I waited years for the explanation.

Let me start by saying how much I loved Mister Freeze in The New 52 Annual for Batman. The plot twist really turned everything you knew on its ear and so much more almost seemed more rational now. One thing in particular I note is the elaboration they gave on his infamous red visors. They were always an iconic tool for recognizing the character in the 90's Batman cartoon. Honestly, they were awesome. To give this trade-mark purpose after all these years was kind of a treat. Its something I didn't expect.

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Now, with that said: There was something I DID expect. And, as you read in the title.. I waited years for the explanation.

The even more badass and I believe greatly recognized (Though at the same time practically ignored) Power Staff Deathstroke wields. It is a miraculous tool with some pretty good history if you think about it.

Its the same weapon Deathstroke used to KILL Beastboy. And I do mean kill. The way I heard it, they had to bring him back to life via some voodoo from Donna Troy (I dunno.) but it was awesome. Not only did he outsmart the people who were filling his wallet, but he also pretty much beat the Titans in this appearance. At least, as far as he was concerned.

He'd also fight and eventually beat Batman with this same staff. It was the only tool he'd used against Batman. It felt right, considering both restrained their tools and relied mostly on hand-to-hand skills. And (My favorite) is when he used this same tool to own Hal Jordan, in every sense of the word.

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When I read Deathstroke 9, I had low expectations. What I didn't expect, and absolutely HATED MOST.. Was the come-back of the Power-Staff, with still no explanation. None at all. The weapons first cameo in the New 52 is nothing but a random show for a mediocre fight that made no sense at all.

Do you remember reading articles on sites like these, the writer saying they plan to "Really introduce and elaborate on (Insert a character's name here) arsenal"? Thanks Rob..

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You'd probably ask, why would it need an explanation? Well, many reasons. (I have like 600 pictures of Deathstroke fighting, panel by panel in tons of comics. Keep that in mind if I overdue the pictures.)

Its used in a multitude of ways. Sometimes one can perceive it as a missile pod (Capable of destroying a helicopter) other times its just an oversized blow dart with a bullet, and then there is the "Laser" assumption. During the Titans run (When Slade ran the team), they introduce a LOT more functions. Made you wonder how such a lean weapon did all this. Its without even an attempt at explanation.

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I hope this "Scott Clark" is good. I think he's whose taking over. And perhaps, just maybe.. He'll get us back on track with a GOOD explanation for any add-ons, while still giving Slade back his radical Spartan look. I like the ninja, but without a dangling bandana (Which is what Liefeld drew) it seems pointless.

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The Liefeld Bandwagon

I still don't understand anyone who says its some kind of contest to hate the guy. Its like saying you're on a bandwagon to hate Hitler. Sure, he did help Germany somewhat, but there are absolutely substantial reasons to call him a blasted Nutjob. Now, I don't know about his ENTIRE career, but I can tell you: He did do a horrible job on Deathstroke and Lobo. Yes, its a rant.

Was reading that article about him getting fired, even the comments. I like how he derails the obvious problems with excuses. "I was told not to draw Lobo with Leather and chains.." Yeah? Were you instructed to give him that Vegeta due? Or make his "Costume" as simple as a tank top and blue jeans? Throughout The New 52, we've seen a LOT of variations and creative changes to the uniforms worn by heroes and villains alike. Hell, Deathstroke had a "Ninja/Militia" thing going on before Kyle Higgins run. Suddenly he has this Spartan (Halo) kind of get-up. I thought it was an AMAZING change, and clearly relevant to the character for many reasons. Yes, maybe we wanted a funny, leather covered Lobo. But honestly? There's no excuse for making a poor-man's Lobo, when so many other titles and changes are made so sufficiently. What's the first thing you noticed about Lobo in Deathstroke #9? I'm pretty sure it was everything BUT his weekend attire. How about the fact he barely spoke, and when he did it was random boasts about taking over the world and destroying it in the same issue.

Rob Liefeld doesn't belong in any industry that pays. His quality of work isn't worth the dime. Only person I know who likes Rob Liefeld is some Hippster who hates DC and MARVEL (True story.) "Image is creative and free thinking!", he tells me. "They're original." And then I look at Cabbot from Bloodstrike and I'm like.. Really? You're calling the guy based on Cable & Deadpool original? Deadpool, who was ALREADY based off of Deathstroke? I think most of Rob's career is just copy and paste from another book. Almost instantly, you can look through Youngblood and Bloodstrike and see constant generic characters. "Supreme " Shaft, Vogue. If I looked, I'm sure I could go on forever. Those are off the top of my head. But seriously, how did this guy get put in charge of a SERIOUS character? Let alone intelligent characters.

Hey, Rob? Those editors who somehow ignored your cluster of inconsistencies in your drawings notice or cause the sheer idiocy of the line "He's a Bezerker. All rage. You have to fight him head on"? Master Tactician, and he can't think of a way to fight a guy that's "All blind rage"? Issue, 12 I believe it is.. Trades blows with LOBO head on and the best he can do to escape is a nadshot? Are you KIDDING US? I'd review the books right now, but honestly that would mean I'd have to re-read and ORGANIZE the huge list of flaws with the issues. Let's face it, Rob's using excuses. I see these people crying "Oh, poor Rob has no job because the mean editors decided to finally start doing their job." Clearly he needed editors. I also see it said that the books would be the same, regardless of the writer. Explain how both Grifter and Deathstroke turn horribly random and stupid overnight while Liefeld took over? Or, did you forget that the books were O.K before he got them? The Writer DOES make a difference. Editors just stop them from making a stupid difference. (Sometimes, anyway.)

The editors probably saw the TONS of complaints one place or another about Rob's random direction with each book he got. Can you imagine that?

Editor:"Rob, we gotta talk. I've noticed you've made changes to Deathstroke's costume.."

Rob:"Yeah? Who says I have to go with that BORING look that everybody apparently hated, because my take is that amazing."

Editor:"Well, you also changed Deathstroke's attire at least three times in the first book.. Even on the same page you somehow change--"


I bet Rob changed Deathstroke's look because he COULDN'T hack the fine detail done by the one's he got the book from. He can barely draw feet in slippers, let alone thick steel-toed boots. He's an amateur artist that thinks he's God for selling an X-Men title with actual conflict, and less mellow drama.

I could go on more, but I think I'm good for now. New to comicvine, so don't even know where this will be distributed per-say. But, I liked it. Hope if anyone sees they enjoy.