Building a better man- First Quarter Report

Dear Mr LeBeau
As promised here is my monthly report into the progress of the Sapiens project. I have broken it into a few parts to make it clearer and explain the heavy science a little better. Hopefully it meets your approval.

Evolutionary Adaption and Cellular alteration

As your no doubt aware this is my primary area of research and since moving to LeBeau Laboratories i have seen major improvements in this area specifically. Due to the vast improvements in budgets i have been able to identify and isolate target base pairs in our subjects DNA. With this new found ability to locate and enhance targeted cells in a live subject i am now able to slowly but surely alter the complete coding of a subjects genetic code without fear of cellular death. This brings me to my two further options in this area.

  1. With continued focus in adapting existing DNA is live subjects, i could theoretically cause the bodies own self defense mechanism to produce new cells. These cells combined with the effects of radiated stem cells could produce all new alterations to the properties of the bodies self defense mechanism. Possibly including advanced adaptive properties to threats to the body on both a physical and mental level. In order to possibly achieve this i would require at least 5 new subjects each to be isolated and put into specifically catered environments. These environments will have to attack the subjects body and mind whilst i have them monitored and dosed with the stem cells. Once the base readings are attained the environments will then be altered to a lethal state. Once the tests has ended in autopsy i will locate and remove the youngest cells from the subjects body which should be at least partially adapted towards fending off the last threat to the body. These will then be tested against the same threat and enhanced if resistance is proven.
  2. Complete Cellular design from the base pairs up. With a little more funding i could re-focus my research's application into building the next batch of evolved sapiens from the ground up. By using cells extracted from the current sapiens and unique individuals i will combine them into a superior genetic code. By destroying the structure of each individuals sample using a genetic acid. I can destabilize the connections between the base pairs and bind them in vitro into a new structure.

Above is a small sample of the DNA break down of a sample as you can see it coils and breaks releasing the genetic material into the sterilized isolation liquid. The Corrosive acid that starts the process is easily removed by combining a counterpart of an alkaline nature.

Simply put in order to create i must first destroy. My question is simple sir which do you feel would be more profitable an option to move forward with in the next quarter?.