New warriors

back again with a new team to cover and more to come,welcome to the DrThanos channel lol

what do you get when gather together a clone of the amazing spiderman,An Atlantean badass warrior chick,a demigoddess with empathy/telepathy, a mutant with telekinesis ,a man experimented on,and a newly "born" inhuman and a girl with high tech gears and a Nova and turn them to face the enigmatic space gods the celestials and helll of a crazy plot for new fans to get into and the classics to enjoy

what really brought my eye to this story and eventual team is rather the new comers,for those may know me,I have become rather hooked on the single storyline of kiane as scarlet spider with araceley intertwined to ruin his life lol,now he isn't normally known for playing well with others,especially one aspiring leader of the New warriors(you'll have to find out on your own) but throw in their reason for even coming together(with a classic villian/ally I love), a little heated arguments,and you're sure to find that these new heroes may very well live up to be their own brand of Avengers, with a few jabs at taking a slow turn to what I believe to be a good storyline, I myself am still somewhat skeptical of this team, and who seems sketchy and their overall character development,yet its only been around for 5 issues,so take my word for and say its worth a read for those of us who like odd ball team ups

DrThanos out

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where the hell is Quasar?

this is a question I never got an answer to ever since marvel revealed Marvel Now comics,I mean come on he should have been in the Guardians of the glaxies issue,especially in the infinity story line,Quasars character would have been of huge importance to the main theme,being the "protector of the universe" you'd think he would want in on the Builders conflict and even better,incursions of earths destroying universes! sounds like something Quasar should be in on,also they have revealed that there will be an original sin issue referring to Richard riders whereabouts....will there introduce the location of the quantum bands?,I dont know,but I will continue to ask as a hige Marvel Cosmic characters lover,so come on Marvel!


Avengers:Age of Ultron

Age of ultron?...yeah I heard it!..well Im not really upset,more confused,Im confused mainly on the fact that I like the idea of this mechanical horror being unleashed upon the live action cinematic universe,I just hope that they introduce Hank Pym as the man who created the droid,although I detest Pym,I have to agree he did create one the greatest enemies known the earth,but to the long as he is introduced and given the credit he "deserves XD" andf maybe switch it up to Ultron being corrupted by a greater and darker force (wink wink..just a thought)


Marvel-White event

right now this event involving the white event seems awesome!, the fact that hyperion(whom Im not really a big fan of) being from another universe and now trying adjust to this earth,and the budding friendship with Thor is great,Two powerful immortals...I love ex nihilo and his sister abyss,them being literally Gods of various worlds,evolving worlds,terminating failures,sounds like a perfected version of the enigmatic space gods known as the celestials....and Nightmask,the new perfected Adam..and the star brand being involved in this storyline..things are heating up,and what I really love is how captain universe is getting a proper origin and actual role in the universe..and to top it off,Thanos is coming!!!

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Scarlet spider

I have been currently reading scarlet first I was skeptical at it..but several elements have caused my change of heart..the first element is the fact is that though he my be a clone of our lovely spiderman(who's now superior XD) he has his own life to my home state of Texas!!!. another catalyst would be be Kaines assortment of powers,some shared and some not and are evolving(from the other...) I have begun to accept this new hero and all his adventures, the fact that he has to live with what he is,but that doesnt stop him from becoming what hes destined to be,the man who who is cloned from is shares this same duty..being a hero,but Kaines twisted past has shaped him and yet he is trying to change who he was,and the second chance at life(literally) he is getting, so to those who want pick up this comic,I highly recommend it

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Thor_marvel now

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since first hearing of a "god-butcher?", I was a bit skeptical at first, because the concept of someone killing the gods is often used a lot,but this time I can say i was wrong. The whole idea behind Gorr is actually interesting, because we as human beings often would look to the heavens and say it was their will that govern the world and how their were lived and in the afterlife,and day by day gorr was taught to pray and be thankful,well lets just say that umm life wasn't fair to him in kinder words,over time he came to resent the gods over his past tragedies and say they don't exist,only to see gods locked in battle die on his world,one died,while the other asked for help. Thats where things got good,where an average if denying a deities existence,to only see one crash before you and ask for help,I believe 70% would repent and ask for forgiveness and help the God in need,but the future killer of Gods wasn't one of those of the 70%......All I'm saying is that this story is awesome and I highly recommend it, because it actually has relateble issues within and if any who read this want to discuss,feel free to message me!

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Avenger random teaming

for no good reason I will start amking list of heroes(or anti-heroes) that should be on their own team of avengers or even their own from of defenders,ff,x-men,sword agents ,even shield agents...purely out of the sheer enjoyment,if any see this and would like I will make more small (or big) like the guardians of the galaxy.possibly what universe they reside