My Favorite New 52

List items

  • Thanks to Lemire and Sorrentino this is easily the best DC title at the moment!

  • Comic gore in perfection! --- Just got canceled unfortunately.

  • Scott Snyder keeps on rocking! I'm not the biggest fan of the Swamp Thing but surely love the bizarre and Scott knows how to tell weird and intriguing stories. --- Still reading it occasionally.

  • Flash's cool. However, this is one of those titles and character I can't read on a regular basis but in waves only. --- It's really hard to catch up with the FLASH! Still reading a few issues every now and then.

  • Awesome new look and a brilliant combination of wonder woman and Greek mythology. --- Still reading it occasionally.

  • Never been such a fan of Jonah Hex but this one's cool so far. --- Still reading it occasionally.

  • This was fun for the first few issues but then...

  • I just love the art work and her looks! --- DISCONTINUED reading after JHWIII was fired.

  • Lots of crazy and bizarre characters. It never gets boring. However, it's another title I only read every once in a while. In fact, I do prefer reading trades to begin with. Waiting 4 weeks for another issue s*cks! --- CANCELED

  • I just love all the weirdo characters in this one.

    RIP, Frank! Well, promise to come back in pieces somehow! --- CANCELED, of course! I still love Frank!

  • Scott Snyder rocks! --- STOPPED reading with Death... and now, ZERO YEAR, takes too long.

  • Too bad it's cancelled. It's not the most brilliant comic out there but still very entertaining. Shape-shifting is cool.

  • Deadman and Challengers of the Unknown are great stories. I still haven't checked out Kass Sage & Vandal Savage... I like the idea of "presenting" various characters in short stories that are a bit longer than one-shots.