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!!!! 3

When I originally picked up Widening Gyre it was because Kevin Smith was writing the mini and I thoroughly enjoyed Cacophony last year when it showed what a bearded Joker looked like and provided some more Batman-Joker relationship stuff for me to write papers for school on. As Widening Gyre went along I enjoyed the new crimefighter and cameos of villains that havent been seen for a good long time and the return of Silver St. Cloud.  As the series went on I didn't really see where it was going, ...

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Baptism review 0

Well after much wait, not really as June flew by, we have Red Hood: Lost Days Part 2 of 6.  Starting things off with the cover, I'm not as crazy about this one as the last issues, but its decent nevertheless, the Batman/Joker card makes me feel nostalgic for some reason.  The issue picks up shortly after the conclusion of issue one, which I'm actually glad, as if you didnt already know, Jason goes into the piut and poof he's back to normal, well normal as someone who died then came back to life ...

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A Good Grim Tale 0

I randomly read this at my leisure not really knowing what to expect.  This book kind of goes hand and hand with Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth, the tale follows a nurse Salene Robbins, through a 24hr shift at Arkham, and the events that take place within. This story is rather enjoyable, so Im not going to tell much about the actual things that transpire, but I will tell you that it's worth picking this book up if you like unconventional Batman tales.  Sam Keith does a great j...

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Solid start to what should be an interesting series 0

I have to admit I went in completely blind on this one, I hadn't heard a thing about this title, didn't know what it was about, who wrote it, who drew it, didn't even read the solicit.  How foolish I was  It seems from this page this one is flying under the radar at the moment which is a little sad, as this is the start of something that will for sure entertain.  So basically like this is an alternate history comic about an assassination plot on Hitler during WWII, sure the premise sounds overus...

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Most anticipated event of the summer, for me at least 1

Let me start things off by saying I've always been a giant Jason Todd, his character back story, nature of his demise and rebirth always struck me as fantastic comic book writing. I've never really understood why so many people have hated him over the years, but with Damian rearing his 10 year old bad ass head, some of the hate has been thrown towards him.  This has to be one of my most anticipated events of the summer, following The Return of Bruce Wayne, so I went into this with great expectat...

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Morrison Ups the Ante 0

Well our story of Bruce Wayne's return continues and this issue does not dissapoint  As if the climax of last issue did not make the story a Grant Morrison story, the much larger section about Hal, Superman, Booster, and Rip certainly nails in the feel. I wasnt too sure with how I felt about that last issue, but after what transpired and some more information being revealed I really dig this part of the story. On a random note the bit about the Universe ending in 9 minutes and what not really re...

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Really Don't Care 0

I've always liked SoG, more so than the regular ongoing Batman, the stories have been good and the art has been consistently amazing, but this issue seems to have droped the ball a little, well for me at least.  In short this issue focuses way to much on Jenna Duffy and this new villain, The Director. These characters really don't appeal to me that much, sure its cool how Duffy ties in to the Broker and how she's been making all the hideouts as of late, but its only cool when its for the well kn...

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Solid Start to the Series 0

Well The Return of Bruce Wayne has finally begun, despite the last few issues of Batman and Robin saying that "The Return of Bruce Wayne Starts Here!"  Let me just start things off by saying that I really enjoy Morrison's Batman, when I heard about Batman R.I.P. a few years back, thats when I got back into comic book reading, I love the different takes he can spin on well known characters, and this series in general explores a somewhat common, yet brilliant idea, "What Would Batman be like in di...

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Great Jumping on Point 0

I've always enjoyed Irredeemable since it came out last summer, the concept of a godlike hero getting fed up with humanity despite what he does day in and day out and the reprocussions really tell a great story, and although the story maybe be a little cliche, the way the Plutonian, and the rest of story is written throughout the series so far makes it seem like a fresh concept.  Incorruptible on the other hand I had vaguely heard of but not read up until this point, I'll admit at first the stor...

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Just When You Thought..... 1

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more Insane in this storyline, Geoff Jones yet again weaves this story in a way that I was never expecting it to go. I have to say I did enjoy the story, things may not be looking so good for the marvel family as of right now, don't want to spoil anything in this review but I will say this, I was sad with the final outcome of Black Adam, really love the character but he has used up his use for now I think so a break would be nice. And who is this sha...

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"Did you forget who I am? I Broke the Bat!" 1

Well this issue brings the Get Out of Hell Free Card storyline to a close with a giant battle on a bridge in Gotham City between The Secret Six and all the C and D list Villains that have been chasing them, its all rather chaotic. The best part of this issue is when Bane sees Scandal Savage in mortal danger and regrettably takes some Venom, It was rather amusing seeing him Jump through the roof of a Limo and break Komodo's fingers mid flight, he then proceeded to do his signature "Your Back my K...

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