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Arkham Knight Is a Mess (Spoilers)

Many people out there seem to be enjoying the game - with the exception of the poor PC master race (God bless their souls) - But there are also some that are not so happy. Allow me to pour my heart out here - this will mostly be in my opinion, so keep that in mind (AND SPOILERS):

This game is a MESS- there is so much false or misleading advertising with this game it is ridiculous. Let me list some examples as well as some other grievances:

1. They lied about the Arkham Knights character being new when their fans had already guessed who it was. They even said chief creative officer: Geoff Johns was working on the character - almost strengthening their assurance that it was a new character.

2. They lied about challenge maps being bigger and badder than ever, then gave us those watered down AR challenges

3. They said the Joker was 'dead dead dead,' but really he just lost his body. He has the most lines in this game than ever before.

4. They continued to show in-game screenshots and clips in trailers that were missing in the game. They even said they held nothing back from the game.

5. NVIDIA lied about their PC port where only 12 people were doing the port - and most likely under a strict deadline

6. NVIDIA lied about Batman running on 60 fps via GAMEWORKS by using PC footage that lagged so bad that they needed to speed it up by 2x to makes it look normal, as well as falsify the claim of it running at true 60 fps and in engine.

7. They hyped up pre-order DLC for a year straight that wasn't even made by Rocksteady and was barely 10-15 minutes long. It took me longer to download it then to beat it. The pre-order description on Amazon said there would be challenge maps for Harley's DLC. There were none.

8. The game was described to have all the villains return and team up to kill Batman. Majority of them were repetitive side missions with barely any significant story for the main plot.

9. The bat-mobile is forced upon you majority of the game to fight hordes of drones. It gets really ridiculous where you need to use it for every little thing such as riddles or supplying power to a building.

10. The story itself had barely any definite ending for the 'finale' of the franchise

11. Boss fights were drones or one button take-downs, or just completely uninspired thugs with a health bar.

12. They said Arkham Knight could take Batman H2H, yet no boss fight in H2H. Only in another TANK fight can you defeat him.

13. Absurdly overpriced DLC season pass. I admit I don't know the content in the package so this point falls flat. But they still have set a new precedent of a huge price for this pass for a single player game.

14. Leaderboards were broken for a week after launch.

15. Announcing the limited and collecter's edition were not ready to be sent out only a WEEK or so before launch.

Unbelievable how much faults can be attributed to a single game and their greedy publisher. And I'm sure I may be forgetting one or two.

I also want to talk about how this game doesn't even hold a candle to the love and creativity and care that it's predecessors had. Look at the Hush mission. It was a 3 minute sequence where all you had to do was press triangle/Y and you take him down. An absolute letdown when acknowledging the mean game he talked up in Arkham City. How about good ol' Two Face? Yup same thing, do 4 repetitive side-missions and take him out like a regular thug. Penguin y'say? Clear the room - arm the explosive - rinse and repeat until you get the option to press the take-down button on him. Man Bat? Just fly into him and you're done. DEATHSTROKE? Another repetitive TANK fight? THE F-ING ARKAHM KNIGHTTH? TWO DAMNED TANK/BAT-MOBILE FIGHTS...and a tag-your-it fight. Then not even a single fight for Scarecrow...Good game Rocksteady

And this one I'm also really pissed about - my fan favorite character: Harley.

She gets hyped up for a pre-order DLC for a year, that I was expecting to have some sort of decent story and length. What I got was a 10-15 minute mission of her take down cops in a measly four rooms with a lazy mechanic that lets you KO them with the press of a button. Only 3 measly gadgets to use. No option for stealth. Barely any character interaction with Ivy. No explanation on how she can beat Nightwing and half a dozen cops on her own, and at the same time. Nothing. They couldn't be bothered to give decent animation on her face - she looks utterly lifeless. Even Nightwing's intro and outro animation looked stiff - like a character from a Mortal Kombat game.

Then I had to wait until the 60% mark for her to appear in the story. I was smiling like an idiot when I thought she was going to have a meaningful role in this game. She did nothing. She tried has the most incentive, arguable, of all the villains to want Batman dead. And it is heartbreaking what little role she had in this game. She took out NIGHTWING, but couldn't be given the respect of a boss fight. Just another classic press Y/triangle for take-down. What's even more insulting is that she saw that Joker was in Batman - and that Batman was the last living Joker. I was so interested to see what she would have done - after wanting to kill him so bad (which she didn't even SEEM to, like this was before Arkham City when the Joker died) but couldn't because he was the last Joker. Instead I get a wasted opportunity, and Harley gets locked up in that cell the rest of the game. The End.

Don't get me wrong this game is probably the best Batman simulator we have. The tone is there, the aesthetic is there. The ton of easter eggs are there. But it's just not good enough. I'm sorry but I think this is the worst Batman game they gave us - even Origins was better than this, glitches aside. This was even supposed to be a finale - yet there is nothing definitive of the ending for any character here. It is upsetting really. I haven't touched the game in about 2 days, which is sad considering this was my most anticipated game for like two years.

Please if you agree with my post - Do your best to support with the cause and avoid letting greedy companies like this take your money - especially for incoming DLC - and wait for the GOTY at least.

I'm done with my rant, thanks for reading if you made it this far. Please tell me what your opinion is of this game.


My thoughts on Halo 4, The Predecessor of What's to Come

A game that was released on November 6 of last year, that was made to further the adventures of the sleeping Green Giant: Master Chief.

A little late, but I wanted to share my thoughts of the game that turned me off to the Halo franchise...there will be spoilers. C'mon this games been out a while!

Note: I'm being half-serious, just trying to have a little fun.

Single Player Campaign:

Witness a Halo story like never before, as you uncover the mysteries of the Forerunners, an ambiguity that has been explored in-depth just to squeeze out more money to milk the franchise. Enjoy the opening cinematic experience that touches on The Master Chief's anti-social tendencies...as he talks more in this game than any Halo game COMBINED.

You will experience intense gameplay as you...press buttons to:

Insert your AI companion, Cortana, into a crap load of alien devices

Activate light bridges

Activate elevators

Open portals

Open doors

Activate scenery

And basically just pressing a lot of buttons...including mine.

A game that expanded it's weaponry...that are actually just replicas of their Forerunner/Human/Covenant counterparts. You will be enthralled as you are introduced to one of the Master Chief's greatest foes since...well...ever...

The Didact's Pinball Ship
The Didact's Pinball Ship

The Didact! A villain so menacing, he will be able to suddenly use the Force from Star Wars on the Master Chief just to avoid any direct physical conflict. Admire their confrontation in awe, as he randomly monologues about his hate for humans while The Master Chief doesn't say a single word. And watch as he is able to fly around in majority of the game in a Giant Pinball...ugh, seriously?

Also, meet The Librarian, former wife of The Didact. Witness her only appearance in the campaign to only deliver exposition and have The Master Chief defy the science of evolution. Seriously, no one thought it was convenient that she gave The Master Chief the thing he needed to survive just before he left Requiem?

Marvel at the climax of the game as The Master Chief must "stop the didact" (seriously, he said that so many times) in a "one final effort" (see what I did there?) to save humanity from this Star Wars, Pinball using warlord.

And then...get extremely irritated as you get pumped for an epic conclusion with The Didact, and then he anti-climactically gets defeated by a short quick-time event that was supposed to be the payoff for the build up from the entire middle half of the game...just to watch a soap opera between an anti-social killing machine and a talking computer.

Seriously. WTF.

Multiplayer: Engage in the popular, critically acclaimed multiplayer of the Halo series, as 343i gives the players the opportunities to spawn weapons out of their ***es and completely destroy the competitive nature of Halo.

Ordinance that gives players random weapons that completely makes the game unbalanced just because 343i thought new players were too stupid to find power weapons on their own.

Glance in wide-eyed disbelief of how many players play one single playlist, Big Team Battle, that only offer two maps since they get voted ALL. THE. TIME.

Let's be honest, no one's playing this game anymore:

No Caption Provided

You know it's a bad sign when your game's population since release represents a graph of exponential decay.

Ugh, I'm really worried about Halo 5 now.


Harley Quinn and I play Xbox

Just made this to post some of my Harley Quinn related stuff I have on my Xbox (I have some more stuff I haven't put up, heck even my gamertag is dedicated to Harl!...I think I have a problem):

Halo Reach Armor/Emblem--Xbox Live Avatar--CoD Harley Kirby Riot Shield--Harley Riot Shield (I didn't make this one)

I have a few more stuff such as CoD emblems I'm too lazy to post right now. I would post my Halo 4 version of Harley, but I gave away that excuse of'a game a while ago.

Will update later!


Batman Vs. Death Note

A list of similarities regarding the two of these universes and their characters.


  • Orphans that inherited a fortune and used it to fight injustice
  • Both started off young in their career to fight crime with the help of a father figure (Alfred/Watari)
  • Use a title to hide their Identities.
  • Extremely intelligent
  • Work with an agent of the law (Police Commissioner Gordon/Chief of NPA Yagami)
  • Have the will to neglect sleep in order to continue investigating
  • Both have a butler that also aid them in their fight against injustice (Alfred/Watari

The Joker/Light. They also have an Arch Nemesis that define each other.These two are severely different but also have a few similar characteristics:

  • Both find joy in fighting Batman/L
  • However not nearly as frequent as Joker, Light has uncontrollable laughs in different situations.
  • Both use a "would be" girlfriend in order to help them fight their Arch Nemesis'. (Harley/Misa)
  • Also extremely intelligent.
  • Both see the world differently. This one is a stretch but Light does pursue his other life as Kira and changing the world to have it as he sees it should be.


  • Both give up their ordinary lives to a life of crime for someone they love.
  • Both act ditsy
  • Both of their "boyfriends" killed the person that killed their father/parents. (This is from the New 52 origin of Harley by Adam Glass)
  • Both can disguise themselves well.
  • Both are dependent on their boyfriends.

I know that there are many different things that distinguish these two universes (including the fact that they're accustom to two different cultures), but there are some similar things that I thought would be nice to acknowledge.

I also feel that I've forgotten some stuff that should be added. If someone thinks of something, let me know!