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Cage! #1 0

A return to the original Hero For Hire series Cage! is a simple but fun read and its very easy to jump into for fans of the new Luke Cage tv show. I don't know if this book is canon or not but I don't really mind because its fun. There is a pretty funny cameo from some familiar characters in there and the art style really reminds me of some Saturday morning cartoon. That's what you should expect from the Dexter's Laboratory creator....

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Detective Comics #942 0

The Night of the Monster Men story arc was not as good as I had hoped for the first crossover of DC Rebirth. It ran a little too long and was consistently average most of the way through. The confrontation between Huge Strange and Batman was interesting but it took away from the Batman Family trying to defeat the monsters that they had spent the last 6 issues trying to take down. The story was still worth reading but its just not the climax I hoped for...

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Spidey #4 0

The showdown between Spider-Man and Doctor Doom isn't on the level that you would expect. I feel like this series is trying a little too hard to be Stan Lee's run and short self contained stories like this aren't right for comics anymore. Its fun, but its nothing we haven't seen a million times before....

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Star Wars #15 0

The Ben Kenobi stories are a great treat that take us away from the main story every few issues. This explains all the tension between Owen Lars and Ben and it also shows how tight of a grip Obi Wan had on Luke even at a young age. Jason Aaron has done an amazing job with this Star Wars series....

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Alias #27 0

We finally get to see Killlgrave speak for himself after a couple of issues of buildup and its 100% worth it. This guy is as terrible and as crazy and he should be. A big event is almost certainly going to force Jessica and him together for a finale that I can not wait to read. ...

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Alias #26 0

This is book is more greatness. Alias has become one of my favorite Marvel books ever. The story is so great now that we have finally gotten some backstory on why Jessica Jones is the way she is. Now I can't help but love her character. Luke Cage makes another great addition and there are so many Marvel alumni scattered through this book. The change of art styles continues to really work as well....

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Marvel Premiere #16 0

The Iron Fist origin story really works as a non-linear narrative. The present day villains aren't really on his level but it gives us a chance to see how powerful Iron Fist really is. There is one really cool reveal that really hit me hard as well which is odd considering how little I know about the characters only 2 issues in....

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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 0

This issue is such a treat. I really love Dan Slott writting Spider-Man but he hasn't done as good of a job encorporating Spider-Man classic supporting characters. His recent series showed very little of MJ and not a lot of appearances of classic villains outside of the Green Goblin. This is a great "what if" story that really feels like classic Spidey....

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Marvel Premiere# 15 0

Iron Fist's first appearance and origin issue. The story starts off with a very simple conflict that flicks back in forth between a huge drama. Danny Rand/Iron Fist have to overcome their past and use their rage to defeat a enemy. A simple but sweet issue that shows what the character is about....

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