single issues, arcs, or long form.

single issues/arcs already part of a listed arc/run cannot be included and vice versa (so Batman RIP and Batman Inc aren't separate, but rather parts of Batman run by Morrison). This may change, since I'm unsure how to rate Multiversity if Pax Romana is also in its own ranking, for example.

need to read: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, Y the Last Man, Gaiman's Vertigo run, Scalped, Hickman's Avengers, Hitman, Locke & Key, The Invisibles, The Filth, Northlanders, Aaron's Ghost Rider, Dept H, Revival, Grass Kings, Mouse Guard, Letter 44, Ellis's The Wild Storm+Deathblow, Little Bird, Ghost Tree

need to finish: Chew, Waid's Daredevil, Sheriff of Babylon, Deus Ex Machina, BKV's Swamp Thing, Gotham Central, Rucka's WW (both runs), Mind MGMT, Aaron's X-run, Mice Templar, Postal, Toil & Trouble, Way's Doom Patrol, She Said Destroy

future adds once story is completed: Saga, East of West, Southern Bastards, Manifest Destiny, Ether, Monstress, Ice Cream Man, Snotgirl, Maneaters, These Savage Shores, Sera & The Royal Stars, Heathen, Hickman's X-run, Morrison's WW E1 trilogy

As w/ all my lists, it's a mix of subjectivity and objectivity. The list isn't purely "favorite" nor purely "best", but considers both, as well as historical context consideration. Contemporariness may play a factor.

updated 7/5/20

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