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Review for JLA #2 1

Expectations: I came into this issue with expectations of figuring out why this team was selected and why Green Arrow was where he was.The Good: This issue really showed how the team will work together. During the conference meeting they all interact and talk, and overall they get along. There was humor and also serious moments. One of the humorous moments being when Hawkman and Vibe interact. And the more serious part being the clash of Waller and Trevor. Another being the moment when Catwoman ...

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Why the hate? 1

I knew nothing about Nova and didn't even know he existed until a few months ago. And I am completely fine not knowing anything. Because from what I have heard, this isn't the same Nova. So it is definitely nice to have "fresh start" on a character.The Good: The cover is beautiful. The pages a amazingly colored. And the overall story is well told. I was really confused on what was going on at times. And I liked that the end left you with some questions.The Bad: I didn't like that I knew nothing ...

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Wow. 0

I will start by saying that I came into this comic expecting the same as everybody else. "Why Vibe" "Why Now"? After reading this issue, wow. I am thinking "Why not sooner?"The Good: Okay this issue was a very good introduction on Vibe. As the use above me said, it's best to read JLA first, because it gives a better background to where/who this kid is. His powers amazed me, I had no idea he could do some of the stuff he does. And overall he is a solid character. It developed a good basis on why ...

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Spoiler Free(: 0

Let me start off by saying, I did not come into this with very high hopes. I have never really been a fan of Wolverine or any Marvel title for that matter.The Good: This started off very strong, the surveying of the land, the setting, everything it started off amazing. Then Wolverine comes into it, and to put it as bland as possible, I am now a fan. He comes in with his typical bada** attitude. It introduces every setting, and characters really well. I loved the setting and the prehistoric peopl...

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Lets just say.. 0

Lets just get this out there, LOOK AT THIS COVER. This is even better than the Phantom Stranger #4.The Good: Okay, so basically you get to figure out who The Spectre is. Which is a great thing. Coming into this I swore Doctor Doom was in this comic. I was sadly mistaken. Another good thing is that you get to see who the third guy is that was with Stranger and Pandora. Im interested to see who he is and what he can do, because overall he looks like a great character.The Bad: Honestly there was on...

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