Likable Bad Guys/Girls.

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  • Dern dern dern duhn-duhn dern! Duhn-duhn dern!

    The Force is strong with this one.

  • Yeah...I'm thinkin he counts as bad boy after all the...

    Terribly, un-thought of, things he's done. But he does make me laugh...time to time. And lets hope he finds the hero trail once again. (With a really good GPS)

  • I could identify her just by the sound of her "unique" voice a mile away.

  • Slick 'n Sly...

  • epic evil...

  • When he was in his first Red Hood suit he was pretty cool.

  • He dosen't need swords to kill you...he can "kill you with his HANDS!"

  • Okay, so he's really, REALLY crazy.

    But there are moments, especially in The Batman animated series, where he just makes me laugh and laugh. (I think a need the laughing gas antidote)

  • I'm just glad my last name doesn't even start with a "C".

  • Quiet...Dark...Deadly...Dangerous...

  • Apart from the "weird tactics" he uses...

    He's not too terrible.

  • He has a surounding sense of coolness, in a way.