Most Disappointing Company Wide Events

This is my list of the most events/story arcs from the big two companies.

List items

  • Other than Bruce Wayne "dying" and Martian Manhunter was killed off in the most pointless and quickly rectified death ever, what else happened? I can't think of anything else that's really effected the DC Universe.

  • Too much talky.

  • This one lasted far too long.

  • This had a lot of hype built up with a lot of implications, but come on it brought about Heroes Reborn and after a few years it really hasn't been mentioned since.

  • This had a lot of good points (lead in to 52 perhaps when of the most intriguing books they ever put out), but a lot of bad ones too (Superboy Prime). Was it really necessary to kill of Conner Kent him back a couple of years later? I think not.

  • Yay, a more psychotic version of Venom. We love you 90's monster characters. At least he wasn't a f------ vampire.

  • Does this really need any explanation?

  • This was kind of boring really. I think it might have been because main team of X-Men was kind of lame. Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, and who else?

  • Let's kill off Cyclops. The fans will love it! ALRIGHT, YEAH!!!

  • This would have been a great story, had it not been about arguably one of the most popular super hero characters in the world.

  • So this isn't exactly a story arc per say, but I'm talking more about Grant Morrison's run on X-Men all together. It just isn't the X-Men at all. I think Marvel realized this, I've never seen a writer's entire story be so quickly reversed before. Which brings me too...

  • Not only did this ruin one of my all time favorite Avengers, Scarlet Witch, but it also had the one of the most pointless and avoidable deaths of another of my all time favorites, Hawkeye. Can anyone honestly tell me that he could have simply taken his quiver off as soon as it caught fire? This is man who's reflexes were honed to perfection and he wasn't fast enough to just yank the quiver straps off his shoulders?

  • I don't really understand the purpose of this. Other than giving Wolverine his memories back, can anyone tell me how this was important because I don't see it. It was just lots and lots of word balloons. This is primarily a visual medium so actions speak louder than words.

  • So decide to erase Peter and Mary Jane's wedding because a married character's life is boring. So do your job and make it interesting. And if you choose to do it, do it in a way that doesn't send the wrong message to the kids. Spider-Man is a role model. You really want to say that divorce bad but making a deal with the devil, well that's OK. Between this and the movie trilogy my love for the character just died.

  • This just lasted entirely too long and ended entirely far too predictably.