Sylvester Stallone Blames Batman for Decline of '80s Action Hero

Hey TBs this is your friendly neighbrohood Dr.X . 
As I was sitting in my Dr,X  cave (aka my home)  I saw this gem on the X-computer ( aka my laptop) I saw the this Gem  by Rock aka Rambo aka Jugde Dredd Sylvester Stallone of how 80's action stars have taken a back seat to the comic book movie of today, tho true action movies like die hard , rambo ect. have been taken  a back or in some cases replace the comic book movie , I feel that is no different  from when the action movies replace the cowboy movies , because it is like the song said  "The Times they are a changing "... So in closing  I say this to you sir  that  I wish you well  and hope your movie  does well too witch I'm going  to see and you enjoy  the SDCC.