Punisher: Body Count

All the characters of the Marvel Universe that the Punisher has killed (minus the time he dropped a nuke on everybody in "...kills the Marvel Universe," which was hilarious but doesn't really count, or the dirty bomb in "Marvel Universe vs..." which was accidental!

List items

  • Several times, in several "What if"s and at the end of Marvel Uni vs The Punisher (Earth-11080)

  • Shadow Knight

  • Wilbur Day, killed by a bazooka to the groin in Punisher War Journal at the beginning of Civil War

  • Supposedly killed at the end of Marvel Universe vs The Punisher. Demented, mutated and cannibalistic, Deadpool teams up with Frank regardless of trying to kill him for years. Frank uses him as a decoy and blows him up.

  • Steven Levins' brains are blown out down in the sewers as he and Jester try to kill a wounded Spider-man.

  • Originally Frank burns his face and then smothers him to death using a morbidly obese Mr Bumpo and then cuts his head off. Reconstituted, he is again killed by being launched out of a plane on a nuke, Dr Strangelove-style.

  • Fed to enraged Polar Bears. When she had recovered a quadrolpilegic, she was burned to death inside her own mansion.

  • Hand and arm chopped off then blown to smithereens with an AK-47 in Punisher MAX: Long Cold Dark

  • Punisher Kills the Marvel Uni - after a rampage, Bruce Banner wakes up naked and confused. Punisher shoots him in the head.

    Marvel Uni vs Punisher - rampaging feral Hulk shot through the eye with an arrow made from one claw of Wolverines severed left arm.

  • Secret Avengers 2 - against his orders, Frank realises Ghostrider is not his enemy. When Robert Blackthorne is defeated as Vengeance, Frank shoots him between the eyes and lets Ghostrider escape.

  • Punisher MAX finale - Kingpin attempts to finish off a severely stabbed and shot Frank and beats him senseless. He later shows up at his own building with a hammer embedded in his skull before Frank follows and shoots him in the head.

    Marvel Uni vs - the last of the cannibal mutant leaders, Frank takes on his army with the help of a crazed Deadpool and shoot Kingpin in the face the moment he begins to plea for his life.

    Punisher Kills... - shot to death.

  • Punisher MAX - after a brutal fight to the death, Bullseye is left in a coma and Frank sent to a penitentiary hospital bed. Escaping later, he walks in on a nurse treating a comatose Bullseye and shoots him in the centre of the bullseye scar on his forehead!

  • Mercy killing as he succumbs to the pathogen at the end of Marvel Uni vs Wolverine/The Avengers.

    Also in Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe

  • Marvel Uni vs The Punisher - skyscraper full of explosives and an RPG

  • Marvel Uni vs... - shotgun under the chin as Beast tries to eat Frank's face off.

  • Shot in the back of the head in Civil War trying to kill Spider-man

  • Turned corrupt and shot by Punisher trying to cover up the protection of Kingpin in Ultimate Spiderman Annual #2 (2008)

  • Marvel Noir, Punisher War Zone film (impaled and set on fire), Punisher MAX (thrown through a window and onto a train roof)

  • Punisher Kills The Marvel Uni - Punisher kills himself after realising the last hero was Matt Murdock, his only friend, the man he stabs to death in the final fight.

    Marvel Uni vs - head found on a stake after Frank mentions having sniped him and shot him a few times after he was dead to let off steam.

  • Punisher Noir - shot and dies in hospital.

  • Blown away with the Vigilante Squad when Punisher finds out he's been committing murders in his name.

  • Punisher Kills the Marvel Uni - beats a drunken James Howlett before electrocuting him to death

  • Punisher Kills the Marvel Uni - blows up Venom with a mine.

    Marvel Uni vs - blows away an infected Venom with a special explosives pistol.

  • Punisher Kills... - Detonates an anto personnel mine against his mask and then proceeds to sledgehammer his skull to a pulp.

  • Jake Palento (cousin of Kangaroo) killed in Ultimate Spider-man Annual #2 (2006)

  • Punisher #10 and Daredevil #257 - found dead after Daredevil stops Punisher from killing him.

  • Boston gangster sent to organise the New York mobs against the Punisher, he is eventually intimidated into giving up after all his men are dead, taken into the woods, shot in the guts and left to bleed to death alone.

  • Punisher MAX: Man of Stone - the rogue CIA agent and ex husband of Punisher's lover Kathryn O'Brien who dies in that arc. As a last request, Punisher hunts him down and hacks him to death with a machete in an airport bathroom.

  • Nick Fury's to be precise, Frank is drugged and tortured until psychotic, then arrested by SHIELD, where he escapes and shoots Fury in the back.

  • Irish IRA dissident and terrorist. In Punisher MAX: Kitchen Irish, he is introduced to Frank by a bomb hitting his favourite cafe and then by Yorkie Mitchell whose government wants him assassinated. Frank returns the favour with a bomb inside a supposed treasure chest he was looking for.

  • Also Bombed in Kitchen Irish.

  • The picture says it all really...

  • Elderly father of Cristu, torturer, rapist, slaver and mercenary; Tiberiu is goaded by Frank in Romanian language before being doused in petrol and set on fire as an example to all other prostitution rackets.

  • Punisher MAX: In the Beginning - after he was supposed to be dead, notably saving Frank from having to kill him, Micro reappears years later working for corrupt CIA official Robert Bethell. After helping Frank escape, Frank takes on the full force of the mob and Bethell before blowing Micro's head away with a shotgun. As nasty as it is, it's actually something of a mercy killing as he is already mortally wounded.

    In The Blood #4 - after Micro has been resurrected to work for the Hood against Frank, having defiled the memory of his family and then being used by Jigsaw to bring in Punisher, he escapes from his prison chains and slits Micro's throat.

  • Hate Monger II shot in the head at the end of Punisher War Journal where Castle tributed Captain America after his assassination!

  • Killed in Punisher: Purgatory. Shot by Castle and then torn to pieces by the tentacles of Hell (or something).

  • Kills New Vulture in Punisher #1 2012. Dragged up into the air, Punisher releases himself from Vulture's grip, climbs him with a knife between his teeth and stabs him to death high over NYC and falling down.

  • Shot through the heart in Greg Rucka's Punisher as he manifested a zombie outbreak in Times Square.

  • The crooked former partner of Ultimate Punisher, Greenwood sold Frank out and was repsonsible for the death of his family. As Greenwood confesses to Matt Murdock, Punisher snipes him dead from afar.

  • Dark Reign - in the attempt to capture Punisher for the Hood, Cheetah's neck is snapped when Frank hits him with his speeding motorcycle.

  • Leader of the Exchange, after Frank's ally Rachel Alves garottes his partner, he loses his mind and goes on a rampage, shot dead by Punisher as NYPD breach the crime scene.

  • Throat slashed by Frank in Dark Reign as the Hood begins to resurrect his dead family.

  • Drug dealer killed by Punisher along with his gang, for target practice!

  • The original Firebrand (Gilbert) was killed by Frank after being forced to torch his resurrecting family in Dark Reign

  • Part of Simon Trask's fake Mutant Liberation Front. Taken out with a rocket launcher.

  • The Man of Stone, he is betrayed by Rawlins and left for dead, where Punisher finds him later and caves his head in with a giant rock.

  • Hunted down in prison, shot in the gut and left to be blown up when Frank demolished a whole prison in 'In the Blood'

  • A murderous war veteran with no previous memory, he has been subjected to a new supersoldier serum and hunts Frank as he mutates. Guess how that works out...

  • Posed as Punisher's dead wife. Tried to kill him with a flame thrower. He kills her with a kitchen knife to the heart. Domestic bliss, Frank?

  • Death by grenade, Dark Reign!

  • Shot in the head

  • Stabbed to death in mid flight

  • Crashed into a bus after Punisher threw a goon at his helicopter.

  • Killed by Punisher in Eurohit after being left behind to fight him by Kingpin

  • Stabbed in the chest and thrown into an open grave

  • Arrow to the chest and falls from a rooftop in Dark Reign

  • Shot Sterns in the head in the first run of new Thunderbolts when he discovered his mind was a weapon. Brought back to life by Red Hulk some issues later to complete his secret mission.