An Open Letter to Courtney

To Courtney, the love of my life  

You make me feel special, important.  

When I'm with you I feel like I have worth, like I mean something.  

You let me love you, the way others don't. Where others have shunned it and turned it away.  

You listen, genuinely listen, to the things I have to say.  

I don't feel dumb or embarrassed when I spill my heart to you.  

You give me something to strive for. You give me you.  

You make me feel wealthy beyond riches.  

When I'm with you, I feel at ease. I feel a bit of peace inside. I feel like things will be okay.  

You give me faith that the future is a bright one, one that I should look forward to.  

You give me strength where I had none.  

You give me bravery and courage because you give me something to fight for.  

You let me inside your heart and inside your mind and let me touch those places.  

You inspire me to do better and continuously try to do better.  

You make it all worth it. You make each day worth it knowing that I have you, that you are there for me.   

I can feel you in my heart and I know that it's real.  

I feel a way I've never felt before and the past melts away. No sadness lasts when I'm with you. No anger festers. No anxiety shatters the fabric of my mind with anticipation.  

You give me patience. I know that one day I'll be with you, everyday, and just being able to hold you in my arms will make any and everything I go through worth it.  

You make me want a life, a real life. To be happy, and married.  

You make me smile, laugh. You make me giddy with joy.  

You've changed me. You've given me so much.  

My heart bursts with love for you. You make me feel like a hopeless romantic again. I'm in love with you.  

I fell for you and I don't want to get up. Life is better down here, with you.  

You make me feel like I've found my better half, the missing piece. I love you.  

You are a part of me and without you I cannot be whole. You're the soul I never had.  

You melted my heart and breathed new life into my lungs.  

You're perfect, you're everything.  

An angel is what you are, and you tumbled down from Heaven right into my lap.  



I will never forget these words. 

You are everything I ever wanted and everything that I never thought that I could or would have. You make me believe in love, you make me believe in happily ever afters, you make me believe in fate. You've restored my hope, you've restored my happiness, you've restored my belief in myself, my confidence. You are all that I could ever hope for and I will never understand how I was lucky enough to meet you. So thank you. It is that simple. Thank you and I love you.  

~ Courtney