Favorite teams of Mine.

Here is a list of teams I have enjoyed seeing in action. As ever, it will expand as I remember certain ones. Also, some teams are with certain members, not necessarily the current ones or the ones shown, I will try to clear these up in the comments box as I have time.

List items

  • And classic silliness ensues.

  • Daredevil, Shang-Shi, Black Widow, Dagger, Cloak, Moon Knight,Punisher,Ghost Rider, and Dr. Strange. An unlikely group of heroes keeping our streets safe.

  • Add Booster Gold and Captain Atom and you almost have my favorite version of this team.

  • Another great mix of DC heroes.

  • Still my favorite version of the X-Men.

  • The X-Men I grew up with still stand the test of time.

  • The most interesting Havoc has ever been for me, I actually wanted to read about him here.

  • Two of my favorite characters *Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer* teamed with to power houses make a pretty formidable team.

  • Although I haven't seen them in action as a team, I hope to pick up there book soon.

    These are some of my favorite characters put together.

  • Because i enjoy humor, this team belongs on my list.

  • Take charge and get things done.

  • I would like to see more from this group of outlaws, another story line to put in my dream 2099 monthly.

  • The second team of Wanderer's is the one I followed. The "Life after Death" heading on their page.

  • What can I say, I love humor :)

  • The futures future X-Men.....if 2099 survived.

  • A group of kids trying to make up for their parents bad doings by taking them down. Good luck kids.

  • The way a team should be, multi-national.......except...where are the Canadians??????

  • I'm putting the issue cover instead of the team pic just cause this is the team I've read and enjoyed. I'm sure the current and in-between teams are/were good as well.

  • Like the Suicide Squad above them, I enjoyed the early adventures of this team. Unlike the Squad, I have read more recent tales of this outsider team and find it decent still.

  • I thought these girls made a pretty impressive team, short lived as it was.

  • Large part the reason for two of my favorite characters....plus I like(d) Stick and Stone......nice team......lol.

  • Another group thrown together to form a decent team.....went on to become the new Heroes for Hire......

  • The original pair was a great team, the successive groups were good as well. Kind of an "official" Marvel Knights team.

  • Another cover for the team, I loved when Baron Helmut Zemo thew these villains together to "fight crime". Brought Jolt into the industry as well.