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Good but.... 0

I'm sure everyone knows by now DD was NOT in this issue, not even in the team line up on the intro page.  For all the hype put into his joining,  the whole "Who is Avengers material?" or "Are the Avengers Daredevil material." lines from last issue,  and him being on the cover,  made for a very disappointing issue as he's the only reason I picked up this book.  Some one owes me some cash........  Ok, negative intro rant over and on to the issue itself:  GOOD = Cover: Although misleading, I love i...

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A Generic Review 1

 Hero meets Villain      As the title suggests, on the surface this is pretty generic comic book.  I, however, found it anything but.  Yes, it has the "down on his luck" main character with everyday problems.  Yes it has basic street thugs and a typical villain.  And the origin was pretty simple. What I found interesting was how it was done.       I enjoyed finding out what the hero could do along with him.  Reading from across the room, breaking down doors (poor Dad), catching the bus without ...

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