Favorite Villains

And it's so easy when you're evil

This is the life, you see

The Devil tips his hat to me

I do it all because I'm evil

And I do it all for free

Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need

These guys are villains, plain and simple. They are the mad scientists, the corrupt executives, the evil witches and wizards, the corrupt politicians and dark overlords. They desire to take over the world, they they are out for themselves or want plain ol' chaos. These are my favorite villains :)

List items

  • "Darkseid will come to Earth and annihilate us all; crush us under the rock of his unyielding will. All you see here will be destroyed. Nothing will be spared. He will foul the fields of paradise beyond repair."

    "Even my mommy's house?"


    Darkseid is pretty much my favorite supervillain. His lines are simply gold (specially in the DCAU), he is the god-emperor of a dying world of evil gods that is out to destroy free will and conquer the Universe.

  • "There is no life in the void. Only death."

    Personally, even if Sauron sits in his tower the whole time during the Lord of the Rings books, there is something threatening about a evil presence that you can't fight directly and your only hope of defeating him is throwing his source of power into a volcan (with said source of power corrupting you upon touching it).

  • Are you surprised he made it to this list?

  • King of the Vampires. He works better when he is a symbol of evil than a tortured soul tired with immortality that wants to find his reincarnated love.

  • Heath Ledger's portrayal anyone?

  • Even if Darth Vader is the primary villain in Star Wars, Sidious is the true source of evil. He established a brutal empire that spans over the entire galaxy, ruling it with heavy hand, ordered the slaughter of the Jedi Knights - the ones that could have stopped his plans - and pushed Anakin Skywalker into the Dark Side, turning him into Darth Vader.

  • "And who are you, the proud lord said,

    that I must bow so low?

    Only a cat of a different coat,

    that's all the truth I know.

    In a coat of gold or a coat of red,

    a lion still has claws,

    And mine are long and sharp, my lord,

    as long and sharp as yours.

    And so he spoke, and so he spoke,

    that lord of Castamere,

    But now the rains weep o'er his hall,

    with no one there to hear.

    Yes now the rains weep o'er his hall,

    and not a soul to hear."

    The patriarch of House Lannister, he is the archetype of the powerful father. Obsessed with control and absolutely ruthless to enemies, Tywin is an extremely harsh and unforgiving man, terribly efficient at his job, and can't stand it when people laugh at him. He will annihilate entire families that cross his way to get his point across.

  • They have the one of the best evil musical themes ever made.

    "We renounce our Maker.

    We cleave to the darkness.

    We take unto ourselves the power and glory.

    Behold! We are the Nine,

    The Lords of Unending Life."

  • While Middlefinger here is a slime bucket, what makes him such great villain is that his efficiency lies on everyone's belief he is completely harmless. While pretty much everyone underestimate him (at their own peril), they don't realize he is playing them like fiddles. Only the readers truly realize how dangerous he truly is. If the characters realized it, his plots would have been undone in matter of moments.

  • People take one look at Bane and they quickly assume he is a dumb brick. Batman & Robin helped that notion a lot and unfortunately, the Arkham games downplay his intelectual aspects a lot. I thought Bane from Dark Knight Rises was such memorable villain, because of his charisma, his lines and his strange voice.

  • Even if he is more heroic character nowadays in comics (as Kid Loki), Loki from the movies was established as a great villain. No wonder some fans are petitioning for him to have his stand-alone movie.

  • He is Mortal Kombat's version of Darkseid.


  • Possibly my favorite Sith Lord in the Expanded Universes. I haven't read many novels, but everybody knows that Bane was a badass.

  • Combine Sith Lord with inhuman entity from beyond the void. You have Darth Nihilys.

  • He gains extra points for being voiced by Pinhead.


  • Specifically from the first Conan movie, that depiction of Thulsa Doom is closer to Thoth-Amon, but my God, James Earl Jones is brilliant as Thulsa Doom. He took everything away from Conan, killing his parents, his people, sold him to slavery while he was still a child... He points out that Conan's hatred was the only thing that kept him living

    "What would your world be without me... My son?" (Must... resist... Star Wars reference...)

  • The Yautja are relentless hunters. Sometimes they can be pretty heroic too (when put against the Xenomorphs) as they have a strong code of honor that forbids them for hurting children and innocents. Their favorite prey are the most dangerous warriors around.

  • Terrence Stamp was so memorable, but Michael Shannon's performance ruled in Man of Steel.

  • Alright, up until his confrontation, Aizen was for some time my favorite villain in anime probably for the same reason as Peter Baelish. Then, Tite Kubo made him so powerful that the only conceivable way they could come up to defeat him was with Deus Ex Machina. And even then, he they didn't even managed to kill him as he became fully immortal. The Soul Society was only able to imprison him for thousands of years.

  • The White Martians have god-like delusions having molded the civilization of Barsoom as they saw fit to their purposes.

  • Even though I prefer Kefka Pallazzo better, Sephiroth has a great musical theme.

    "Taste the seat, Terry

    Eat the bed,

    And the teeth!

    Egg toss

    Jim Carrey

    Eat a bag




  • He is one of the most underrated Star Wars villains. He is unlike anything that most Jedi ever fought and he deserves a better way to go out then he did in Obsession.

  • A wasted opportunity when he could have been used as the Darth Vader of the prequel trilogy.

  • I remembered playing RE 5 with my friends when it first came out, and what I remember most is how cool Albert Wesker was than anyone in that game.

  • Obsessed with power, Vergil will do anything to get it.

  • Otherwise known as Durin's Bane, he drove the dwarves from Moria away and was only by the mighty Grey Wizard Gandalf, who lost his life in the process as well. His alternate name "Valarouko" means "Demon of Might".

  • So long as the Ninja Turtles exist, Oruku Saki will be their everlasting enemy.

  • I think you can figure on your own why he made it here.