... flirtatious.. xP
 And a tad... flirtatious.. xP


Nate’s father, an archaeologist, was among the first to discover the ruins of a forgotten civilisation in New Zealand. What he found was a large Aztec like temple, around the temple was a city forged from lava rock. After the studying the temple extensively he found out that this temple was once the home of a peace loving cult. But as he gazed around him, he knew that the last days of the inhabitants were far less than peaceful. Skeletons of humans littered the temple grounds. The slightest touch turned them into dust to be playthings for the everlasting breeze inside the temple. He studied the temple for years, while routinely returning to his home in Australia, and his beloved wife, Nate’s mother. At this time, Nathan was not born, but he was conceived.

 The mystery of the faded culture
 The mystery of the faded culture

One year after, his father continued to study the temple, dazzling experts and archelogists with his findings around the world. Until one day, when he delved deep into the heart of the temple he unlocked a chamber. The skeletons on the floor laid in a circle around a single green crystal in the shape of a diamond. It was as if the very life was sucked from them, all reaching their hand towards the crystal. On the base of the altar which held the crystal was an inscription in a foreign language, but quickly enciphered by Nate’s father who unlocked their language after years of browsing through the artifacts.

‘Those who are good have nothing to fear, those who embrace evil, beware of the crystals might.’

Worried about possible booby traps he left the crystal in its base. Instead, he discovered the writing on the walls. Which told the story of a peace loving community, violence was unknown to them. All inhabitants, thousands of them, wore crystals around their neck from a cave they themselves considered holy. It was a truly marvelous civilisation, far beyond their own time in terms of believes, morals and technology. Although once inscription was a cause of worry.. on the back of the altar was a text carved with a blunt stone. It appeared all crystals were compressed into one large crystal, it said their live energy was gathered in one stone to forever live on, until one as innocent as them was worthy.. but worthy of what?.. By now, the discovery of the temple had warned pillagers and governments of its existence. There was no doubt the crystal would be taken from him, so he did the one thing he could. He wrapped the crystal in a cloth and took it with him. For months he kept it with him, until he was finally forced to leave his own research ground by the government.. never knowing what happened to this temple of mystery.

Nate’s Birth

 Merging with the crystal
 Merging with the crystal
Only weeks after his birth Nate’s father finally returned home to his family in Sydney, Nate himself was born. A tubby, happy, lazy baby. His father however was naieve in his beliefs of the nature of the crystals power. He had turned it into a pendant which he wore around his neck. But on the day of his sons birth, he parted with it. It was his way of showing his son his love, as he placed the pendant around his neck. But something unexpected happened as the crystal dissolved inside Nathans body in a green glow.

Doctors rushed to the scene, but after inspections, the crystal had far from hurt Nate, it had augmented him, he was healthier than ever. His brain patterns showed he had increased intelligence. Even his grasp around his fathers finger was stronger. In the following years he learned the story of his father, it was after this realisation that his power first started to emerge. He became stronger, faster, smarter and more agile than anyone his own age. It was on his 10th birthday that his cloning powers first emerged. But he wasn’t scared, somehow he knew this would happen. In time, he learned how to control his ability and send his clones throughout the world to learn new things. He would use his ability for good, in honour of the forgotten society he stemmed from.

It's hero-time: ICE Dragons

What was the best place to start a career as a hero, simple answer: a hero team. And there was no sense in going small about it so when he was asked to join the ICE Dragons he accepted the offer without a second thought. The team was to his liking but after the death of Andferne he questioned if this hero life was truly something for him. The death of the greatest hero put it all into perspective, you could be the best hero ever, but it did not make him invincible. So instead of going back into the hero business he decided to take some time off and be a hero on his own terms. By working for various charity organisations and third world countries as a doctor with the help of his duplication powers.



Nate's body produces exact duplicates (dupes) of himself whenever he absorbs kinetic energy. This kinetic energy can be as mundane as snapping his fingers, clapping his hands together, bumping into a wall, or being struck. When a duplicate splits off, the dupe is also wearing whatever clothing Nate was wearing at the time. His power seems to be always active, so many times duplicates are created unintentionally. Each duplicate can create other duplicates, and each is capable of independent thought and action. Some duplicates he creates are influenced by one aspect of Nate's personality making them unpredictable and sometimes emotionally unstable. Nate has a low-level telepathic and empathic connection to his duplicates which in the past has been used for a degree of control/coordination of the group. He has also demonstrated that this connection can be used sort of like a homing device to track dupes arpund the globe.


Originally the limit of duplicates that Nate could create was around fifty, but since then he is able to create much more than that. The current limit has not yet been specified. He can copy objects along with his clones, although this requires greater concentration and puts a larger stress on his body.

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Nate can also reabsorb his dupes into himself. He can remotely absorb dupes anywhere at a distance of about a mile . The absorption process integrates their memories, experiences, and skills into himself. Even when a dupe dies his memories until that moment gets transfered to Nate no matter where he is.

Upon death

When a dupe dies it will leave a corpse. However, after about half a hour the body will dissappear. Nate can absorb the dead bodies himself but this will not be his first choice. The reason for this is because he will feel the mental and physical stress of the death, leaving him paralyzed for a short while.


Because Nate has sent dupes out into the world to experience all he can simultaneously, Nate has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skill in a variety of fields. Nate is a doctor, a trained agent for the government, a marine in the army, an Olympic gymnast, and has degrees in engineering, robotics, and much more. Nate also sent out dupes to learn hand to hand combat and has mastered various martial arts styles. Additionally, he is able to speak a wide variety of languages. There are still a large number of his dupes out in the world which are studying various subjects.