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(See 'New Beginnings' below for current info)

Old Donnie
Old Donnie

Main Looks (Formerly)
- Castiel 
- John Constantine     
Secondary Looks (Formerly)
- Lucifer (Vertigo) 
- Jack Hawksmoor 
- Handsome guys in suits or trenchcoats xP

Personal Data
Birth Name: None 
Nicknames: Donnie
Aliases:  Donnie, D-Man, D  
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Public 
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Race: Elandorian
Occupation: White-collar criminal
Place of Birth: Elandor
Citizenship: None
Marital Status: Single 
  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Father (Unknown, presumed deceased)
Religion: Agnostic 
Affiliations: None 
  • The Dark Huntress (Former love) - After saving the woman from certain death, the pair became increasingly close, eventually falling in love. Sadly, despite their best efforts fate had other plans for them.    
Donnieman is a genetically and technologically enhanced alien. He possesses vast mental powers gained from engineering performed prior to his birth as well as additional engineering that took place during his adolescence.



Donnie is a very emotional person in general. However, this should not be mistaken for weakness. Those who mistake his emotional tendencies for weakness don't live to regret it. His overall demeanor is punctuated by periods of arrogance, especially when it comes to his abilities. Unlike many other villains, Donnie actually cares about some of the people close to him. Donnie can be reserved but does not hesitate to use his voice when he feels he needs to. When faced with problems, he usually takes a more diplomatic approach to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. That being said, he will take up arms when the situation asks for it. 

- Advanced psychokinesis 
- Energy projection: Able to project large amounts of psionic energy.
- Constructs:  Can create powerful and complex psionic constructs.
- Adaptability: Advanced natural Elandorian adaptability. Able to adapt to a plethora of different environments, assuming that they are not incredibly harsh.
- Otherworldly: Alien physiology gives him resistance to most human diseases and earthen poisons. His Elandorian DNA also pushes his natural his abilities to a level beyond the average human. With training, his physical attributes could reach levels unattainable by a human through natural methods.
- Healing factor: Allows timely recovery from minor wounds such as cuts and small caliber bullets. More serious wounds may require medical attention. 
- Telepathy: Donnie is an extremely powerful telepath. 


- Superior intellect: Donnie is highly learned in many fields of science. He is particularly adept in many branches of biology. Donnie is also a fantastic engineer, both genetic and otherwise.  
Combat training: Limited training in armed and unarmed combat.  
- Beheading  

- Extensive damage to his internal organs


 5.9, Voice of the Empire
 5.9, Voice of the Empire

Donnieman is an alien belonging to a race of beings known as the Elandorians. They hail from the mother planet known as Elandor and are a race of imperialistic warriors. Elandorians are physically superior to humans, with quicker reaction time, a faster thought process, and higher levels of strength and speed. Elandorians also have natural adaptability and can survive in a plethora of different environments. Much like Spartans, Elandorians begin to train male children as warriors as soon as they are born. A few hand-picked others are groomed to be natural leaders. Elandorians are also a technologically advanced race, far more than humans. They are able to accomplish many feats through technology that humans have only dreamed of.
The Human race is actually an offshoot of Elandorians, spawned by a genetic mutation. (Has no real bearing as far as role-playing is concerned)  



To Challenge a God

 (Reserved for battle with DC.)

New Beginnings

Personal Data
Birth Name: None 
Nicknames: Donnie
Aliases: Donnie, D-Man, D  
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Public (Not private, but enigmatic.)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'3
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Varies
Hair: Black
Race: N/A (Otherworldly)
Occupation: Wanderer
Place of Birth: N/A
Citizenship: None
Marital Status: Single 
Family: None
Religion: Not religious. (Hedonist)
Affiliations: The Dark Utopia
  • Miss Menace - 
- Necromancy: 
  • Raise and command the dead. The risen are mindless and act only on man's most basic of instincts. Their nerves are deadened and they are slightly empowered by dark energies. This coupled with their lack of minds makes them dangerous killing machines. Donnie has full control of these beings and is capable of raising and commanding groups of the undead.
  • Command the resurrected.
  • Bursts of raw energy. This energy is dark and unholy in nature.
  • Levitation
- Incredible stamina: His inhuman body seems to grant him an unprecedented level of stamina, possibly limitless.
- Healing factor: 
- Otherworldly body:  
- Pain resistance: Partially deadened nerves allow him to shrug off the pain from smaller wounds and reduce the hurt of more intense ones. This combined with his incredible stamina and healing factor allows him to stay in the fight longer and remain dangerous even when wounded.
- Longevity: No longer ages physically. Possibly immortal.
- Death sense: Donnie can sense the bodies and spirits of the dead that are within close proximity to him. 
- Medium: Possesses the ability to commune with the dead.
- Swordmanship:
- Katana
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- Wounded soul:
- Magic: 

Those Eyes....

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