The Cabal Lineup

This is how I would make a Cabal Team in Marvel

List items

  • Founder and Leader of the Group. Ruler of Latveria. Bought Antarctica for it's rich Vibranium deposits.

  • Co-Leader and Financier of the Cabal. New President of the USA

  • New Leader of HYDRA after Red Skull's Death. Supplies the Cabal with an expendable army.

  • New Leader of the Dark Elves. Magician of the Cabal

  • Scientist Supereme of AIM. Provides the Cabal with weapons, armor, vehicles, gadgets and equipment.

  • Second-In-Command. Controls the Doombots and the Super-Adaptoid.

  • Leader of a Superhuman Criminal Underground. The Criminals are pawns of the Cabal.

  • Connection to the Secretive Atlantean World. Owner the Hammer of Nerrkod, the Breaker of Oceans

  • Connection the Mutant World. Leader of Genosha and the Hellfire Club.

  • Connection to the Inhuman World. Black Bolt's brother.

  • Leader of the Thunderbolts, The Cabal's Secret Black Ops Team