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The real Bedlam! 0

This is the second and final issue and review in this series of collected horror stories of sorts. While the first issue was solid and worth its money this, the second issue, is the real deal!Cover:Well okay, I don't really like the cover of this issue much and it doesn't tell you anything about the short stories inside. Perhaps, if anything, it lets you know there's some weird stuff ahead but you already know that by reading the title.Stories:It starts with a pin-up of "Lo"; a story that was al...

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Warming up for Bedlam! 0

First of all most of these stories are not real horror stories!They are weird, surreal, out of your mind, gory, and some are even disgusting unless you have some sort of fetish for snot. I do not... and this one-page story is not so funny although it was meant to be, I guess. Well, those stories are not necessarily the kind of horror that won't let you sleep at night. Again, don't try to eat while looking at that particular page.Lets start from the beginning.This is a two-part anthology collecti...

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Purgatory doesn't seem to be a place to relax at all! 0

Where the purgatory is the staff review, Mat and Miss J?After 4, 4, and 5 stars for the first three issues I was expecting another review with no less than 6 stars for this issue from your side especially as I really suck at writing reviews myself. That being said I'll keep it as short as possible:I love this series and issue #4 in particular!The main protagonist, Jude, still doesn't really know where he is, what's going on, and why it's going on. Nonetheless he starts to embrace doing what he's...

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Black & White galore 0

I'm not such a big writer so I'll make this one as short as possible.First of all I have to check out all new stories of Image Comics. Image usually delivers quality. Of course every now and then it's just not the story, characters, or art you like but mostly Image doesn't disappoint me. And "Point of Impact" isn't any different.Cover and Title:Quite nice and teasing.Story:See plot summary. It's an intriguing crime story. Different people get involved in a mysterious murder of a young woman in t...

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She's got the look. 0

This is just my second review and I'll keep it short. I had to buy this one and check it out because of the first National Comics issue (Kid) "Eternity" that I liked a lot (5 stars). Well, this one's another vampire story and it doesn't bring anything new to the table in terms of vampires.Emily is a former fashion model turned vampire who can't work as a model anymore because of the obvious reasons - lights, cameras, no Emily no action. Instead, she has started her own model agency and that's wh...

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Read DC Universe presents #1-5... Deadman first! 0

First of all... I really dig Hawk & Dove. After reading this first issue I wasn't quite sure if I should really pick up the second issue, too, but now I'm already through #5 and must say, it's a pretty good story - it gets better page by page, issue by issue - with brilliant art and colors.Most of all I like the characterization of the 2 main protagonist (and later on, of other characters, too ... no spoiler intended). The duo of good (Dove) and evil (Hawk), always teasing each other but als...

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