Uncanny X-Force Roster thoughts

Since it's Uncanny X-Force day today, even though I can't pick up the issue untill Saturday, I decided to do something to acknowledge the event. Since I havn't read the book itself, or even the prievious series, I'm instead just going to ramble on about the actaul roster. 
Wolverine- Ah, Logan, is there no team you arn't on? How does that even work? Like, in continutiy. Does he magiacally appear everytime his teammembers need him? Clones? Actually, let's ignore that possibility. In all seriousness, Wolverine seems like a perfect choice of leader for the purpose of this X-Force team, so I have no real thoughts here. 
Deadpool- If you havn't noticed, Deadpool is my favorite comic book character, and has been for a loooong time now, and I don't see that stopping because of the "Deadploytation". I like that this Deadpool will be seen as more Merc, less Mouth. I'm sure he'll still be making jokes, but he's focused on being awesome, and it let's me see Wade from another perspective we can't get in his current series or the Deadpool Corps. 
Archangel- This one also seems like a good choice. Someone has to be able to fund X-Force's expensises, pay Deadpool and keep the team secret, and it has to be someone Wolverine can trust. No one fits the bill quite like Warren. It should be intresting to see how he conducts himself on the team, considering his history with Apocalypse. 
Psylocke- I'm a bit iffy on this one. I've never liked Psylocke, and I don't have much personal attachment to the character- but I can see how he skill set would come in handy on a wetworks operations like X-Force. It still comes off as a "required female teammate" addition, but maybe the book is written well enough to endear me to the character. 
Fantomex- I really can't say anything about this one. I have no experience with Fantomex, and I've never read anything about Fantomex, and from what I've seen his gunplay kind of overlaps with Deadpool. I wish this roster seat was given to a returnning X-23 or Domino, but I'll have to trust Marvel on this one.