The Lovely Ladies of Mainstream Comics

My favorite ladies of Mainstream Comics

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  • Truly the first woman of comics (not chronologically, but hopefully you get my drift)!

    Need I say more?

  • Do I really need to explain this one? The lovely Kara Zor-L (Karen Starr) belongs in the top five. She may even dethrone the #1 some day.

  • Air Force officer Carol Danvers was a friend of the original Captain Marvel and after being exposed to the Kree Psyche Magnatron was the first human in modern times to acquire the powers & physiology of a Kree. Carol has gone from human to super human to cosmic being and once again is the super heroine Ms Marvel.

  • Warrior Princess of Tamaran, Koriand'r is beauty and power in one lovely package. The former love of Richard Grayson, Starfire has been a Titan and member of the Justice League of America.

  • Cassandra Sandsmark grew up idolizing Wonder Woman. Cassie borrowed several artifacts to make her the new Wonder Girl and only afterwords was she "granted" powers of her own by Zeus.

    It is later revealed that Zeus is in fact her father, making Cassandra a Demi-God.

  • The daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, Jade has powers very similar to her father's power ring. She was the roommate of Kyle Rayner and then became his lover before she left him for another guy.

  • The Mistress of Magic, Zatanna need only speak backwards and magic takes its course. One of three women who vie for Batman's heart.

  • The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jenifer Walters life was forever changed (for the better in her opinion) the day she received an emergency transfusion from him. Jennifer found herself transformed into the She-Hulk, a being of immense power. For some time she was trapped in her She-Hulk form (again no loss as far as she was concerned) but she has never lost her beauty or charm.

  • The older/younger cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El is the worlds most powerful teenager. Yet for all that power, she is still just a teen trying to find her way through the world.

  • The sister of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy has led an "interesting" life (and death). Filling in for her sister during the year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Donna has returned to her Troia identity and costume. She is now a member of the JLA

  • The Warrior Queen of Almerac is as beautiful as she is spoiled. Power personified she sought to make Superman her mate. That didn't go so well.

  • Super Powers or No, Dinah is ranked as one of the top Fighters in the DCU. An amazing woman who recently served as the chairperson for the JLA, Dinah has once again taken flight with the Birds of Prey.

  • The First Lady of Marvel Comics in my book. Susan Storm-Richards is the most powerful of the original FF.

  • A warrior with few equals, Zannah is an alien from the planet Kherra and is extremely long lived. She founded a sect of the Coda on Earth upon her arrival but left the order when it became corrupt. She is responsible for training Cole "Grifter" Cash in their ways, the only human male ever to receive this honor.

    She is also Savant's biological mother (not sister as the young girl believes).

  • Melanie is the scourge of the demon world. She is Buffy minus the whole carefree flipant attitude.

  • Like Zealot, she has few equals. Unlike Zealot, her sword tends to make those equals dead. She has coda training and knows Zealot's secret.