200 Greatest DC Villains PT.1

1st Part in a 10 Part Series

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  • Superman. A really good villain with motivations. Hated BvS:DoJ

  • Flash. Great Villain. Especially on Flashpoint Paradox.

  • Batman. I find him underrated. Him on Tower of Babel is great. Shows how good a villain he can be.

  • Batman, Many people consider him the best villain ever, but I don't. He's still a great villain nevertheless. I find Heath Ledger's portrayal of him overrated, he was amazing, but is praised way too much.

  • Superman and the Justice League. He's a great villain, but I like Thanos a little bit more than him. I hope we see at least a cameo at the Justice League 2017 movie.

  • Green Lantern. He's a great, but underused villain. Loved him on Blackest Night, where he tries to become a White Lantern.

  • Batman, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, and the Justice League. Just plain Badass. Especially on the Judas Contract.

  • Superman and The Justice League. Loved him on Injustice 2. I hope he becomes the villain in Man of Steel 2.

  • Shazam. He's just badass. Loved him on Infinite Crisis.

  • The Flash. He's a really great villain since he doesn't kill women or children. I loved him in Injustice 2.

  • Batman. Just badass. He broke Batman's back! But other than that, he didn't do much else.

  • Superman. He's such a sad villain. Just misunderstood. He isn't even a real villain

  • Batman. Another Sad Villain. Wayne's best friend turned enemy.

  • Wonder Woman. She's such a cool Wonder Woman Villain! I hope she appears in the Wonder Woman 2 Movie

  • Aquaman. He killed Aquaman's son! That's f*cked up. And being the father of Aqualad. One of my favorites in Young Justice.

  • Superman. I find him pretty boring, but he's still a great Superman Villain nonetheless.

  • Green Lantern. Such a badass Green Lantern Villain. I love his Oath too.

  • Wonder Woman. Badass Villain, but I think he's one of the Bad Parts in Wonder Woman 2017. It would have been better if he was left off from the movie entirely.

  • Flash. He's pretty cool. Especially on the Justice League show where he leads the Society. I think he was a let-down in Injustice 2 though.

  • Justice League. He killed the Flash. My Favorite DC Superhero. Badass.