The 8 Major Superhero Archetypes

I'll be taking the 4 major components of a soul {spirit, mind, body, and heart} and matching a corresponding superhero powerset for both the extrovert and introvert expressions of each component (hence the eight). If you would like to find out which archetype best matches your personality, you are welcome to take my Superhero Archetype Personality Sorter:

List items

  • Paragon [Heart-extraverted]; Better/Best at everything, but they particularly inspire. See also Captain America

  • Elementalist [Heart-introverted]; elemental manipulation; animal communication/control; nature-stuff. Common examples would include Storm, Iceman, Aquaman, the Human Torch, Squirrel Girl

  • Enabled/Enhanced Archetype [Body-extraverted]; billionaire, playboy, philanthropist: check; gadgets, utility belt, power armor, training; no powers to speak of, but those you make yourself. Would also include: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Green Arrow,

  • Metamorph Archetype [Body-introverted]; able to change shape and/or size; duplication (self); heal self. Examples would also include Ant-Man, Plastic Man, Mr. Fantastic, the Cheerleader (from Heroes), Mystique, Multiple Man

  • Myth and Mystic Archetype [Spirit-extraverted]; the powerset of magic and mythology. Notable members include: Thor, Dr Strange, Captain Marvel (DC), Hercules, etc

  • Cosmic Guardian [Spirit-introverted]; wielders of the power cosmic, imbued with cosmic awareness, often found roaming space alone. See also: Green Lantern, Nova.

  • Mentalist [Mind-extraverted]; ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, prognostication, etc.

  • Fundamental Forces [Mind-introverted]; control/manipulate: gravity, magnetism, density, light, "speed force," telekinesis, etc. Representatives include: Shadowcat, Invisible Woman, Magneto, Flash, Marvel Girl