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My favorite DARK HORSE comics

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  • Like the teaser said "Colder gets under your skin".

    This is a perfect horror comic about crazy people and their crazy world - The Hunger World where everything looks like in Escher's painting. The art of Colder is amazing... mind-blowing!

    It's over,... over! I need more!!! Please make it colder, again!

  • The world after the effects of global warming. Doesn't seem like there's still hope though...

  • Art by Phil Noto. I'm all-in!

  • "To know the story of the 47 Ronin is to know Japan."

    Well, it's a story about samurais and their code of honor. Can't go wrong with that.

  • Finally! Francavilla does some interior art, too. Not sure if I'm getting this because of the story or F's brilliant art only? Not a huge fan of a guy with a mask that looks like a fly? Kinda weird lookin'. Nah, issues 0, 1, 2 were pretty entertaining so far.

  • I love anthologies and this is definitely the best one out there at the moment. Each issue comes with about 10 stories (or chapter of ongoing anthology stories) that cover a wide range of genre... SF, horror, mystery, crime, fun, and even romance sometime. Mostly crazy stuff though. :)