Favorite Femmes

There's probably ten THOUSAND favorite female lists, so I figured I'd make my title stand out a little bit with some French!

List items

  • Confident, sexy, dangerous and charismatic. What more could you possibly want?

  • The harshest of childhood's, she's the ultimate survivor. The only thing that's greater than her powers is her resolve.

  • The true super-heroine of any generation. This lovely lady started it all.

  • If you say femme fatale, I think of Natasha straight away. She is NOT used enough. Such a sassy, confident and mind-blowingly intelligent woman.

  • Blonde, drop-dead gorgeous and ... what? She's got personality? Heck yes she does! One of the best of the Marvel universe.

  • I have a major crush on Sif ... just saying.

  • It's hard to believe she's a loving mother of two when she's out there toppling the most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe.

  • Being something of a 'cousin' to the Bat-family, she does a HECK of a job to hang in there when she's compared to the others. I love that she doesn't take any crap.

  • The better question would be why WOULDN'T she be on this list?