Marvel's Martial Arts Top 20

In my opinion,these are Marvel's top martial artists,based on feats,skills,training,victories and overall performance. They are placed in particular order.

List items

  • Note that the only possible way to beat this guy is by not being able to think,which is impossible,unless you are Wolverine and go f#!$* beserk rage.He is,in my opinion,the ultimate hand to hand warrior in Marvel Universe.

  • Dropped Karnak in one hit,destroyed Taskmaster and stalemated Captain America. The king of Wakanda is one of the finest warriors on Earth.

  • I doubt this guy has ever stepped in a dojo,yet he knows abou 98% of martial arts thanks to his photografic memory.Beating the likes of Spider-Woman,Elektra and Captain America in unarmed combat.

  • More than 60 years of combat expierience.Fought the Nazis,the Skrulls,Civil War and recently the X-Men and won.The ultimate leader and master martial artist of Marvel

  • Centuries of combat expierience. He is trained in everything there is to be trained about war.Also huge ammount of feats at his disposal,such as beating Iron Fist,Daken,Sabretooth,Shang-Chi etc. Simply the best there is in what he does.

  • Even though he pretty much relies on his chi manipulation to win his fights,the Immortal Iron Fist is one of the best there is.

  • The Hell Kitchen's blind guardian has fought entire armies of ninjas,Typhoid Mary,Elektra etc.His radar sense and exceptional fighting skill gives him the edge in almost every encounter.

  • The Winter Soldier,from Mother Russia.The only character on this list who does not have any low feats.All he does is winning.He humiliated Black Widow,Crossbones,The Serpent Society,Batroc, Hawkeye in unarmed combat and stalemated Taskmaster.Pretty much flawless.

  • Son of Mandarin. Also able to hurt Iron Man and Hulk without his rings.A true beast in the martial arts department.

  • Able to hurt Iron Man with nothing but his fists.Crashes steel like carton paper.Trades blows with Spider-man and other superhumans etc.

  • Son of Wolverine. Making Cyber and Deadpool his b!tches.Taking on Skaar and slaughtering an entire Asgardian army.Phenomenal skill and pheremones for the win.Such a same he died so quickly.

  • Dropped Wolverine and Phobos like they were children,this guy is an excellent fighter but pretty much relies on other abilities too.

  • The deadliest woman in the world.Practically she should be top on this list,but because she was enhanced by Thanos it's a little unfair.Able to run at the speed of sound and strong enough to drop Ronan The Accuser on his knees,she is undenyiably a formidable combatant.Without her powers though I don't think she would faire that well.All PIS to me but what can we do?

  • Same as Gamora.She should be top,but under those conditions it's unfair.Able to drop Thor with one nerve strike.IMO it's massive PIS but she gets a spot.

  • I couldn't pick one so I place them all in the same league,apart from Iron Fist.Steel Serpent,Prince Of Orphans,Fat Cobra,Dog Brother #1,Bride Of Nine Spiders,Tiger's Beautiful Daughter.I also add Orson Randall even though he is not an Immortal Weapon.

  • Trained since birth to become the ultimate warrior in terms of skill he is nearly unmatched.Stalemated Captain America,stomped Paladin twice,

  • Stomped Deadpool and stalemated Iron Fist.

  • Merc with a mouth is a master at martial arts.His unpredictable style has proved to be more than enough to the likes of even Taskmaster,Cable etc.

  • Stalemated Iron Fist and Captain America a few times. Easily beat palain who once took out an entire team of Avengers with prep.

  • Capable of shattering diamonds with one strike,this guy has the power to sense the weakness in eveything. Still not enough to stop him from getting one-shotted by Black Panther twice and easily beaten by Mantis.