The Lost Boys [Pan's Faction]

The Wayward Ones.

The Souls Adrift.

The Lost Boys.

Intentionally reflecting the classic principles of Peter Pan's Lost Boys from Scottish literature, the faction of wayward posthumans, mystics, and more was founded in 1920 by the enigmatic immortal, Peter Pan. At its core, it is a growing sect of superpowered children and adolescents that have abandoned traditional life in pursuit of immortal thrill or whom have found themselves feared or ostracized because of their extranormal abilities.

The faction has found and assimilated more and more troubled, supernatural youths for nearly a century, using a small network of contacts posted around the world. Methods of procuring them vary, but the end result is generally the same. Abducted, convinced, encountered, discovered; in the end, the ranks of the Lost Boys face subtle indoctrination at the hands of other members and Pan himself, till finally they've renounced their former lives and humanity itself in exchange for the freedom offered by the philosophies of Peter Pan.

The Lost Boys are youthful extremists, and willfully loyal to Peter Pan, All indoctrinated must be below the age of eighteen. Peter Pan manipulates their natural aging process so that it is automatically brought down to a zero-sum at the age of seventeen, at which point their age is arrested, granting them a variant of immortality. Over the century, they've become a veritable legion of metahumans and inborn mystics, which varying powers and even attires that reflect the decade they hail from.

Contrary to their title, the Lost Boys are not an exclusively male faction, nor are all of their ranks comprised of superhumans; girls are indeed present throughout the faction, and the Lost Boys encompass troubled, powerless youths that have faced adversity and ostracization due to ethnicity and race (though the latter are far and few, and generally the ones posted around the world as informants). Relationships, however frowned upon among the ranks of the Souls Adrift, are allowed among them. However, couples are not permitted to have children of their own without express permission from Peter Pan himself, as raising kids is thought unbefitting of, well, kids.

Aside from games and activities, it is possible to learn much among their ranks. Improvised educational and combat systems exist among the Lost Boys to compensate for their renouncement of a standard life. Besides their wide variety of abilities, swords, crossbows, bows and arrows, poisons, and knives are among the weapons commonly wielded by these wayward souls. Though rare, Pan has lead them in acts of anti-human marauding and terrorism.

Their main camp lies hidden deep within the forests of Venezuela, undiscovered by technology by way of extranormal interference. They may occasionally enter cities to gain access to modern technology, which is one of the newer ways used to communicate with informants and Lost Boys whom have set out to travel the world or assigned missions. And finally, in the very rare case that a Lost Boy, against their indoctrination, wishes to rejoin the regular world, Pan will strip them of their eternal life and release them from the Lost Boys...

...if hes in a good mood.

  • Unless stated otherwise, the Lost Boys are not your standard NPCs. In a large scale battle or event, I'll may specify that you're able to kill members of their ranks like NPCs, but otherwise, don't. If you have an idea (affiliation, history, etc), PM me and we'll brew something up.
  • This isn't necessarily intended as a joinable faction, but if your character is below the age of eighteen and the bearer of supernatural abilities, PM me and we'll figure out a way for them to be found/selected to become a Lost Boy (or girl). It isn't any regular team or joinable faction, however. After a while, your character will be expected to be truly loyal to Peter Pan. Resisting indoctrination would only be tolerated for so long.
  • Persons older than eighteen can be allies of the faction, but can't become a Lost One themselves (unless Pan deems it a special case). Allies can walk among their camps and occasionally "play", but they aren't viewed as actual Lost Ones, and therefore won't be wholly treated as such.

Unofficial RPG Universe Index


The RPG Universe Index is essentially a list displaying the existing universes present on the RPG forum. An RPG Universe in this blog is defined as a universe, realm, or alternate timeline complete with its own rules or information thread, attached locations and/or a location masterthread, and usually its own authorities (or Council of Editors-COE) to manage the universe. This blog will list each of these things beneath the universes they're applied to. If you wish to have a universe added here or wish for this index to be updated in some way, please say so on this thread.

If you've made up an alternate universe/realm/timeline for your character's backstory, it does not belong here unless you intend to expand upon the aforementioned universe/realm/timeline with its own information thread or guidelines and attached location(s). It is recommended to have a GM (Gamemaster) or Council of Editors for universes listed here, though that is not necessarily a requirement. Keep in mind that the authorities listed for each universe may be operating on alternate accounts as well, so feel free to ask below which accounts they're currently most active on if you're looking to contact them.

Without further ado, the RPG Universe Index.



CV Prime

  • Rules
  • Location Directory [N/A]
  • Timeline [N/A]
  • Authorities - [N/A]

Hyborian Universe


An IC Umbrella Account?

The Umbrella Entity

The nameless IC entity was a being that was cursed by an abstract after meddling in astronomical affairs. This entity was subject to a self-relative reality oscillating affliction that divided his mind into a legion of persons and personas. At random, the being will warp between the persons spawned by his curse, each with distinct personalities and backgrounds that have been laid out in reality. When the being warps, he is typically transported elsewhere, and these persons can span across time, realities, universes, and the like. They can be anything; humans, metas, mutants, gods, aliens, sorcerers, horrors, inhumans, and all in between. They can be born, made, formed, whatever. In the end, they are all connected, all quintessentially a part of the legion.

These individuals are completely unaware of their alternate selves, and only one can be present at a time. Furthermore, it is impossible for a warp to occur unless the being isn't being watched. If one this killed, then he or she will be detached from this entity, becoming his or her own person in death (and therefore being able to move on to another plane, dimension, or realm). It is nearly impossible to detect this curse, conventionally or unconventionally. It would take a rather powerful reality manipulator or a quite savvy individual to put two and two together. It is unknown what would happen if one were to discover the truth behind their existence.

  • This is a canon background for this umbrella account, giving me more leeway to make more umbrella alts and cycle between their developments, explaining disappearances and why only one may appear in events and RPG's while the others have mysteriously vanished, and solving the general confusion that comes umbrella alts (RPGers being unsure of just who you are during interactions), because they're all, in a sense, the same person.
  • No character, regardless of power, intellect, technology, etc, should know of this reality oscillating affect without my OOC permission.
  • This concept does not apply to any of my alternate accounts or NPCs.
  • The only drawback is that these characters would be incapable of of interacting with each other, but that's quite alright. Simultaneous interactions occur at different times ICly.
  • Credit to Surkit for giving me the idea to create an IC umbrella account in the first place.

Amarth's Fate - Retcon Punch


Simply put, this is a summation of the fate of Amarth, deceased nGod terrorist, creator of the Divus Crystals, and former leader of the Divus Pantheon.

CVnU Amarth

  • Canon: In a quite brief but climactic battle with @trinity-blue on The Imperium's Battleworld, the Darkevius Halliwell (Amarth) of the CVnU was killed, and his body claimed as a trophy by Trinity.
  • Retcon: To this very day, Dark's body remains a trophy of the Destructor. His necrotite revival and subsequent transformation into a cybernetic variation of himself has been retconned; CVnU Amarth is dead, and all posts regarding him post resurrection have been retconned (hes never set foot in Deviant Asylum, nor traveled NYC or trained in the Celestial Chamber; none of that's happened).

Alternate Reality Amarth

  • An unknown, presumably cosmic event has transported the Amarth of an alternate parallel reality to the CVnU, following a gruesome battle with an unimaginably powerful entity that left him nearing death.
  • Unlike his CVnU counterpart, this Darkevius never set out on a crusade to transform the earth into a utopia for New Gods and Goddesses, and thus, never descended into madness and metahuman terrorism. In other words, he isn't a villain.
  • Before this retcon, the Imperium retrieved CVnU Dark's body from where Trinity Blue was holding it and revived him with necrotite. However, with this retcon, the Imperium has instead retrieved the body of THIS Amarth, discovering his near dead body floating through the void and identifying him as Amarth.
  • The necrotite was instead used to revive this Amarth, and the Imperium soon learned that he was the Darkevius of an alternate reality and informed him of the fate of his CVnU counterpart.


Faction: None, The League of Shadows

Real Name: Unknown

Aliases: Sagittarius, Black-Star Arrow, The Ghostblade, The Anti Xsoteric

Age: 35

Morality: Neutral Evil

Birthplace: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210 lbs

Species: Human

Occupation: Extremist, Assassin

Acquired Abilities: Marksmanship [Adept], Swordsmanship [Novice], Stealth [Master], Peak-Human, Strong Immune System

Paraphernalia: Recurve Bow & Arrows, Vibranium Shortsword, Vibranium Shurikens, Flash Bangs, Smoke Pellets, Thermites, Lazarus Water Injections

Powers & Abilities: Sagittarius denies any supernatural capabilities, boasting his versatile skillset as pure human ability granted during his stay in the league. First and foremost, his stealth is simply masterful, to the point where he easily crafts the illusion of supernatural speed or outright teleportation. He can somewhat evade supernatural detection by controlling his slightly subduing his heartbeat, and his steps are soundless. He is able to dart across virtually any landscape like a black whisper on the wind, zipping along trees, rooftops, and more in bursts of esoteric speed. He is an adept marksman, able to proficiently wield a bow and shurikens. Finally, his swordsmanship is rudimentary, the least studied during his stay with the league.

Physical Description: As of yet, there does yet not exist a physical description of Sagittarius, beyond his approximate height of 6'3" and broad physique that belies his true capabilities. He dons a slightly altered variation of the traditional midnight black league or ninja attire. It consists of the classical black, somewhat protective garments with stitch lines spiraling along the arms and form fitting vest layered with bulletproof graphene. He wears a jet black shinobi balaclava that masks his entire head and visage, a sort of gas mask beneath the balaclava, and a cowl. An onyx quiver filled with midnight black arrows is draped over is back, and shurikens are carried along the rib area for easy access.


The Dread Cavalier [Diablo Remastered]

No Caption Provided

Faction: None

Name: Unknown

Titles: Dirus, The Dread Cavalier, The Headless Horseman, Knight of Ghosts, Spirit of Malevolence, The Wraith Rider, The Black Baron

Age: Unknown

Morality: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 211 lbs

Species: Specter

Occupation: Rogue Knight - Spirit of Murder - Royal Knight (Formerly)

Combat Skills: Swordsmanship [Expert]

Brief Background: The Dread Cavalier. The Headless Horseman. The Demon Rider. Centuries of stalking the world on horseback have spawned numerous titles and esoteric stories depicting his existence. In some circles, he is thought to have once been a knight hailing from a kingdom that eluded documentation, cursed with terrible immortality and a mad sense of a knight's justice; in others, a specter, ghost, or demonic horseman ushering in a reign of fear and murder. Both of them hold facts, if with details omitted. Whatever the case, the Horseman rides even in these modern times, bound to a dark sense of honor, judgement, morality, forever maddened by the loss of his head...

Physical Description: The Dread Cavalier has worn a variety of old fashioned attires and medieval armors. Garbs worn by commoners or peasants, equipped with capes and cloaks; pauldrons, gauntlets, and more forged of dark steel plate; an entire set of chainmail or plate armoring, there are many varieties of attires worn by Dirus, some of which have been depicted in works of esoteric literature or art. The most notable facet of his appearance and source of infamy, however, is his lack of a visage, given that he has no head.

He carries two relics that he may, on occasions, use to substitute a head. The first of which is a pumpkin, the very catalyst of his curse. The pumpkin is flawlessly orange, free of dirt, rot, and the degradation of time. Eyes and jagged smile have been carved into the pumpkin, lit always with the fires of the Horseman's afflicted soul, of which the pumpkin is connected to. The second relic is the Horseman's original skull; red, fiery little spheres are forever alit in the sunken place where the eyes once were. The flames of these relics can only be quelled at the behest of their owner; the Horseman can see out of their eyes at virtually any range, and both are indestructible.

Powers & Abilities

No Caption Provided

Wraith's Awareness: The Rider's awareness, his ability to discern, to track, to feel, extends beyond the grave and beyond whatever state he is cursed to exist in. He can sense and track anyone for miles, and usually discern just what they are. His very existence shares a link to the dimensions of the dead, of the lost, of the disembodied, and demons. His mind breaches into the planes of ghosts, demons, and more, enabling him to sense, interact, touch, and even attack the aforementioned entities. He can feel vestiges of the emotional spectrum from most any being - sense the telltale feelings of those deserving of a knight's justice. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and through them, the Horseman can read one's moral compass...and determine their fate.

Specter's Light: Perhaps a variant of the sacred magic used by Paladins. Perhaps the pure, divine fires of Hell itself. The Specter's Light is his ultimate weapon against non-living entities, incorporeal spirits, and demons. It can be conjured, shaped, and projected like golden flame, though it is incapable of harming the living. Rather, it burns the dead, incinerates demons, attacks ghosts. He can ensnare these beings in ropes of light, infuse objects with these flames, and exude it from his very form. The Specter's Light is exclusive to him and him alone, and is no mere flame to be easily dispelled by fire manipulators. The light can be used to counter mystical attacks, and if concentrated, can actually heal the living...not that his malevolence would warrant such a thing.

Knight's Armory: The Headless Horseman carries a variety of weapons that one might associate with a knight, all of which have been forged of an extremely durable obsidian colored material akin to metal that is fortified against magic assaults. His shield is black and silver, with spiky proportions almost like a helm, and emblazoned with the blood red symbol of his coat of arms. He wields an obsidian claymore, greatsword, shortsword, axes, and is thought to occasional wield a crossbow. All of his weapons can be infused with the Specter's light, and if destroyed, can be reforge given a little time. One might speculate that the various attires he dons may also come from his hidden armory.

The Black Horse: The Demon Mount. The Bleak Stallion. The Black Horse. Esoteric historical documents have numerous names for it, but one thing is certain; the Cavalier's horse is far from normal, heralding from a realm beyond the reach of the average human. The Stallion, whilst not utterly indestructible, bears great invulnerability and the ability to resurrect like a mythical phoenix. Its eyes burn red, its neighs harsh; at the will of its headless rider, whom it is eternally loyal to, its steps can leave a trail of fire. While on horseback, the Rider can transport himself across realms, render himself invisible to the naked eye, and travel up to two hundred miles-per-hour. Like its master, it needn't sustenance, and is always ready to serve.

Physical Stats: The Cavalier is both metaphysically and physically supernatural, thought to have strength far superior to any human, an invulnerability to all but superhuman or supernatural assaults, and an utter lack of bodily necessities (such as sustenance, rest, and even air). Though in times of old his strength couldn't be proportionally calculated, one might now estimate that he could lift up to fifty tons and exert equal force. Arrows, bullets, and similar projectiles would not harm him; toxins, radiation, and earth based chemicals are next to nothing. His former is fixed as it is, granting him an impossible resistance to even complete destruction.

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The Starsurfer [Character Home/Super Vessel]

No Caption Provided

/The Starsurfer; ITV#778; A Thief's Vessel\


Intergalactic Temporal Vessel #778, more commonly referred to as “The Starsurfer”, is (as its model name states) a temporal space vessel powered by the speculatively sentient, time shifting dimension of the Speed-Force, presided over by the technological artificial intelligence “Percival”, and ultimately belonging to and under the complete authority of Raymond King, also the creator of Percival. It is a combat furnished, time and space faring vessel that serves as both the primary vehicle and mobile home for the Thief King, and thus, has been equipped with a myriad of living, battle, and travel components to accommodate its owner.

The exterior is comprised of silver, grey, and black otherwordly metal immune to conventional assault and able to absorb impacts and kinetic energy. Its ability to shift on a molecular scale enable it to camouflage itself at the behest of its owner and those authorization from Raymond, and it can furthermore shift its colorization and designs based on its captain's will. Its traveling components are harnessed from the dimension of the speed force and anti-gravitational propulsion, acceleration, and flight, enabling it to transcend the bonds of time and space and enter the time stream (unlike the dark matter emissions of Raymond's suit that enable him to travel through time).

Its large interior was constructed with a number of convinces for its owner and, if he so chooses, a sizable crew, including; the venturing hall for travel and observation through the ship's panes, a medical bay with advanced regenerative and restorative technology and medicines for most any ailments, a food and hangout court always stocked with a very wide variety and amount of food, drink, desserts, and snacks, an office for the captain himself, many personal quarters for the captain and crew, a treasury, a gallery/museum/library where widely known literary items and works of art can be examined and gotten, a quantum fabrication room where clothing, objects, weapons, armor, and other things can be materialized from nothing, and restrooms/showers. There is also an engine room, a lockup, and a bay with dropships and emergency time travel devices.

The Starsurfer is tapped into the temporal matrix, a time database that enables ray to access historical documents, records of the past, databases on individuals, and the ability to communicate across time through existing databases of the past. On top of all this, it is primed with a number of defensive mechanisms and weaponry, namely cannons, torpedo, and laser systems all about the ship, force fields generated by the speed-force power source, and its ability to produce very large EMP emissions.


No Caption Provided

Percival is Raymond's own artificial intelligence, the supervisor and second in command of the Starsurfer, and an A.I designed with the brain and speech patterns of Ray's deceased great uncle, Thaddeus King. He is no mere algorithm constructed with certain mathematically defined rules and strict limitations, but a intelligence with its very own personality and with the ability to almost perfectly emulate human behavioral systems. It has utter access to the directives and components of the Starsurfer, with its power limited to that which the Captain commands. He to is connected to the temporal matrix as well as intergalactic networks, and is this pre-loaded with a myriad of information, much of which even his creator may not be aware of. His morality is tied to Raymond's own, and although a creation and an A.I, his ability to think and communicate like a human make him a valued and trusted ally and friend to Ray, a monument to his great uncle, whom passed from a variation of cancer that will break out in the future.

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The Gods of Old [Concept Page]

The Ancient Gods

Many divine pantheons have graced the earth since its unknown conception. The deities present in and varying through classical mythologies and cultures, such as Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon of Greek Mythology, the Aesir of Norse; the New Gods, divine beings spawned from or related to modern values and scientific or technological breakthroughs of the modern era, and many more that have walked the earth. Where the New Gods are aspects of today and gods of tomorrow, however, the Old Gods of this pantheon are manifestations of times past, concepts or ideals valued in more ancient times, or merely aspects that hold little modern relevance. Gods of strength, madness, fire, and more, these gods are far less adaptive as the nGods of the current age, but are no less present in our era.

These Old Gods have existed since the beginning itself, speculated by cosmic philosophers to have originated from a fissure in the Source Wall known as the Orifice of Origin. The Old Gods were more plentiful and relevant in the more ancient world and can be considered static in the current world. Nonetheless, these divine aspects of the older world are born, manifested, and incarnated still. The are the direct inverse of the New Gods. Where an nGod of Electromagnetism may be manifested from breakthroughs or experiments pertaining to the electromagnetic spectrum or from the values of the American Dream, a God of World can be formed of an experiment with mana or magic, manifested from a the values of madness, formed from a thunderstorm, and boundless other scenarios.

The Old Gods separate from the prominent pantheons of the ancient Greeks, Romans, or Norse and the boundless others, though in a classical sense, deities like Thor, Odin, Hades, Jupiter, and the like can be considered "Old Gods". Many of them will share the aspect of their divinities with these classical Old Gods, and even with each other, which can result in battles between Ancient Gods who's both represent darkness or moons, and the like. As with the nGods, the Old Gods are not the end-all-be-all masters of their aspects, but rather manifestations or representations of them.

  • This is just as accessible as LL's New Gods. You don't need to request my permission to create an Old God so long as you keep in mind the basic concepts of both (ex: there wouldn't be an Old God of Quantum Physics and Dark Matter because those are of modern relevancy, just as there wouldn't be an nGod of Madness and Strife because those are older, non-modern notions).
  • Just as the New Gods weren't the end-all-be-all gods of their particular aspects (you don't see Thee_Champion or Lady_Liberty controlling the evolution of the entire human race), the Old Gods aren't the end-all-be-all gods of their particular aspects (ex: just because an Old God is the god of magic, doesn't mean they automatically trump all other sorcerers and can steal/disable their powers).
  • Keep in mind that there can be multiple gods of the same aspect (ex: two Old Gods of Fire). They could be feuding deities, they could be mutually unaware of the other, whatever you want.
  • If you've read this through, you should know that this isn't overarching the canon for Gods of Old from classical mythologies and pantheons. Certain Old Gods may/can be similar or identical to classical gods, even related, but at the end of the day, this is its own pantheon.

NPC: Count Oliver

The Count

Count Oliver, the artful former assassin of the League of Shadows (where he was known Al-E-Ad), a machiavellian immortal, and no doubt Robin Hood's oldest ally. The Count has known Robin since his adolescence, in which he - as a practiced sorcerer harboring sympathy, ulterior motive, and a mindset belying the discriminatory atmosphere of Eighteenth Century England - more or less took the boy under his wing. Centuries following Robin's affliction, and Oliver has remained a mentor and adviser, ultimately the closest thing to a parental figure the Vigilant Thief has. He originates from a noble family based in England, is blessed with chronological immortality, and was recruited into the League within the last century before it fell. He is perhaps the only rich person that Robin would never steal from.

Morally duplicit, enemy of the poor and needy unlike the archer, and adhering to the philosophy of machiavellianism, he is both a friend and counselor to Robin, opposing ideologies aside. Becoming a sort of traveling aristocrat following the League's divide and eventual fall, he can almost always be counted on to come to Robin's aid, carrying genuine sympathy and solicitude for him in all that he does for the lycan - if with the occasional ulterior motive...

Count Oliver professes himself free of any supernatural afflictions or abilities - that his abilities are the fruit of his own skill and wisdom. Robin believes better, feeling that The Count has an uncanny knack of simply appearing. It is speculated that he is a sorcerer of some sort or the bearer of metahuman abilities, particularly given his survivability and abundance of strength at his age (the Vigilante describes him as having an iron grip). He appears to have at least versed himself in defense against supernatural manipulations, forced transmutations, and otherwise, external influences.

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Robin Hood

Faction: None

Name: Robin Hunter

Aliases: Robin Hood, Prince of Outlaws, The Last Lycan, Righteous Raider, The Vigilante Thief, The Brash Bowman

Age: Physically Twenty Five, Unknown Chronologically

Morality: Chaotic Good/Neutral

Birthplace: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Black British

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 193 lbs

Eye Color: Golden

Species: Demiwolf

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Widowed

Occupation: Vigilante - Vagabond - Thief - Marauder

Allies and Associates: Count Oliver

Acquired Skills: Archery [Master] - Swordsmanship [Adept] - Thievery [Master] - Stealth [Expert]

Paraphernalia: Bow and Arrows, Inscribed Swords (Long, Broad, Short)

Physical Description: Standing at an approximate of six foot one, Robin Hood is an African male with an athletic, marginally broad physique. He has a suave countenance marred ever so slightly by an almost indiscernible cut beside his left eye, jet black hair in a smooth low fade, and quite a bit of facial scruff on his otherwise charming features. His marauder attire consists of a long sleeved, dark green shirt 'neath a leather vest that provides a margin of protection. With it, he also wears leather set of bracers, brown pants, and a verdant hood. Finally, he may choose to don a cape.

Background: It is thought by some that the Robin Hood of English folklore had numerous imitators over the centuries; multiple young men taking on the original vigilante thief's legacy. Tis true, and Robin Hunter is merely one of them.Originally born into slavery in England's eighteenth century, he escaped this discriminatory fate in his adolescence with the help of the woman who'd one day become his wife. He was eventually taken under the wing of a sympathetic Count Oliver, whom, unbeknownst to Robin, had seen his future and offered that which was necessary for survival, whilst doing little to stunt Robin's developing survival skills and penchant for fortune.

Eventually, Robin became a skillful brigand - a selfish marauder plundering fortune indiscriminately, rich, poor, and otherwise. He was a man consumed by a desire to seek his fortune, an adventurer drunken on selfish thrill and reward. At the age of twenty-seven, however, he was cursed after an attempt to claim the fortune housed in a sorcerer's castle. As he fled the gates of the sorcerer's castle, the furious wizard cast an affliction upon Robin rather than kill him outright. The sorcerer cursed Robin with the spirit of a malevolent werewolf, corrupting Robin's biology into that of a demiwolf. He was a man still, free of the true werewolf transformation; however, vested in him was the fury, power, and characteristics of a wolf, and the immortal threat that these new instincts would one day consume him, just as his greed had.

That night, freshly cursed and hardly able to contain the beast, his mind was briefly overtaken. In his irrational rage, he murdered the one and only person he loved, the woman who, against her time, had granted him freedom in his childhood and seen the heart of gold behind the brigand- his wife, Marian. When his mind resurfaced, he was overcome with such grief that even the prospect of living a moment longer was called into question. Shame burrowed deep in his heart, and through it, he realized that his greed had led to this tragedy. That his selfishness - his larceny - had cost him the one person who'd seen the diamond in the rough, the man behind the thief.

Cursed to live an immortal life and wage an eternal war against his beastly soul, Robin took penance upon himself in the only way he truly could; a life of giving to the lowly he'd stolen from, of using both his archery and newfound abilities to fight against the rich who took from the poor, against people like himself. On that night, Robin Hood was born, waging war on two fronts; against corruption, and at all times, against himself...

Powers & Abilities

The Powers of the Beast

Robin bears an arrested aging process brought about by his mythical soul, and the corrupted blood flowing through his veins keeps his body in its biophysical prime. He is utterly incapable of succumbing to old age or aging any further, a mystic affliction that will forever haunt him. Furthermore, his immune system grants him an immunity to harmful earth based chemicals, poisons, substances, and drunkenness to some extent. He has an accelerated regenerative aspect that enables him to quickly heal from minor to moderate injuries and sustain greater damage and trauma without dying. Repetitive damage, however, can kill him, though he can take an extreme amount of punishment before succumbing to his wounds. The longer the duration of his healing, however, the more feral his mind can become.

His other physical departments have been enhanced by his corrupted werewolf physiology. Most prominently are the retractable claws that grow from his nails. Three inches in length, stemming from his altered bone composite, his claws are beyond capable of rending flesh, wood, and steel alike. There is no question that his strength surpasses that of any regular human being, able to lift up to ten tons and exert equivalent force. It is known that is tolerance for punishment is vast, aided by his bone composite, equivalent to some of modern earth's most durable materials. He is able to run up to forty miles per hour optimally, and if he moves on all fours, he can run up to sixty miles per hour. His agility is somewhat above that of a peak human, allowing him to leap, vault, and maneuver with greater ease.

His sense of smell and sight are incredible, making him an impeccable hunter. He can smell, discern, and follow scents for miles, can detect the slightest shifts in the air, and has perfect eyesight to the point where he could more easily see in pitch dark. Though his muscles do produce the lactic acids that promote fatigue, they produce a far lesser amount, meaning he could exert himself for days on end before succumbing to exhaustion. The curse of the beast, however, means that the more tired he gets, the more injury he sustains, and generally the longer the duration of close-quarters-combat will gradually cause him to grow more savage, more fierce, more feral. When his emotions flit into the realms of annoyance, exasperation, and anger, the greater the struggle against the monster within becomes in that moment...

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