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  • The First Robin. We was part of the flying Grayson a cirus act. When his parents were killed he was raised by Bruce and created the mantle of Robin

  • The second Robin. He was caught by Batman stealing the wheels from the batmobile. Bruce again raised Jason and he took the mantle of robin. Jason died from a explosive balst, after being attacked by joker with a crowbar.

  • Tim Drake (now Tim Wayne) was the best Detective of the three, who worked out that that Dick Grayson was Robin.

  • Daughter of the villain Cluemaster and romantic linkled with Tim Drake, once took on the role of the fourth Robin. She was never truley accepted Batman and never made it past her probation

  • The current Robin son of Bruce wayne(Batman) and Talia al Ghul. He works along side Dick Grayson(Current Batman) as Robin after Tim Drake turned down the post for Red Robin

  • As Part of Graphic novel The Dark Knight Return's Carrie Kelly helps a 50 plus Bruce Wayne reclaim the role of Batman, by taking the mantle of Robin