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Heroes for Hire #1: Fourth time's the charm! 0

Seems like almost every decade Marvel has tried to recapture the fun that the original Heroes for Hire had going for it back in 1978. Volume 2 had Iron Fist basically assembling the Defenders. Fail. Volume 3 had Misty Knight & the girls lead a team that resembled Birds of Prey. Fail. Times have changed and street characters patrolling the seediness of NYC doesn't carry the same impact as it does today. You're more likely to run into a pretentious Midwest transplant jacking up the rent in you...

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Invincible Iron Man #32: Not Resilient but Revolutionary 0

For a genius like Tony Stark, the world's problems don't come in threes but in the millions. With over a million missiles controlled by app users on their phones locked in on repulsor signature, a monolith monster like Detroit Steel, and a world market changing automobile to protect...Tony has his work cut out for him.     Writers have always tried to move Tony Stark past his role as an Industrialist. The Stark Solutions arc by Scott Lobdell was an attempt to turn Tony's assets into a think tank...

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Superman #705: The 'Luka' issue 0

 If you're not enjoying JMS' take on Superman, you're far from the minority. Grounded was redundant in that the man of steel who left his wife to be with his own race for a year would come back, only to walk the Earth like Cain from Kung-Fu. If you didn't know this was Superman, you'd think a super hero/husband was making a statement about his marriage.By the 4th chapter of this un-necessary arc, Superman walked his way to Chicago with a media entourage much like the scene in Forrest Gump w...

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Blackest Night #6: In case of Zombies, break Glass 1

Nekron and his endless horde of Black Lanterns have cornered the light bearers and Earth's remaining heroes in Coast City. Reinforcements from every wavelength in the spectrum of light are on their way but will they make it in time? In the meantime, the Lanterns will need to double their fortunes if they hope to survive. At their darkest hour, Ganthet played his hand in hopes of turning the tide but will it be enough? Blackest Night can be broken down into 3 acts: The First act is the formation ...

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Detective Comics #860: Soldier girl 4

  Daddy’s little girl goes to war! With Kate Kane dishonorably discharged from the military for being a lesbian, she finds herself inspired by Batman’s war on the streets of Gotham. Much like her male counterpart, Kate utilized her family’s resources and her own military skills to stop a cartel engaging in gun running in Gotham City. When her dad finds out about her activities, she digresses her motives that stretch all the way back to her losing her mother and sister. Now, the pre...

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Image United #2: Idiosyncratic Routine 2

  Literally, all hell seems to be breaking loose in Chicago. Someone or something is causing every two-bit villain in the Image universe to distract its heroes from what is likely to be the true threat. Only one man seems to know what the future holds, if only he can remember what had happened.  Like a graphic version of Groundhog Day, this issue reads like endless panels of the same battle over and over again. There’s a sequence of panels where literally the villains and heroe...

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Thor #605: Doom's day 3

The God of Thunder Storms the gates of Doom's castle, the Asgardians rally around their king, and Loki thinks he may be able to save the life of his sister. Only saving Loki's sister may require extracting something from Doctor Doom. Unknownst to Thor, Doom has a familiar armored nemesis that has always given him more trouble than most immortals can handle.  Don't worry if you missed out on JMS' final issue in Giant Sized Thor, Thor #605 picks up right where the last issue picked up at Doom's ca...

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Fall of the Hulks Gamma: Thunderstruck 2

Fall of the Hulks Gamma is a requiem for one of the Hulk's longest running adversaries who died once before being brought back only to die again. The story unfolds eerily similar to the mysterious murder of the original Abomination in Hulk #1. Only this time, the investigators lead by Doc Samson already know who to implicate, the Red Hulk.   "It happened quickly. The Middle of the Night. We're still canvassing for witnesses. It was done in public though. Which is..ODD. Or important. Or Both." -D...

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Vengeance of MoonKnight #4: The more things change... 0

MoonKnight is back using the persona of Jake Lockley. Unfortunately his high profile return has attracted a lot of attention, namely Norman Osborn who hired the Mark to figure out a way to take care of him. The Mark has the Hood resurrect the one man who allegedly killed MoonKnight’s mortal coil that is Mark Spector. Enter the resurrection of the Bushman who proceeds to release inmates of Ravencroft asylum and led a rampage of terror that attracted the loony moony super hero. When Jake can’t g...

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Green Lantern Corps #43: Feelings are feelings baby 1

  Kyle Rayner gave his life by detonating an Alpha Lantern self-destruct device. At the Green Lantern’s darkest hour, how will the corps rally to defeat the horde of Black Lanterns literally eating away at the Green Lantern Battery? Well, the cover says it all. Guy blows his lid after seeing Kyle die. His rage attracts the ring from the dead Red Lantern (killed by an Alpha Lantern) and becomes a Red Lantern. He uses the acid blood supplied by the ring’s power to continue destroying ...

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X-Force #22: The proof is in the pudding 0

  This issue features a bit of false advertising because X-force appears for nothing beyond obligatory fight scenes that don’t amount to anything in the over all plot development. For any one looking for any explanation on X-22 losing her arm and how it was re-attached/re-grown, you can forget it. There was no explanation. This issue was about the relationship between Selene and her Cabal of creepy Goth mutants. It would appear that every one is on the same page with Selene’s visi...

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Dark Avengers #12: Deconstructing Norman 3

  Something wicked this way comes in the form of Owen Reese, the Molecule man. Norman Osborn’s fragile psyche was compromised in ways the world has yet to fear. Victoria Hand is all who stands in the way of the Dark Avengers becoming the Dead Avengers.  In the last issue of Avengers, the rise and fall of Victoria Hand’s S.H.I.E.L.D. career was highlighted prior to the team’s intervention to a crisis in Dinosaur, Nevada (the most unoriginal name for a town ever in a comic book). T...

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X-Factor #200: Days of Future Imperil 0

In this landmark issue, Marvel celebrates Peter David’s ability to use dialogue to carve many facets of personality into Jaime Madrox, the Multiple Man. No other character in Mutantdom has undergone such a renaissance in the last 5 years. As Jaime’s actions have consequences, so go team’s fortunes. Returned to present day, Jaime Madrox moved X-Factor back to NYC where the team immediately received their first assignment: Find the Invisible Woman. Almost a pun in itself, Madrox took the case aft...

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Walking Dead #68: Is Hope an Anchor? 0

  Last issue, Eugene dropped a bomb when he confessed that he was lying about this secret government sanctuary located in Washington D.C. that would not only feed the starving survivors but also give answers regarding the zombie outbreak. It was all one big fat red herring. To make matters even worse, it would appear the crew has found themselves in an area with more frequent zombie herds. Now, a man coming out of the darkness tells our heroes that there is indeed a sanctuary 20 mi...

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Deathlok the Demolisher #2: Heavy Metal 0

  In a dystopian future, nations literally war over oil rights. American oil companies like Roxxon showcase war like the FOX NFL pregame shows to gain public approval in their amoral endeavors. Within the ranks or players as they are called, a rivalry between Luther Manning and Mike Travers reached its boiling point when Captain Luther Manning drills a knife into Traver’s back. Unfortunately, the last man Travers killed before getting stabbed had an active grenade that goes off. Th...

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Greek Street #6: Sex, Lies, and Digital Video 0

  Peter Milligan is writing out of his mind in Greek Street, a twisted seedy London underground tale incorporating Greek myths and tragedies. The new arc kicks off with Eddie and his new found girlfriend on the run. The cops are on the trail of what they believe to be an incestuous killer who ran off with a powerful rich man’s daughter to London. Unknownst to our anti-hero, the cops and the mob hot on his trail has attracted a dangerous Calisto character who uses drugs to induce o...

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Batgirl #5: Gentlemen prefer Blondes Bats on the other hand... 3

  Does the Bat-universe have to be about doom and gloom all the time? When you boil down this issue of Batgirl, it’s an internalized conversation with Bryan Miller about what we are accustomed to expect out of the Bat family titles and how he wants to distinguish his title and more importantly, Stephanie Brown from her predecessors. Miller is not trying to say the new Batgirl will be better than her predecessors. In fact, she’s not. She’s still learning and growing. Even Damian Wa...

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X-men Noir Mark of Cain #: Frosty Meeting 1

  It’s 1937 the world teeters on the edge of war and the X-men are chasing down a familiar legendary ruby crystal across the globe in Mandripoor.  Fred Van Lente has really revived something I haven’t felt in Uncanny X-men since Claremont and Bryne teamed together during the legendary 80s run. He’s brought back the hatred the world has for the X-men. They aren't famous but infamous.  In this chapter, the Scott Summers (Cyclops), Logan (Wolverine), and Tommy Halloway (Angel) are on the run becau...

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Invincible Iron Man #21: Start me Up! 1

  Since the Most Wanted arc began, Matt Fraction deconstructed Tony Stark one issue after the next. Tony Stark’s essence was boiled down into this cinematic moment where Norman Osborn, the director Hammer is ready to ram his fist through Tony’s skull and what are Stark’s potentially last words? “I win.” Tony Stark is a egotistical self-righteous misogynist bastard, which is why the subsequent arc Stark Dissembled explores the question, “Why does Tony Stark deserve to be back?” Pep...

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Ultimate Spider-man V2 #5: Crowded House 0

  Brian Michael Bendis is hellbent on making Mysterio more than a glorified smokey chrome dome version of Arcade in the Ultimate universe. From issue #1, Mysterio deposed the Kingpin, rolled up his sleeve, and reshaped the criminal underworld. Realizing NYC is still recovering from the tsunami, he drums up an illusion to put the city in a state of panic while he tried to rob a bank but was foiled by Spider-man. Mysterio is not only undeterred, but he also makes it personal. Spider-m...

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Spider-man Noir volume 2: Dark City 0

I never thought the Bowery would become home to transplanted Australians and Metrosexuals paying $2800 for a studio nearby Whole Foods and 5 star upscale restaurants. Times have changed but it wasn’t too long ago that the Bowery had a different reputation. Welcome to 1930s New York City: Prohibition, the height of the Mafia power, the Great Depression, Segregation, whore houses, and corrupt politicians. Depending on who you ask, some called this era the good old days others say the bad days but ...

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Uncanny X-men #518: Diamond in the Rough 5

To no one's surprise the release of the multiple Predator X was nothing more than a distraction to the real target: The triplets of Utopia. Yup, Emma Frost's proteges' were rendered in a coma and the Phoenix force just split town.  Someone is trying to blind the X-men to their ulterior motive. Who is behind it? What are their plans?   That leaves only Emma Frost as the only Omega telepath that the X-men have on board. Problem is, she's locked in diamond form to keep the Void from taking control ...

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Hack/Slash #28: This ain't Riverdale 0

If Quentin Tarantino ever wanted to do a second Grindhouse-esque film, Hack/Slash should be a property that he should take a serious look at. This raunchy comedic monster hunting title keeps on truckin' hit after hit always changing notes but never the overall tune.   In this issue, Cassie and Vlad catch up with Taber who is in Haverhill when darkness takes over the town in light of Lincoln's death. Of course, the book quickly gets into blood splattering demon ass-kicking but in the style of Arc...

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Blackest Night Wonder Woman 1/3: Out for Vengeance 4

Only one mortal has the esteemed honor of forcing Wonder Woman in a position where its kill or be killed. He is Maxwell Lord, former JLA financier and Checkmate head who was 86-ed during the Checkmate/O.M.A.C. saga prior to Infinite Crisis. So course, if you've read any of the Blackest Night issues, you know where this is going. It's re-match time.  The purpose of Black Lanterns' attack is to gain a psychological edge in the person they attack. In the most recent Blackest Night Titans spin-off, ...

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Siege: The Cabal #1: A $4 tease 8

Mega events have always frustrated comic book collectors but no event is more convoluted than Dark Reign. Unlike its predecessors, it does not have a core book from which the satellite titles revolve around. Like much of Bendis' 616 Avengers universe writing, its disjointed. What's going on in one title has no relevance to what's going on in another. One-shots, limited series tie-ins, and the List were all vague attempts at establishing Norman as a @#$% but more than 2/3 never captured that conc...

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JSA #33: House of Cards 2

  In what is to be the inevitable splitting of JSA’s massive roster, at the heart of this story is the team’s reluctance to be just as scrupulous and jaded from its more modern counterparts like JLA.   JSA has always been the title where this WWII-esque family atmosphere always had a Leave it to Beaver lesson at the end of every arc. There are certainly chapters where the title went into darker territory but the brownstone scenes were always something out of a friendly black and whit...

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The Dark Tower Fall of Gilead #6: The Fight to Run Away 0

  In what is a replay of Lord of the Rings Two Towers battle @ Helmsdeep, John Farson and his mechanized machines of Doom descend upon the Castle/Fortress of Gilead with overwhelming numbers. Playing a similar role to Balian in Kingdom of Heaven, Roland is thrust in a situation where he must hold out till his people can either escape through the catacombs or a truce can be negotiated. Neither works out for the House of Gilead as Roland and his friends are but children of a hunted ...

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Superman Secret Origin #3: Empire State of Mind 0

  There are few teams that capture the essence of Superman like Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Their great run on Action Comics should have been the inspiration for the Superman films if they wanted to continue in the tradition of the Donner style where Superman is a nice blend of epic film making with a heart. At the heart of Secret Origins Kal-El finds himself confronting his destiny, that is the mantle and responsibility of Superman. It might sound familiar especially if you had r...

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Amazing Spider-Man #613: Alive and Amplified 0

  The recession has hit every one in America, even the super villains as Waid’s second part of the Gauntlet is equal parts clever and comical. Electro’s powers seem to be problematic so he goes to the Mad Thinker to give him an upgrade. Problem is, the Mad Thinker does business like Con Edison. Unless the Mad scientist gets his payment, Electro can kiss his power goodbye. So a desperate man like Electro takes his problem to the streets where he bands together his fellow overtaxed and...

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Fantastic Four #573: Nuday Same Problems 0

  The boys (Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm) are taking a vacation to Nu-world but as cliché as it sounds in comics super heroes never get a vacation unless they are replaced by another character. This issue completely destroys or resolves Mark Millar’s run on Fantastic Four. Millar always loves to fit in some social statement along with some apocalyptic future imperative, then finishes it with an ending that never quite measures up to the build up. By now, you’ve finished Old Man Loga...

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Northlanders #22 The Plague Widow part 2: This is a Man’s world 0

  Northlanders is a comic book that has nothing to do with any thing magical or supernatural. It’s a grizzly title chronicling the Dark Ages following the Fall of Rome and the Norman Conquest. The backbone of this title is how it can be epic at the same time as develop these individual characters in the midst of smaller stories. A good analogy is the HBO series Rome where we see the quality of life jutztapozed with different social classes in this lawless time. The Plague Widow is s...

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JLA Cry for Justice #5: Watchmen 0

A killing spree by the villain Prometheus has pissed off enough superheroes to the point where all the members of Robinson's JLA are brought together aboard the JLA watchtower.  Is this the rebirth of a more proactive League or are they playing into Prometheus' hand?    What's amazing is, through 5 issues, Prometheus hasn't appeared. He's almost Keyser Soze-esque with the way he stays 2 steps ahead of the league. This is the Prometheus that terrorized the league when Grant Morrison wrote JLA. He...

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Hulk #17: About Face 0

Maybe I was all wrong in my hatred of Jeph Loeb's whimsical writing style on this title. It just occurred to me that the Hulk title can be interpreted as a WWE-esque soap opera. Call it modern Shakespeare for kids. Since #1 characters switch sides from face to heel and vice versa. In the last couple issues something interesting was developed, the Red Hulk moved from heel to face!   Not since Rowdy Roddy Piper went face following the events of Wrestlemania II have I been this excited.  So how did...

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Chew #6: You are what you Eat 0

If you can wash the taste of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, you'll definitely enjoy the premise of Chew. John Layman writes a quirky take about a couple of detectives one of which can eat anything and see visions about its constitution and end. After the first outrageous 5 issue arc, Taster's Choice the boys are brought back together again on a new case involving a mutant plant.   Dialogue is not one of Layman's strengths. you can skip over the first dozen pages because its the two cops qu...

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Criminal the Sinners #2: If God be for us... 0

 A corrupt cop is killed, a government agency is sniffing around, every cop is crawling the scene, the underworld is in chaos, and our main character carries a debt that no honest man can pay but that's just a day in the life of Tracy Lawless.   Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Iron Fist) is back on the title that made him one of the top writers in the comic book industry. Hot off the terrific short Incognito, Brubaker and Philips re-team to tell yet another story about playing all the angles and s...

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Guardians of the Galaxy #20: What's Inside Me? 0

Born in the aftermath of the Annihilation Event courtesy of legendary JLA/Omega Men scribe Keith Giffen, Marvel's cosmic titles have undergone a renaissance. After 20 issues, Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be the Marvel's best written super hero team. These aren't your father's Guardians of the Galaxy (or big brother) because they don't take place in the 31st century on Earth 691 but present day in the Marvel 616 universe. It is comprised of rag-tag characters from Marvel's titles such as ...

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Powers #1: Sex, lies, and Superpowers 1

Marvel's resurgence in writing over the last 7-8 years was lead by two of the best crime fiction writers, Ed Brubaker (Criminal) and Brian Michael Bendis (Powers). If you haven't collected Powers over the first couple volumes, I recommend you buy/borrow/steal and read them in a trade format. It is one of Bendis' most acclaimed work. It is what he is the best at. It also might forgive some Avenger fans over his hit/miss deconstruction/reconstruction of the Avenger brand.   For anyone who isn't fa...

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Uncanny X-men #517: From Favored Nation to Super Power 1

Last issue Magneto showed up at Utopia, the Mutant nation's doorstep and to no surprise trouble followed him to their door. Is this coincidence or not? Once Nightcrawler discovers 5 Predator X creatures on board a plane flown by Scalphunter, the battle for survival once again ensues.  Sounds like a familiar premise right? It is. Essentially this is a nation's call to power. Every mutant is on deck to show their stuff and attacking a nation of mutants is about as smart as attacking an island popu...

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New Mutants #7: When the Man comes around... 0

This is the second obligatory Necrosha X cross-over issue that chronicles the Resurrection of Doug Ramsey. As we all know, Cameron Hodge murdered Doug Ramsey in an attempt to kill Wolfsbane. If you remember Doug's death was kind of anti-climatic. He died and there was this somber moment but it wasn't a major event or shock by any sort. So bringing Doug back without his love interest Rahne (Wolfsbane) in New Mutants doesn't really sell.  I guess that's why Wells/Neves had to sell a reanimated Cyp...

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Invincible Iron Man #20: Avengers assemble for a Friend 0

Someone or something is preventing Tony Stark from remembering the Iron Man, which made him into a legendary hero. World's Most Wanted ended with Tony Stark having succeeded at keeping the Super Hero registration file out of Norman Osborn's hands. The cost was Tony's brain. He remains in a vegetative state in the midst of Bucky (Captain America), Donald Blake (Thor), Pepper Potts (Iron Man), Black Widow, and Maria Hill. Essentially, Tony's demise has brought the Avengers back together to make a ...

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