Leading Ladies

These are the women behind the scenes that may not have super powers but are important to the characters we know and love and help drive the story featuring the characters we live.

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  • Finch is the love interest of the current Angelus Host, Danielle Baptiste.

    Originally an aspiring dance student, she was learning classic ballet under Dani. The two formed a friendship which eventually led to Finch persuing her friend romantically. Initially unsure... Danielle eventually realized her love for Finch and the two are now in a committed relationship.

    Post Artifacts: Finch (name still unknown) is a dance instructor and is the host for the Angelus. She has met Dani (now a police detective) and the two are once again in a relationship (soulmates anyone?).

  • CSI Specialist. N52: Girlfriend of Barry Allen

  • Archeologist, watched too much tv as a kid. Likes girls, is the potential love interest for Valkyrie.

  • Pre N52, Aunt of Wally West (Flash), Wife of Barry Allen (Flash).

    N52: Reporter

  • Clark's first love and one of his closest friends.

  • Pre N52, superintendant for Dick Grayson.

  • The first girlfriend of Mark "Invincible" Grayson. (Mostly) Figured out that he was a superhero and that he was not deserting her for no reason. Had a difficult time dealing with Mark not always being there for her. I always liked her with Mark more than Eve.

  • Peter Parker's first and truest love. She tragically died at the hands of Peter's greatest foe and without learning his secret. Gwen is and always will be Peter's true love. He chose her over MJ and were it not for fate (before Joe Q had JMS ruin her) she would be his #1 girl still.

  • The woman once married to Peter Parker. She was his rock and an important part of his life for quite some time. Ah well!

  • Investigating reporter. Pre New DCU she was married to Clark Kent/Superman.

  • One of the original Femme Fatale's of comics. Bethany Cabe was a former bodyguard for Tony Stark. She eventually learned his secret and the two became lovers for a time. Despite having separated the two are very close and Tony still trusts her very much (on par with Pepper Potts).

  • Tony's right hand girl. Pepper has come a long way from being simply Tony Stark's secretary. She is now a heroine in her own right with her own armor (although it is not armed). Pepper Potts is Rescue, and she does this very well.

  • NYPD CSI specialist. Carlie is now Peter's ex-girlfriend.

  • The woman who tried to keep Stryke Force in the black. Not an easy task that's for sure!

  • While she is his aunt, she is also the only Mother figure Peter Parker has ever had.

  • The (former) thorn in Peter Parker's side. There is something (besides animosity) between these two.

  • Reporter

  • NYPD Police Officer and former romantic interest of Warren Worthington. She was a keeper, to bad Angel didn't keep her.

  • The younger sister of of Sara Pezzini. Julie was the live in babysitter for her niece Hope until she was executed by Aphrodite IV.

  • Mother of Supergirl, Aunt of Superman. Alura became the leader of New Krypton after her husband's demise. She was far more ruthless than most of the House of El members.

    Died saving her daughter from Reactron's explosion.