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My name is Dan and I am from Liverpool, England, UK. I currently have nothing professional to add to my name after, to say the least, a very rocky decade. Work here is terrible and yet everything I have to my name otherwise is here, so here is where I stay!

I am a guitarist, singer, artist, photographer, filmmaker, writer, adventurer, observationalist, optimist and cook. After a history of depression and anxiety, ill health and a recent cancer scare, my body is a shiny happy temple (albeit a smoky one). My interests are also steeped in psychology, sociology, humanity, current affairs, mythology and "the occult!"

For shits and giggles, you understand?! It works the imaginaton yet allows me to keep my feet on the ground.

I'm a quiet guy until something interests me or I need to connect with people but generally, I am happy keeping myself to myself and just love wandering through life and learning new things when I am not attached to my band, my writing or work. I love reading books, comic books and about my interests and learning new things. I also love music and film, the classics more so than the contemporary. Must be honest, I am married to the internet but she does let me see other people, so it's give/take, which can't be said for my exes!

My favourite comic character used to be Rogue Trooper when I was a kid and now it is Punisher (and for a long time). I am a total Punisher freak, with the exception that I just wait for the trades and don't buy every single thing that is released under his name. Not about originality in terms of difference between characters. I grew up loving war movies and sci-fi. That was the biggest thing in Britain "back in the day", but that love never went away and my experiences in life let me understand what Punisher is about, but specifically the Garth Ennis variant. Others have widely missed the mark on many occasions, especially in team appearances like Shadowland and Civil War, as fun as they were to read for other characters!

However I do read what I can get my hands on and Marvel is my favourite. Dark Horse and 2000AD used to be. DC is just a bit ridiculous sometimes. I have my eyes on RAW Entertainment's comics lately but have not had the chance to read them yet.

And about my cooking... well :p some people like to spend their days reading comics or going out drinking or shopping etc. I like to bake, barbecue, woodsmoke, sun dry, deep fry, make spice mixes and sauces etc. There is nothing more meditative and relaxing for me and few better excuses to get out in the sun when the weather's fine... or to have a warm kitchen in winter!