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New Adventures. 0

When I first heard about this new Star Wars series, I really didn’t see the point. I figured that due to other media such as novels, video games, and other comics covered so much between each original movies. A fear I had was continuity issues. Granted, there are some errors or changes I could overlook, but I was afraid that Brian Wood was going to totally rewrite some adventures. After reading this issue, I take it back, and I should have more faith in Brian Wood.This issue is a good starting p...

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"Superior"? More Like "Sinister". 1

The wait is finally over.After the mind-blowing ending of Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the epilogue (if you call it that) of Avenging Spider-Man 15.1, it was uncertain on how the first issue of Superior Spider-Man would play out. I mean the idea of Otto Octavius aka. Doctor Octopus seemingly killing Peter Parker by swapping Parker’s mind into his dying body and his mind into Parker’s body, that’s pretty bold. However, before Peter died, he passed on the one key element that kept him going: Power ...

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Peter Parker And Miles Morlas Collide. 0

Joe Quesada once said that if the Mainstream universe and the Ultimate Universe crossed over, then that would signify that Marvel had "officially run out of ideas". Well, that claim was broken with Spider-Men, as Peter Parker travels to the Ultimate Universe and met his Ultimate Universe counterpart successor, Miles Morlas. I don’t think this type of story would work if Peter met his Ultimate counterpart, as there would be no point. Thanks to Michael Bendis killing off Peter however, it makes th...

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No break even during the holidays. 0

Synopsis: The holidays are upon us, yet nothing is ever simple for Hawkeye.Every superhero has to take a couple of days off right? Wrong. Even when they’re not saving the world from aliens or fighting a group like AIM or Hydra, they have other issues. This series has continued to show this. For Clint, it’s trying to watch Dog Days without being spoiled, trying to install his entertainment system in apartment, or being threatened by the return of the tracksuit mafia (the guys back in Hawkeye #3) ...

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Well, at least it's not a sex tape. 0

Synopsis: The Tape concludes.There’s a reason why the cover is like that. It was supposed to be a simple job. Go to the auction, get the tape, and leave. But when you’re Clint Barton aka. Hawkeye, there’s no such thing as a simple job. S**t happens, that’s what Matt Fraction is saying.It’s still fun and games with this issue however. Hijinks occur, and we get a couple of fight scenes. Things does get a bit suspenseful near the end and the truth about the tape is revealed as well which, is actual...

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The Tape. 0

Synopsis: Hawkeye may become the most wanted man in the world if he doesn’t get a hold of a tape.A serious situation comes to Clint attention that could cost him and basically the United States dearly, and it’s caused by one tape (a tape? The hell uses tapes anymore?) But of course, it can’t be too serious with Matt Fraction so, he spices things up a bit. Using Madripoor as a setting, this works for Clint as he always seem to have bad luck wherever he goes.Matt Fraction once more has Clint’s cha...

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Hey bro, this issue is Amazing. 0

Synopsis: Clint explains the nine terrible ideas he had all in one day.I. Love. This. Issue. I mean, I love this series so far, but there’s something about this particular issue that makes it my current favorite. It has everything the first two issues had, plus more. By the time you finish reading this issue, you will start calling your friends “Hey, bro.”Again, the first page makes you wonder what the hell did Clint do to get himself in this position yet, he states it’s only his third terrible ...

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Hawkeye and Hawkeye. 0

Synopsis: Hawkeye and Hawkeye team up (yes, you read that right).So, we have another issue that takes us on a different kind of adventure that would probably not happen in any of Clint’s Avengers series. On another positive, he enlists the help of his not so protégée, and not so-called sidekick, Kate Bishop for this adventure. Matt Fraction makes this issue more fun than it needs to be. I like how he opens up the beginning with an action scene, and then goes with a flashback of the events that l...

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"Okay...this looks bad." 0

I got to get this out of the way: I wasn’t really a Hawkeye fan, until I read this issue. For me, I grew up knowing Green. If you asked me who was the better archer, I would have said Green Arrow. Now, I started to like his Ultimate Universe counterpart more because, he more…humanized? While his background slowly started to be opened up (thanks to Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye), I just continued to like him more. Going back to the Mainstream Universe, I’ve taken a liking to the new Hawkeye, Kate Bish...

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"Long live The Superior Spider-Man." 0

Synopsis: Amazing Spider-Man epilogue.No team up with this issue (not exactly). This issue is more of an epilogue to The Amazing Spider-Man series, and the prequel to Superior Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus has defeated his greatest foe and taken everything from him. He has transferred his mind into Peter Parker, and is now Spider-Man.The way this issue opened with Otto in his glory is what should have happened at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700 to a degree. It’s so sinister, that it almost makes...

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An End To An Amazing Series. 1

Synopsis: One of Marvel’s longest series ends, but makes way for something “Superior” next year.Before I even I get into this review, I must say, thank you Dan Slott, for some incredible stories you have written for Amazing Spider-Man. When I finished reading this issue for the first time, I flipped out. This issue may be more controversial than One More Day. But after I reading this issue a couple more times and really analyzing it, I thought to myself, “This is amazing (No pun intended). Insan...

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You Better Make Sure Next Time... 0

Synopsis: The truth about Boba Fett supposed death is revealed.Come on! Who really believed that Boba Fett was really dead? For a story that takes place before the movies IV-VI, it's not really hard to figure that out, despite the first page in the first issue says otherwise. However, it's the journey that Boba Fett goes through to get from A to Z and his next course of action that makes this issue so awesome.Like I thought in the previous issue, the mysterious man that went around killing peopl...

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"I never expected to be understood." 0

Synopsis: The remaining Ultimates continue to avoid being captured by SHIELD while trying to figure out a plan to stop Reed Richards.Well. This was an engaging issue of The Ultimates. Jonathan Hickman continues to leave his work in the hands ofSam Humphries as the Ultimates continue to go through hell and back again still recovering from the events in the previous issues.First, I have to comment about the awesome throwback to The West Avengers, only in this universe, they're referred to The West...

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The Beginning Of An Empire. 0

Synopsis: The beginning of the Empire in the eyes of a young Imperial officer.I don't dislike Darth Vader. I just read so many different Darth Vader stories that took place during the Rise of the Empire era that it's a bit repetitive. I get it, he's a badass, yet a broken man due to all the choices that lead him to become the man that we know. So, forgive me if I wasn't completely on board with this series. However, to my unexpected surprise, this story is NOT told in Vader's point of view.Haden...

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As The World Burns. 0

Synopsis: The end of the world is truly at hand...or is it?Wow, this issue had a lot of reveals. I wasn't entirely surprised at the big reveal in the beginning of this issue considering that within The Sinister Six there are two of the greatest perform artists in quite possibly the world. It's cool to see Mysterio and Chameleon team up despite how short it was in this issue. Their plan was great if it wasn't for Doc Ock interfering. I understand why he interfered considering that this is his (po...

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"Well, here we are then. The new band..." 0

Synopsis: Constantine leads a new group of supernaturals.With the departure of Peter Milligan and going by just the cover of issue #9, I didn't know what to expect. So far, this series has presented a crazed Enchantress, and a crossover with vampires, but now under the writing of Jeff Lemire, issue #9 starts to dive in deeper with the secrets of magic.It's great to see that John Constantine is the leading man in this issue as he both narrates and for the most part the leader of the new Justice L...

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"We all dwell in darkness..." 0

Synopsis: The Abyss of Ruh begins to take its toll on the three Je'daii Journeyers and Xesh.John Ostrander takes the time to dive deeper in revelations with another of characters, but more importantly with the Force hound, Xesh. In this issue, I see that Xesh is a man desperately trying to survive, as he sees his life as an arena. In the harsh abyss of Ruh, it's survival for the fittest in this abyss, and I like how it's narrated by an unknown instead of Xesh as he is a man with few words. His m...

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Scream. 1

Synopsis: Kara confronts Black Banshee.Poor Kara. Just as soon as she found Siobhan, someone who could communicate with her and who she could become friends with to adapt on Earth, she has to deal with that person's family curse. Yes, Black Banshee, the father of Silver Banshee, is making Kara's life on Earth even more difficult. Thank you Michael Green and Mike Johnson for making Kara's life a living hell.Kara already has an uneasy relationship on Earth with the people and it's made even worse ...

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Deception. 2

Synopsis: More developments come forth as To Drown the World continues.Like the previous issues, William and Blackman still incorporates the disorientated timeline, that shouldn't be problem now that we're reaching the climax of this story. Note: I'm going out of order of the sequence.First, I'm going to talk about Jacob's story. Things are not looking good for Bette. Although it's only two pages, the emotion ran strong, as The long beep through the pages is just haunting. Marco's story is nothi...

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Another Chapter Ends For Zayne. 0

Synopsis: Can Zayne stop Dorjander Kace from kidnapping the padawans from Dantooine?What makes Zayne great as a character is his pacifist nature. That sounds boring, especially when this miniseries is about war, but he was also taught how to con and plan by the best. His plan to trick Dorjander Kace was a great one, if it wasn't for his unique relationship with the Force. I have my qualms about his methods and reasoning throughout this miniseries, but it's with this final issue where his reasoni...

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"Waiting is the one thing I'm tired of doing." 2

Synopsis: More background on Jun is revealed.Wow, I did not expect for the story to switch back to Jun, for I assumed that the story was going back to Zoe and Hunter, until I saw the cover for this issue. Regardless, this issue reveals some major developments for Jun, more than what issue #9 provided.To be honest, I don't know where to begin. Jun has always been my least favorite character only because of the lack of background and characterization however, he did seem to know more than what the...

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"Let none stand against the Children of Tomorrow." 0

Synopsis: The aftermath of Reed's actions takes toll as The United States, SHIELD, and The Ultimates tries to rebound.I figured it out. Jonathan Hickman must hate the Ultimate Universe. It's the only explanation considering that The Ultimates cannot and will not get a break issue after issue. The United States is on the blink of pandemonium, The Ultimates are on the run, and Reed Richards is just trolling. But it's just fantastic writing by Hickman.The events in this issue takes place around a t...

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"I swear to God, I'm being punished." 0

Synopsis: Kaine must find a nuclear bomb before it detonates and destroy Houston. Not too hard right?Five issues in, and Kaine is still reluctant to play hero, but when he has to, he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done even if he has to get rough. Even though this was a one shot issue, Chris Yost decides to raise the stakes by adding a nuclear bomb to go off in Houston.Kaine still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a noble superhero....but where's the fun in that? Unlike Peter, Ka...

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Are You In, Or Are You Out? 0

Synopsis: Miles has another conversation with his uncle.Boy, things are quite different when it comes to uncles between Peter and Miles. With Peter, Uncle Ben taught him: "With great power comes great responsibility", that helped him with his heroic career, until his death. With Miles' Uncle Prowler, it's: "With great power comes great blackmail." Quite frankly, I don't exactly see Prowler as a villain for Miles, more instead like a anti-hero. In his own ways, Aaron is just looking out for his n...

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Spider-Man: World's Most Wanted? 0

Synopsis: Doctor Octopus' plans are finally put to motion.Spider-Man and a few others are alone to believe that Doctor Octopus is scheming something rather than actually saving the world. Now being named the most wanted man in the world, Spidey, Black Widow, and Silver Sable must try to put a stop to Doc. Ock's before his true plans are set into motion. There's also the preparations of The Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth one shot coming out later this month.In my heart, I will always suppo...

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Power Girl And Huntress Returns. 0

Synopsis: Stuck on Earth Prime, Karen and Helena make something of their lives.Out of the second new wave of 52 books, World's Finest was on my top of the list. One reason was the official debut of Power Girl (despite being a part of the New 52 already in Mister Terrific), the official debut of Huntress (despite being a part of the New 52 with her miniseries).With the first issue, Paul Levitz provides readers a bit of characterization with the two ladies, and also some background on how the duo ...

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"Boba Fett is Dead." 0

Synopsis: Boba Fett is dead. As the news spreads the galaxy, Conner Freeman gets to the bottom of Fett's death.Let's get this out of the way. This story takes place during the Rise of The Empire (The years after Episode III and before Episode IV) and NOT after Return of The Jedi. Still, it's hard to believe either way that Boba Fett is dead. This story is continuation of Blood Ties sometime after A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett. It mainly features a character introduced from the first story, Conno...

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"Retaliation." 0

Synopsis: By the time you finish this issue, The Ultimate Universe will change once again.Normally, I don't outright write how many stars I give an issue at the beginning, but I will gladly explain why Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #9 gets five stars.I consider this issue and the next couple of issues a prequel to the new Ultimate Universe storyline: Divide We Fall. This issue deals with consequences as Nick Fury has involved The People into the war with Reed Richards and The Children of Tomorr...

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The Omega Effect Concludes. 0

Synopsis: The end of The Omega Effect leaves some surprising results.After the cliffhanger in part two of The Omega Effect, I was wondering what exactly happened. Without a doubt, the strongest point of this issue was the confrontation between Daredevil and Alves. In a way, it makes sense that it would be Daredevil to attempt to save Alves from becoming like Frank Castle. Even I had a sense that Alves couldn't really become fully committed like Castle has.However, what's really disappointing abo...

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"...No regrets, right?" 0

Synopsis: Will Nate, Chloe and Sully escape the ruins of Agatha before they become engulfed in lava? (Hint: They do, otherwise we wouldn't have Uncharted 2 or 3 right?)We finally come to the final issue of Uncharted, and to be honest? Not a whole lot happens, except of some possible story errors.Before I get to those errors, I want to talk about this issue itself. It's basically Nate, Chloe, and Sully escaping the ruins of Agatha before being engulfed in lava. What really makes this issue comes ...

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See Ya Peter Milligan. 1

Synopsis: Cain continues to wreck havoc in Gotham City. How can the JLD and the I, Vampire crew survive?I have to say, "The Leaving" is an appropriate title for this issue, as Peter Milligan departs for Stormwatch, possibly taking a character from this series with him. Milligan's run with the Justice League: Dark had its ups and downs, and with this crossover with I, Vampire, the results are somewhat mixed.On one hand, this issue does feels like a crossover between Dark and Vampire, as the two g...

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Good Bye BlackHawks....For Now (I hope) 0

Synopsis: Mother Brain returns for round two.In the finale, The BlackHawks take on Mother Brain once again. Well, that's not entirely true. The focus is more on Kuniochi with the other members playing a supporting role. Still, Mike Costa still incorporates some characteristics for the other characters. One element I looked closely at in this issue was the monologues. At first, I thought it was Mother Brain, but it's someone who makes a surprise appearance considering to what happened in the prev...

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The Time To Fight Back. 0

Contains issues 29-35.Synopsis: After being on the run for some time, Zayne decides to go on the offensive towards his former masters by searching for evidence. However, another plan may be secretly in the works, and it's not from the Jedi Covenant...It's Celeste Morne...or is it?This is it. Vindication is one of my favorite volumes in Knights of the Old Republic, and one of the major turning points in the series. Thanks to Celeste Morne in Vector, Zayne has finally got a good lead to expose thi...

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From The Old Republic, To The Dark Times... 0

Vector is the very first Star Wars crossover storyline that expands 12 issues. What makes Vector different from other crossovers is that the story skips generations from Knights of the Old Republic, Dark Times, Rebellion, and Legacy. Volume one covers Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Times.The story initially starts off after the previous issue of Knights of the Old Republic. The Jedi Covenant sees a vision of an evil Sith from old times named, Lord Karness Muur, who created a powerful Sith ...

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A Forcesaber Vs Steel. Do The Math. 1

Synopsis: Shae, Sek'nos, and Tasha confronts the Force hound, Xesh.You know, this battle should have been decided in a couple of seconds. After all, what have Star Wars fans learned about lightsabers (or in this case, a Forcesaber)? That they can cut through almost any material. Regardless, I'm glad John Ostrander didn't go that route, or we would most likely have a very short series. Remember, this series takes place a long time ago. I liked that Ostrander dragged out the fight, and that the Fo...

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A Night In New York City. 0

Synopsis: So now that the threat of the World Killers have been prevented (for now), what's Kara to do now?I still refuse to call Kara Supergirl yet, despite what others may claim in this issue. Why? Because Kara is still discovering herself. She hasn't had a moment of rest since the beginning of this series, and she's starting to get worn out. Although Kara saved the people of New York from the World Killers, she's still considered to be a threat and without her cousin around, who can she turn ...

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"Working with The Punisher puts the 'In' in insane..." 1

Synopsis: Spiderman, Daredevil and The Punisher plan their next move.Can I just say how badass The Punisher is and how much I like his new look (Speaking of which, what happened to his eye?)? Now, I'm not exactly a huge fan of The Punisher due to his methods, but I respect his "Getting the job done, no nonsense " attitude.What I noticed about this Omega Effect storyline is how this story is not wrapped around just one character. While this is The Punisher's series, every character plays a role, ...

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Showdown In The Desert. 0

Synopsis: Down, but not out, Spider-Man and Black Widow team up with Silver Sable and rebound to confront Sandman.Well. The Avengers are down, and all they manage to do was take down (or up) one member of the Sinister Six. In a way, I like that most of the Avengers are taken out of the game leaving Spidey with a few allies. It gives him more room, especially when it comes to his new suit. It's also great to see Spidey make some jokes despite the situation ( Though, it would be great to act a bit...

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You Give Me Fever. 0

FeverIn the morningFever all through the night...Synopsis: Zayne hatches a plan to stop Dorjander Kace, but will everyone be on board with his plan?In his past journeys, Zayne had help from his friends when it came to hatching plans, but now that's he far from ally territory and into the heart of the enemy, his options are limited. He now has to lead a group of captured Republic soldiers to help stop Dorjander Kace from kidnapping padawans from Dantooine. Zayne's plan boarders on the hilarity th...

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Extreme Methods. 0

Synopsis: The Assassins Guild goes after Kaine.Kaine can't seem to get a break lately. He's trying so hard to start over, yet in every issue, he's reminded of his dark past. This issue is more action driven than an actual story as Kaine is fighting for his life against the members of the Assassins Guild. They all share unique abilities that makes them formidable, and because of that, I love that it brings out Kaine's brutal side of fighting. But Kaine is not stupid. he can kill these people, but...

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