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Thoguhts on Wonder Woman

After a bit of prodding from RazzaTazz, I have decided to post this.  Have been doing a bit of thinking on the nature of Wonder Woman as the reboot is just around the corner.
This will be lengthy, but here I go.
Last night, around 3 AM or 4 AM, I honestly can't remember.  I was reading the Eyes of the Gorgon story arc by Greg Rucka.  In particular, my attention was first drawn to the last panel of the Stoned, part 4 arc.  Within, as you no doubt recall, I first see perhaps the most awesome costume Diana has ever worn, perhaps second only to the one used by the Kingdom Come Wonder Woman.  Fully, and emphasis on fully, prepared for total war, with spear, shield, axe, knife and other Hellenistic armaments, she strides into Yankee Stadium and utters this immortal phrase:
"You mistake me for the boy you murdered, Gorgon.  An innocent at your mercy. "
"But my life will not be taken so easily. "
"Trust me.  Far better than you have tried. "
Epiphany 1:  Diana absolutely will not back down from any challenge, even to avenge the life of one innocent, never mind the tens of millions that were at stake had she failed.  This is of the utmost importance to her character and defines how interwoven her love and compassion is, within the martial mesh.
Epiphany 2:  Within the conclusion of the Stoned arc, I find two defining moments.
Firstly, after having been badly wounded by Medusa during the aforementioned fight, Diana, with the highest clarity realizes and acts on a decision that I sincerely doubt many heroes, if any would.  She recognizes that she must sacrifice her sight in order to see clearly how to defeat the Gorgon.  Through this act of sacrifice, with the world watching, Diana is able to prove, without any shadow of doubt, her commitment to humanity.  Not just as part of a team (JLA), not just as a watcher of an adopted homeworld (Superman), and not as the protector of a city (Batman).  Diana is heartwrenchingly willing to show the depth of her love and determination.  
Her statement at the end of this battle ?  A not so simplistic, "I win."  She wins not only against this abomination, but wins for the life of the murdered boy, and humanity overall.
Epiphany 3:  This comes after Diana tests herself against the current JLA lineup, to prove that she is still Wonder Woman, sight or no.
After understanding that it was Batman who set up the evaluation, at the very end, he has Superman firing a gun at Diana, to see if she can block the bullet as before.  She does, and the shock of her face set against Superman holding the smoking gun is amazing.  It's as if neither Superman or Diana can understand what has just happened.  Batman has asked Superman to do what he could not, and fire a gun at Diana because he, Batman, of all the members of the League, could not and would not hold back from testing her.
Superman:  "Diana.... "
Wonder Woman:  "Answer me this, Kal... "
Wonder Woman:  "...If our positions were reversed, would he have tested you as well ? "
Superman:  "if our positions were reversed, Diana, I'd have already resigned from the League. "
Testatment to the fact that Diana will go farther than Superman and Batman put together.  Be it, physical, mental or spiritual.  She will not stop.
It will certainly be interesting to see how the Brian Azzarello version of Diana stands up to past incarnations.