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The Wolverines

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  • James "Logan" Howlett is the son of Thomas Logan & Elizabeth Howlett. He was born before the 1900's and first discovered his mutation after witnessing the death of his "father" John Howlett.

    He has three bone claws in each forearm that are covered with Adamantium.

  • Rien is the Daughter of James Howlett and Sylvie D'Arqueness and has inherited both her mothers Magical powers, and her Fathers Mutant abilities

  • The (female) clone of Wolverine. Considers her his daughter.

    She has three bone claws two in each forearm that are filed and covered with Adamantium and one in each foot that is also filed and coated with Adamantium.

  • The clone of X-23. Sister to X-23

    She has two bone claws, one in each arm.

  • Son of Wolverine & Itsu.

    He has three bone claws in each arm two on the top and one that exits his wrist.

  • The son of Ultimate Wolverine & Magda Lensherr (Earth 1610). Now resides on Earth 616.

    He has three bone claws in each forearm. His claws are coated in an organic metal that he generates himself.

  • The son of Wolverine & Mystique from a possible future.

    He has three bone claws in each forearm.

  • The daughter of Wolverine and Elektra of the MC2 Universe. Her claws are psionic in nature.