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Ive decided to take my all time top favorite characters and condense them into my top 40 favorite characters. In no specific order.

List items

  • The only Orange Lantern.

    The greediest life-form in the universe.

    Hes hilarious.

  • Creator the the Sinestro Corps.

    One of the most sinister characters. Hes like Lex Luthor but with a yellow Lantern ring.

    He always makes a story more interesting.

  • The biggest mutant terrorist.

    He fights for mutant superiority. At times he could be wise.

    I love the dynamic of his character and how deep his background is.

  • The evil son of Wolverine.

    Hes insane and has an ultimate goal of taking over the world.

    You never know what hes going to do next. His insanity makes him unpredictable.

  • One of the top Women in the DC universe.

    Shes strong but also very sensitive.

    I love watching her fight and seeing her do what she needs to do.

  • The immortal bounty hunter with the foulest mouth in the galaxy.

    Hell do anything for money and is always true to his word.

    Hes just pure entertainment.

  • The Dark Knight. And also one of the big three in the DC Universe.

    He protects Gotham from itself.

    Anything Batman is in is bound to be a good detective comic.

  • The Man of Steel. And also one of the big three in the DC Universe.

    He believes in Justice in the American way.

    Superman is bigger than anyone and i think that stands on its own.

  • The most willful of the Green Lanterns.

    He uses the green lantern's willpower to overcome evil.

    I feel he is the best leader of any universe.

  • The adamantium mutant.

    Hes a lone wolf that fights for what he believes in, even if he needs to get his hands dirty.

    I love how he pushes for what he wants. His healing factor just makes it more interesting.

  • The original champion of Shazam.

    He fights and kills to make a better world, and has huge attitude problems.

    Having him lash out on everyone makes him my favorite villian to watch.

  • The receiver of Black Adam's power.

    He is misunderstood by everyone and only wants to make the world better, but Black Adam's power is too much for him.

    I feel really bad for him and hope he gets a chance to redeem himself.

  • The Devourer of Worlds!

    He's really tall and devourers worlds.

    I like to make fun of him and i laugh every time i see him in a comic.

  • The insane ultimate villain of Batman.

    He lives to rival Batman. Without Batman there would be no Joker.

    Hes brilliant and possibly the best villain ever created.

  • Scott Summer's son come back from the future.

    Hes the ultimate soldier who only knows how to survive, until his feeling get in the way.

    His fight scenes are awesome and hes always so mysterious but trustworthy.

  • The first mutant.

    Everything he does is for his own personal gain. Hes also very conceded.

    He can be funny when hes so conceded and also also makes for some cool character dynamics.

  • Son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul.

    Hes trained to be an assassin, but is really immature. All the decisions he makes are made because itll benefit his feelings.

    I love him. I think hes my favorite character at the moment.

  • The first Robin and adopted son of Bruce Wayne.

    Hes the most positive of anyone in the bat-world.

    Watching Grayson in the Gotham gives me hope.

  • The Robin that escaped death and became an anti-hero.

    Hes not a villain, he just believes that villains should be killed.

    He has so much pain and uses it against his enemies and it puts me on his side.