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These universe changing events don't change anything because they don't have any time to actuall do so, no sooner does one end than another one is just about to start. Marvel need to stop shoving events down our throats and actually give book time tos ettle into the suppsoed new status quo after these world changing events.

Since I started reading Marvel in the summer of 2011 we have had Fear Itself, Avengers vs. X-Men, Age of Ultron, Infinity, Original Sin, Axis, Secret wars and now Civil War 2. and do we know if Dead no More is an actual event yet or is just a crossover between some books.

8 or possibly 9 events in the span of 5 years is far too many, in comparison in the same time span DC has only done 3 events, Flashpoint, Forever Evil (which they spent 2 years building towards) and Convergance, they give time to let writers try and use the ripple effects of such events, maybe not very well but at least they try.