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Favorite Lanterns

My Favorite Ring Slingers in order

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  • Growing up I always liked the concept of Green Lantern. I always HATED that his ring would cancel out on anything yellow though. Along came Ron Marz and he turned the GL concept on its ear. I loved Kyle Rayner. He was the every man GL that we never really had before. If he had an a problem he never had anyone else to turn to really. My FAVORITE RING SLINGER!!!

  • What is not to like with a superman like character that is a GL? Anyone??? I like Sodam Yat and despite him taking over the role of Ion from Kyle, I grew to like him more and more. I love how he is non-xenophobic (unlike the majority of his people) and despite hating what they stood for was willing to risk his life & freedom to give them the power to fight off the Sinestro Corp.

  • The Star Sapphire of Earth, Carol is the romantic interest for a few of Earth's GL's.

  • The daughter of Sinestro is a terrible burden to bare, but Soranik is an accomplished GL as well as a great doctor. The ex-love of Kyle Rayner, I hope they get around to fixing this relationship in the N52.

  • The former GL hunter turned Star Sapphire (until recent events).

  • One of Atrocitus' original recruits.

  • The First Human GL. Hal is one of the greatest lanterns in the GL Corp.

  • The forth human Red Lantern and current RL for Sector 2814.

  • Hal Jordan's wingman & love interest. She was a host for the Star Sapphire before the creation of the violet rings but I still count her.

  • The living planet, Mogo is the biggest GL in history.

  • Keeper of the Book of Parallax, Lyssa Drak is one of Sinestro's inner circle.

  • The Last Green Lantern of the 31st Century. Rond Vidar lost his life to Superboy (man) Prime while providing cover for his fellow Legionnaires.

  • The fallen Green Lantern Laira became a Red Lantern shortly after her discharge. She was killed by Sinestro during his escape.