The Super Man like characters.

List items

  • Jim Lee's original Superman Clone (now belongs to DC Comics).

  • Warren Ellis created the second Superman like character for the Wildstorm Universe. (Also now belongs to DC Comics)

  • The Sun-King, Apollo was Wildstorm's next Superman like character(also created by Warren Ellis). He was the first to be incorporated into the New 52.

  • Whiz Comic's variation of Superman originally called Captain Thunder, he later became Captain Marvel. DC has renamed him Shazam for the N52 (Purchased by DC Comics).

  • Freddy Freeman became Captain Marvel Jr. Freddy would later become Captain Marvel himself after Billy takes the Wizards spot in the Rock of Eternity.

  • Marvel's original Superman clone.

  • Marvel's Second Superman Clone

  • Son of a Marvel Superman Clone

  • Supermanish with mental issues

  • Mark Grayson is the Son of Omni-Man. He has Superman like powers with a Spider-man like life.

  • Seemed to be noble like Superman but revealed that he was sent to prepare to invade Earth. Has changed his mind and is now ruler of his people.

  • The second son of Omni-Man (Mark's younger half brother)

  • Superman with Martian Manhunter powers. Was a player and was killed having an affair.

  • Venture is a hero that has lived many lives (very old) but stayed out of the lime light. He is Superman like and only went public when he was recorded by a reporter who threatened to expose him.

  • Rob Liefeld's Superman