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Issue One Review: Think.. Think.. (No Spoilers) 1

Where am I coming from?I independent comics, but I rarely read a Topcow comic. Had no idea who anyone was on the creative team of this book, but expected good things from it nonetheless. From the cover, I expected one of two things; it could be a thriller OR it could be an action story. Surprise, surprise; as far as I can tell it's a drama. Threw me way off guard.How did it deliver?When I open the first issue of a comic without any recognizable characters, I want to be blown away. I'm not saying...

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Great Marvel Comic? (NO SPOILERS) 0

I've tried to read books like Punisher vs. Marvel Universe and all of those kind of alternate reality Marvel books, but none have really caught my attention. For some reason I was interested in this book. It was by no means that Deadpool was starring in it though. In fact, in recent years, I've come not to like Deadpool; I don't feel like his character has been done justice. Yes, even in Uncanny X-force.This issue made me forget about all that. Even though the art wasn't top notch, it fit the to...

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Ugh -- Ugh...UGH... 9

*NO SPOILERS HERE*I am a HUGE cosmic Marvel fan and Captain Marvel is usually amazing. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a Ms. Marvel fan. The only Marvel I read is anything with my favorite cosmic characters in it. Despite seeing the cover and not really liking the costume, I decided to give it a shot.When I opened the book, my initial reaction was surprised. The art was so different then anything I was expecting -- not in a bad way; the tone the art gave off was actually interesting, but the art wa...

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Woooooooooow 0

Im not a fan of cheesecake and I in no way at any time felt as if the skin in this issue was cheesecake. It felt like I was watching someone at their job doing what they do. Nothing was really sexual or slutty. If anyone's seen the movie Pay it Forward, the strippers reminded me of the mom. They're all real people with real things in their lives. When you read this, take the story for what it is. Don't think of it as cheesecake. The art isn't even very cheesecakey. Once you finish this issue, it...

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In My Head Review! The Amazing Spider-Man #659 0

Because I'm so busy, I don't have time to write my usual Short and to the Point reviews. And for that reason Ive decided to change my review style. I'll be writing one review every day.IN MY HEADThis is a Spider-Man adventure with the Future Foundation.The characterizations of the Future Foundation kids seems a bit off from the kids we loved in the Fantastic Four series and currently the FF series.Its nice to see Spidey having more chemistry with the Future Foundation. It feels like hes a pa...

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SHORT AND TO THE POINT: Batman Beyond #4 1

STORY:A lot of significant "issues" were addressed in this issue and the result was a great issue. THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THIS ISSUE: SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Were reintroduced to Max. Terry McGinnis' best friend who has been keeping information about Terry and Batman oh her computer. Information that could ruin Terry and expose him as Batman. An ex-detective finds out that Dick Grayson was Nightwing. And Terry goes out of his way to prove his story wrong but Dick G...

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Short and to the Point: Batman and Robin #21 0

STORY: Things get interesting.   THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THIS ISSUE:   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. -Francine Langstrom and her kids are saved by Batman and Robin.-Batman and Robin try to capture the White Knight but fail in their attempt. He escapes.-After some research, Batman discovers that the White Knight's Vitims are Relatives of Arkham's inmates.-Mad Hatter's family is killed by the white knight.-The white knight believes that the sins of one relative is shared bet...

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Short and to the Point: Venom #1 3

STORY: Nothing too important happens. Everything will probably pull together in later issues.   THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THIS ISSUE:  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. -A war is going on in Eastern Europe. Both Venom and Jack O'Lantern are looking for a doctor that can weaponize Antartic Vibranium. -The two clash. Venom loses his composure and the doctor dies in the process. -Flash is told that if he ever loses control over Venom again, he'll be off the team.-Betty doesnt like ...

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Short and to the Point: Avengers Academy #10 0

 INTRO: I'm tired of reading reviews and listening to them ramble on and on. I've decided on taking the task of just getting Short and to the Point. This is my first review so if you guys have any feed back on anything i should change or add, please let me know.  I'll be sure to get in as many issues as i can, as soon as i can every week.  STORY: Good solid Stand-alone Issue that also has repercussions of earlier Avenger Academy issues.   THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THIS ISSUE:    SPOILER WARNING:...

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