My Batman TV Show

This is just my list of how I would run a live-action Batman TV series I'm writing this assuming the show gets an 8 season run. Below is a rundown of some of the big events in the seasons just so they're in one spot.

Season 1: Batman has already begun crime fighting for a short time and at the moment Gotham's criminal's are Carmine Falcone's gangsters, but the 'costumed freaks' will begin to gain dominance throughout this season

Season 2: Batman begins training Robin.

Season 3: Bane appears at the end of this season and breaks the Bat.

Season 4: Batman spends part/most of this season unable to fight crime with Robin taking his place with the help of Batgirl and Azrael. We also see flashbacks of Bruce training to be Batman and see the death of Jason Todd, whom he took under his wing for a short time back then.

Season 5: After going solo during Batman's injury Robin decides he wants to go solo and become Nightwing, and shortly after Batman takes Tim Drake in as the new Robin. Batgirl will also be shot by Joker and be crippled for life. Jason Todd will return as the Red Hood.

Season 6: The Cataclysm earthquake occurs and Batman leaves Gotham as Bruce Wayne for a short time to try to get it back into the United States and solve the conspiracy behind it. Outside of Gotham he will encounter some crossover DC characters.

Season 7: Batman starts to wonder if he's making a difference and contemplates retirement, but in the end realises Gotham will always need a Batman. Batman will also form the Outsiders.

Season 8: Will take place some years after the previous season, during which I may plan a Justice League show or something. Batman will be a bit older here and crime will be a lot less dominant in Gotham than it has been. This is the last season and some of the villains will meet their final destinies.

Note this is a work in progress as I don't have time to get it all done at once so please bear with me

List items

  • The essential character. All of his major story arcs are explained in the summary above

  • Alfred will serve as Batman's conscience throughout the show and may get kidnapped once or twice in the show

  • Falcone will be the boss of Gotham at the start of the show, but as it goes on Batman will take his operations down and take away his power. At the end of the season Falcone will be killed by the 'costumed freaks' who have become the dominant criminals in Gotham.

  • Gordon will show up a few episodes in as a new policeman who wants to clean up Gotham. He will become Commissioner in the third season which leads to him being targeted by some of Gotham's criminals. In the first season Gordon will be distrustful of Batman but will come to be one of his greatest allies eventually.

  • Croc will be the first of the super villains we see. Croc will attempt to join Falcone's gang which the Roman says he can do if he kills Batman. Croc will fail and will hate the mob because of this and will join up with other supervillains at the season's end to kill them. Killer Croc will continue to attack Gotham and be stopped by Batman through the show. During No Man's Land Croc will claim the sewers as his territory but will begin to let people in, showing that he does have a soul.

  • Poison Ivy will appear next, attempting to punish Gotham for the pollution it has caused, but she will be stopped by Batman. Ivy will group up with Two-Face to kill Gotham's gangsters whom she sees as the worst polluters. She will also do team-ups with Harley Quinn after the latter has appeared. During No Man's Land Ivy will take in the Robinson park orphans and have to fight Clayface, showing that she does have a level of care for humans. After this Ivy will end her criminal life and disappear from Gotham

  • Harvey Dent will appear as Gotham's new DA and will be a huge help to Batman in putting away members of Falcone's gang. However Harvey will get increasingly unstable as the stress of his work gets to him and he flashbacks to his abusive childhood. Eventually he will put Sal Maroni on trial, during which the mob will attack the courtroom and Two-Face will be born. Enraged at his scarring Two-Face will unite with the other super villains that break out of Arkham and proceed to kill the remaining gangsters in Gotham, including Falcone. Two-Face will be very ruthless and evil at the start but will begin to return to his normal self, even going so far as to defy the coin to let someone live. In the last season Harvey will return to sanity and get as much of his face restored as possible.

  • Penguin will appear in the first season as a competitor gangster to Falcone. When Two-Face attacks the gangsters, Penguin will be targeted but will survive as he is the only one who tells Dent to flip the coin, which lands on the life side. Penguin will be the biggest gangster in Gotham after this. Even though Penguin is one of Batman's biggest enemies Batman will occasionally come to him for information, as nothing criminal happens in Gotham without Penguin knowing about it. During No Man's Land Penguin will actually let people live on his turf as he realizes that when everything gets clean up people will come for him if is too ruthless. Penguin will actually survive past the end of the show.

  • Catwoman will appear and Batman will initially think she is just an overly talented jewel thief, but he will realise she steals to help her poor community. Two-Face will approach her to help him kill Gotham's gangsters but she will refuse. Over time she will become an ally of Batman, turning up to help when he needs it. During No Man's Land she will be an important character as she teaches people how to survive in poor circumstances. Batman will and Catwoman will develop an on off romance and will get together at the end of the show.

  • Riddler will show up just to attempt to prove he is better than Batman by setting up puzzles for him to solve. Riddler will work out Batman's identity after a short while but will not tell anyone as there's no fun in a riddle everyone knows the answer to. Riddler will suffer peer pressure and be easily be sucked into the schemes of other criminals, such as the Long Halloween. During No Man's Land Riddler's guilt for some of his past actions will make him reform and try to use his intellect to help people.

  • Scarecrow will be one of the main antagonists of the show. He will first appear trying to study the effects of his fear gas on Gotham's residents, but will become obsessed with studying the Batman to find out what he fears most. Scarecrow will assist Two-Face in killing the mob leaders. Later Scarecrow will use the fear gas on Batman and discover Batman's origin story, meaning he knows Batman's identity. Throughout the show Scarecrow will be of the mentality that Batman is a patient he has to help get better, so Doctor-patient confidentiality prevents him from telling anyone who Batman is. During No Man's Land Scarecrow will be busy studying the fear everyone feels. In the last season Scarecrow will attempt to gas the whole city Batman Begins style and die at the end of the episode

  • Arkham would not be as easy to escape from as it is in the comics, because let's face it, if a prison had as bad security as Arkham then we may as well keep prisoners in cardboard boxes. Only those deemed insane would be sent to Arkham, so some of the criminals that aren't insane like Penguin, Catwoman and Bane will go to Black Gate instead. In season 3 Bane will set all of the criminals in Arkham loose as part of his tactic to weaken Batman, and during No Man's Land the prisoners will revolt and break out of the asylum.

  • As Clark Kent