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Cross-Time Capering

Marvel has a rich multi-university. Many characters and items are said to be unique (one-of-a-kind) across the infinite permutations of reality, particularly serving, for example, as the "Nexus of All Reality" or some such. This is a list for all such Nexi of Realities and other persons and objects that exist above and beyond the scope of "All of Time and Space"

List items

  • One of the oldest and most potent of the Nexi, it's also apparently "a doorway to a universe of Neutron stars." It played a major role in resetting the timeline corrupted from the events of Legion Quest (Age of Apocalypse). See also the "White Hot Room."

  • Our own wiki calls this "the true nexus of all realities." It's also "the heart of the Phoenix," so that's cool.

  • It's also called the Crystal Palace (I could see She-ra living here). It's kinda like a different configuration of the M'Kraan. See also Tallus.

  • And I quote: "the Goblin Entity, Dracula and the Beyonder all converge their efforts to destroy Earth. Almost all of the heroes die in the epic battle. Havok, discovering that he is the home for the Nexus of Realities, a force of nature that binds all realities (Omniverse), uses it to wield an omniversal level of power to stop the Goblin Entity, which had merged with the Beyonder. He then fights with the possessed Maydelyne and harnesses the power of the Nexus of All realities and with a thought eliminates the Goblin Entity throughout the Omniverse. He then teleports Maydelyne to her alternate universe with her son, Scotty. Fearing that somebody would attempt to use the power of the Nexus of All Realities to reshape, destroy, or alter the very Omniverse; he then becomes one with the Nexus of All Realities to prevent anyone from getting this power, except himself."

  • This one is in Florida, in a swamp. It's protected by Man-Thing (NOT Swamp-Thing!) Surprisingly, it's one of the most established Nexi

  • Nobody's ever heard of this. It was in like one Quasar issue.

  • The one where everyone went when the multiverse died that one time... (See Beyonders). The leftovers became IO-8 fragments and Battle Realm.

  • Their kid started the first Secret Wars and Battleworld, but they apparently from another dimension beyond the multiverse, so our Doom killed them and stole their power, like he do.

  • They work through Otherworld and are the essential British Multiverity.

  • It's another place beyond all realities that serves as a nexus to all of them.

  • In which we learn that Earth-001 has a big spider-web that connects all of reality or something...

  • He's created other realities, so I'm pretty sure he counts...

  • [Honorable Mention]: The whole New Sun/New Son Omega Level killing every version of Gambit in several realities before getting to ours has to count for something...

  • [Honorable Mention]: Along with the Red Queen, this is another "traipsing through the multiverse looking for the ultimate version of you" trope.

  • They broke time. The first-ish time. Blame them.

  • Where all my Reeds at? Oh, right here.

  • There can be only one Multiverse! OR CAN THERE!?

  • There's only one and it's not an alternate reality. It watches the other realities on TV.

  • Claremont sayz she's the only one in the multiverse. Never explained why. Except no substitutions.

  • She a "Nexus Being"

  • There are a bunch of Nexi, I guess we're all cool with that.

  • He has the Destiny Force, man!