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My Current Reading List

This is just my current list of comics I am reading and have standings of my current fav's!

List items

  • The Flash has always been my favorite superhero. In this universe, Barry Allen has taken back the mantle of The Flash and I am liking the story so far! It's very observant of Barry's key characteristics, and I think the writers are making the world of Flash a much more intricate and creative world. Which is no easy feat by my standards! As the weeks move on I will keep the tabs on this but I don't expect it to move down from the top 3 comics!

  • Love this concept so far and I am dying for more! The curiosity that comes with the underground world of crime families, gangs and trained killers, will keep on building and I can only hope for more!

  • Ah the good ole Justice League! Very reliable for a good read, and not to confusing with the past Justice League. I will compliment on it's ability to take a well known origin, tweak it and modify it slightly, to create brand new atmosphere. Although the forever evil event was a little rocky at the end, I can enjoy where it is going so far! Keep it up and I will keep reading.

  • Heard about this comic from a friend and decided to take the leap of faith from him! So far, So great! Although this comic just came out, I am dying to know more! Wasn't a fan of an ordinary human with the power of "Chi" but man I was wrong! Love the intro to this comic and it drew me in right away!

  • Good start for many readers wanting to know more about any superhero since the new 52 start! Love the collaborations and the artist getting to draw their own comic! Great concept in all.

  • I loved the previous issues, and so now I want to see where the new team picks up!

  • Good ole Deadpools got a contract and it involves monsters. What else is there to say!

  • I picked this comic up to see what DC has in store for a classic hero like Dick Grayson.

  • I picked this issue up to know a little more about this insane, egotistical, scary team!