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Female Captain America?

With all this talk of Thor, I started thinking of a female Captain America. Besides creating a new character, I thought of a brief list of females that could possibly take over Captain America's title if they ever decided to give a female the role.

Wanted to do a blog about it but barely had time for this list.

Any more ideas? I know there are more capable characters I missed.

List items

  • The first choice, she has the skills and fighting ability, but could she handle the publicity that comes with being Captain America?

  • Ok, she was my first then I remembered Mockingbird. Also the whole package, being Russian immigrant she also represents the America that claims to be accepting of all.

  • Bring her to the 616 and see how she handles the threats of today.

  • All the necessary skills, but is she a leader?

  • Skill set is there but I think she prefers the shadows to the limelight....and would have to curb that killer instinct.

  • Not as well known but that arm would certainly be an asset.

  • Very skilled martial artist, could she handle the threats a Captain would face?

  • Skill set only. I don't think she's even an American citizen though.

  • Just needs to work on her fighting skills to add a bit of power to the mantle.

  • Might be cool to see "Captain America" do a light show to distract opponents from being K.O.ed.