DC's Martial Arts Top 20

The best martial artists DC has to offer.Based on feats,training and overall skills.

List items

  • Possibly the greatest martial artist in comics,Surpassing Karate Kid in terms of skill.

  • Beating Kryptonians with just his bare hands.Stoping natural disasters with a kick.

  • Easily besting Batman in h2h combat, Slade Wilson is one of the best martial artists in DCU

  • An extraordinary martial artist. Able to best Connor Hawke and catching multiple arrows thrown at him.

  • I consider her superhuman in terms of speed so I won't place her higher.

  • One of the best simply. His record holds victories over the likes of David Cain,Bane,Sensei etc.

  • Able to stalemate Batman with pure skill only. Although she is kind of degraded in terms of skill in new 52.

  • The new Richard Dragon.Killed his master the original Richard Dragon after surpassing him.

    He has the ability to sense theweak spots of his enemies.

  • Huge upgrade in the new 52. He has superhuman strength and agility.

    Able to best Batman,Jason Todd etc.

  • Regarded as one of the best martial artists in DCU,but he lacks feats.His best feat so far is stalemating Batman.

  • Making Batman and Ras Al Ghul looking like amateurs. Possibly the greastest martial artist in terms of skill only. His endurance though is so poor,Batman defeated him by waiting more than a minute.

  • One of the best h2h combatants in DCU.Beating Silver Monkey etc.

  • He is DC's Mister X multiplied by a thousand.Has Battle precog,but also enhanced stats.Should be higher but I thought this is unfair.

  • Has beaten Azrael,Nightwing,Catman and even Batman on some occasions.

  • Many times overpowered Batman. Easily defeated Tim Drake and beat Bane in a sword fight.

  • In his prime he was able to stalemate Batman,Cassandra Cain and Deathstroke.

  • Easily beating Tim Drake and Dick Grayson at the same time.

  • Jason Todd's martial arts instructor. Possibly one of the best.Not many feats though.

  • Beating the likes of Batman, Tim Drake,King Snake etc.

  • Talented martial artist though not as good as the heavy hitters.He has beaten Jason Todd, Saiko,