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Things I would like to see in the New 52

With the New 52 eight months in I thought I'd post a few things I'd like to see in its future.

New Titles

I would like to see Shazam get his own title after his origin re-imagining is done in The Curse of Shazam in the back of Justice League. This would only happen if the character proves popular enough but I would be more than happy to see fresh takes on his villains as I see a lot of potential there.

Another title I would like to see is Earth 3. DC are already planning to release Earth 2 so there is obviously still the multi-verse so why not do a series based around the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3? I'd really like to see a New 52 version of the Crime Syndicate and this could be the first title following the group.


Personally I'd like to know where Stephanie Brown is, the status of Tempest, Aqualad, Tula or Lorena Marquez. Wally West should make an appearance at some point and there are still a wide range of villains that need to be explored in the new continuity. With Aquaman I'd like them to revisit some classic villains that haven't appeared since his first volume such as O.G.R.E. and Xen the Aquarium Owner but I won't hold out hope for either of them.


I'm not a huge fan of the artwork in Wonder Woman, a bit too cartoony compared to other titles, even though I'm loving the character designs a lot of the artwork falls flat in my eyes.

Do you agree with what I've said? What would you like to see? Sound off below in the comments.


Image submission

I've tried to upload a picture of Billy Batson from Justice League #7 and it's not showing up in my image submissions. This probably isn't the place to put this but if anyone can let me know why that'd be great!