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My favorite IMAGE comics

Absolutely spoiler free!

List items

  • The perfect space oddity with brilliant art work by Fiona Staples. (Still) loving it! -- and still ongoing

  • Lucifer Died for Our Sins! -- still ongoing

  • What nerds doesn't dream of the perfect android companion? -- still ongoing

  • Are you woman enough to survive "Bitch Planet"? Exploitation galore! -- still ongoing

  • You've never heard of Buckaroo, Oregon? -- still ongoing

  • Ray Fawkes' most wicked thing ever! -- still ongoing

  • Speaking of masterpieces... -- still ongoing

  • It's always good to be prepared! Interesting take on the apocalypse genre. -- still ongoing

  • When the protagonists are Dog, Fist, Skull, and Abe Lincoln, then you know it's got to be serious stuff, right? Another comic that is quite different in every possible way. -- still ongoing

  • About a not-so-perfect family in a not-so-perfect world! -- still ongoing

  • I like Zombie movies - it is like comedy to me - the more blood the funnier. However this comic is more real(istic) than most zombie movies. -- still ongoing

  • Another great black/white mini-series from Image blending crime and mystery.

  • Black/white. Crime. Love it.

  • This is just crazy as in crazy good. The world is coming to an end? Strange things happen and Bram & Ben have to prepare for the worst, or just pretend everything's still okay and act "normal".

  • Woohoo! TriggerGirl6 got her very own trade volume (out of the Creator-Owned Heroes series that got cancelled unfortunately). I love TriggerGirl6! It's an amazing short story with amazing art by Phil Noto.

  • Science is the new Rock 'n' Roll! -- It's been on hiatus since forever but Rock 'n' Roll will never die!

  • One of the most intriguing crime stories. -- still ongoing

  • Another weird one! Weird may even be an understatement here. -- still ongoing

  • Interesting story about a super-powered volleyball player. So far so good. Ming Doyle's are makes it really cool and classy.

  • Noir a la carte! Ed Brubaker is one of those guys who really know what they're doing and story-telling. Fatale just stands for a long list of superb crime stories by Brubaker. This is his masterpiece!

  • madder red! truly disturbing character and comic. -- On hiatus of sorts.

  • Holy Sh*t!