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After the first issue of this series, I had high hopes. I never cared for Omar Francia's art, but the end's twist kept me interested. The 2nd issue was okay, but it seemed like it focused too much on Wrex rather than the main character. The third issue insisted on telling a story of Ashley's that didn't need to be told, while telling us nothing new about the series' lead.Enter issue #4. It now seems like the series' main character is simply going to be used as a framing device to tell origin st...

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Disappointing 0

Talon was a promising series that was starting to really find it's footing going into issue #5. The reveals of Sebastian in #6 and Calvin's death in #7 showed that this book could be outstanding. And then issue #8 happened. Guillem March was replaced by the new artist, Miguel Sipulveda, and the book's quality took a turn for the worst. I've bought the last few issues in hopes that the series would have a return to glory, but it just doesn't seem to be coming. To be specific about this issue (thi...

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Building for the Next Arc 0

After last issue's amazing twist (in the case of Calvin Rose's neck, literally), this issue deals with the aftermath. Calvin Rose is dead, but expectantly after seeing the cover, the Court of Owls brings him back to life using the same method they use with the other Talons. And he now is forced to work for them because Casey and her daughter is being held hostage by the Gotham Butcher (did he get bigger or is it just me?). It's all very systematic stuff that really doesn't surprise at all, howev...

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